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WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for July 1919
Volume 05 - Page 289

WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for July 1919
Volume 05 - Page 289

1919-07-08 The Board of Trustees met in their offices at the Normal School
at 8 p. m. Present: Trustees Barlow, Olsen and Smith, the President and the
Secretary. Minutes of the meeting of March 12, April 10, May 1, June 3, and
June 17, were read and approved. PURCHASE OF SITE FOR DORMITORY: Messrs. E.
W. Purdy and C. M. Smith, president and secretary of the Bellingham Bay
Improvement Company, appeared before the Board for the purpose of
discussing the purchase of lands for a site for the proposed new dormitory.
The property particularly under consideration was a tract beloning to the
company mentioned containing with platted streets about 21 acres adjoining
the present Normal grounds on the north-east. The Board also considered the
purchase of three lots beloning to Miss Whitaker on High street adjoining
the Normal grounds on the north-east and lying in front of the Bellingham
Bay Improvement property referred to, Miss Whitaker having made her final
proposal to the Board. After values, terms and conditions had been
discussed a proposal was made by Trustee Smith and seconded by Trustee
Barlow that the Board offer for the B. B. I. tract and the Whittaker three
lots the lump sum of $23,500.00, conditioned upon the removal from the
Whittaker lots of the smaller houses now located thereon within sixty days
leaving only the larger Whittaker residence, and upon the securing of clear
title to all the property named with abstracts that will be satisfactory to
the State Attorney General. Mr. Purdy speaking for B. B. I. Company,
thought they could undertake the necessary dealings with Miss Whittaker for
removal of the buildings which were not desired by the Board, and would
agree to secure the delivery to the Board of the title to all the land
named, for the sum of $23,000.00 on the terms proposed by the Board.
WHITTAKER RESIDENCE TO BE RELOCATED: It was the decision of the Board to
removed the Whittaker house to a location at the north-eaterly side of the
grounds being purchased and to put it in repair for occupancy by the
President of the school free of rental charge, this concession being made
in lieu of advance salary. REORGINIZATION OF THE BOARD: Trustee Olsen
informed the Board that he had received official notification from Governor
Hart of his reappointment as a Trustee of the Bellingham State Normal
School for a term of six years from June 12, 1919. It was moved by Mr.
Barlow and seconded by Mr. Smith that Mr. Olsen be reelected chaiman of the
Board, and it was ordered. PURCHASE OF DISINFECTANT: The President reported
that the proposal of the West Disinfecting Company, for supplying Wescofoam
Disinfectant as presented June 3, had been accepted, after prices had been

WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for July 1919
Volume 05 - Page 290

1919-07-08 by several local firms, on disinfectants, none of which were as
low as the one accepted. COMPARATIVE FUEL COST: The Registrar reported that
the consumption by the [school] heating plant of fuel oil during the period
Feb. 1, 1917 to 31, 1918, had been 1,975.41 barrels. The consumption from
Feb. 1, 1018 to Jan. 31, 1919 had been 717.48 tons. A number of cords of
wood in addition to the coal had also been consumed during this period. At
current delivered prices coal $6.90 and fuel oil at $2.15 there would be a
saving in favor of oil of $703.48 per annum, without allowing for wood and
cost handling coal and wood. The Board decided to resume the use of fuel
oil and decided that the necessary preparations be made. WOMAN PHYSCIAN
ELECTED: The President recommended that Mrs. Dr. Bertha Hughes was elected
for the position of women's physcian in the Inter-departmental Social
Hygiene service, at a salary of $1680.00 per annum. The Board approved the
recommendation. PHYSICAL TRAINING TEACHER CHOSEN: The President recommended
that Miss Maude L. Williams be elected as part time instructor in physical
education for women at a salary of $1020.00 per annum. The Board approved
this recommendation. PHYSICAL EXAMINATIONS ARRANGED FOR: The President
proposed that arrengements be made with physicians in various specialties
for examinations of stidents, which was approved by the Board. MRS. LANSING
TO BE SECRETARY FOR HYGIENE DEPARTMENT: At the suggestion of the President
Mrs. Lansing now serving as Recorder, is to be assigned the position of
Secretary for the Social Hygiene Department, after September 1. MRS. LAURA
SPEARIN LEE ELECTED RECORDER: The President recommended that Mrs. Laura
Spearin Lee be elected to the position of Recorder for the year 1919-1920
at a salary of $90 per month, the office of the Recorder to be under
supervision of the Registrar. The Board approved the recommendation. MISS
MACKINNON'S SALARY: On recommendation of the President, for reasons give,
it was ordered that July 1, 1919 be made the date when the salary of Miss
Margaret MacKinnon, assistant to the Registrar, is to be advanced to
$100.00 per month. LOAN FUND GIFTS: The President reported the receipt from
Mr. Chas. Allen of the gift of his fifth thousand dollars to the Girl
Students' Aid fund of this school. He also reported the gift from  Mrs.
Katherine Nolte, a former student, of $20 to the Student Loan Fund.

WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for July 1919
Volume 05 - Page 291

1919-07-08 IMPROVEMENT PLANNED: It was decided by the Board that steps be
taken at once to commence the improvement of the grounds by grading along
the north-easterly side and filling in the depression now occupied by the
campus pond. Also the improvement of grounds adjacent to Normal Circle. It
was also planned to repaint the exterior wood work of the main building
with two coats of paint. VACANCIES TO BE FILLED BY PRESIDENT: The President
was given authority to fill any vacancy that may occur among teachers or
employes during summer school. RESIGNATIONS: Resignations were received
from Miss Maude Alice Davis and Miss Aruba Charlton, of the training
department, and Mr. L. J. Ericson, of the industrial arts department. The
resignations were accepted. STATE FAIR EXHIBIT: The art department of this
school having been invited to make an exhibit at the coming state fair at
Yakima, the Board authorized Miss Druse, head of the art department, to
arrange for such an exhibit and to accompany it, and the sum of $50 was
appropriated to meet the expense. MEETING OF BOARDS OF NORMAL TRUSTEES: The
President referred to the annual conference of Normal Trustees and
suggested that a date for this years meeting be arranged with the Boards of
the other normal schools, which was approved. SEGREGATION OF STUDENT
ACTIVITIES FEE: The President recommended that the student activities fee
of $2 paid by each student for the summer quarter be distributed as
follows: lecture course $1.00; general fund 50 cents; Messenger fund 25
cents; nurse and physcian 25 cents. The recommendation was approved. CADET
ARRANGEMENTS DISCONTINUED: The President reported that owing to conflicting
arrangements having been made by the Everett and Meridian schools this
school will be obliged to discontinue its practice teaching arrangements
with those schools. BILLS AUDITED AND ALLOWED: Bills were audited and
payment approved as represented by the following vouchers: State Vouchers
No. 30 to No. 46, Local Vouchers No. 5972 to No. 6020, Revolving Fund
Vouchers No. 2309 to No. 2320. The Board then adjourned.

WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for July 1919
Volume 05 - Page 294

1919-07-26 SUMMER SCHOOL SCHEDULE: Teacher, Weeks of Service for Year,
Deducted, Add for Overtime, Remarks. W.A. Jennings, 6, $300; W. F. Parish,
42; Esther Clark, 42; Mrs. Samson, (Irregular); Grace Brower, 10, $250.