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WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for January 1896
Volume 01 - Page

1896-01-30 Board met pursuant to call at 2PM with all members, the clerk,
architect and contractor present. The architect submitted to the board the
supplementary drawings referred to in the record of the meeting of Dec 31,
1895, and the same were carefully examined by the board and explained by
the architect. After a full discussion of the proposed change of material
from brick to stone as indicated by the drawings, the following resolution
was adopted. Resolved that it is the sense of this board that the plan and
project of substituting stone instead of pressed brick and Hills sand brick
in the outer courseof the Normal School buildings in its construction,
should be presented to the attorney-general of the state of Washington, or
his assistant, for his opinion as to the legality of the proposed change -

WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for January 1896
Volume 01 - Page

1896-01-30 and in case the opinion of said legal authority upholds the
validity of such proposed change and the (?) on the bond of the contractors
consent that such changes may be made, then that this board shall take the
proper steps to adopt the plans and details submitted for such change.
Adjourned until 10:30AM Jan 31st. Record approved Jan 31, 1896. O.H.Culver,
clerk. Eli Wilkin, chairman. 1896-01-31 Board met at 10:30AM, pursuant to
adjournment, all members and the clerk present the minutes of the meetings
of Dec 31 and Jan 30 were read and approved. The architect presented his
second certificate in favor of the contractor covering work done during the
month of January, which certificate bears date Feb 1, 1896, and is as
follows: This certifies that the contractor, William B Davey, is entitled
to a payment of thirteen hundred and forty one dollars ($1341.00) in
conformity with his contract with the local board of trustees of the State
Normal School of New Whatcom, Wash for building the said State Normal
School. "Amount of Contrat $34,448.80 minus previously certified =
$33,896.10. Minus this certificate $1341.00 = $32,555.10. Skillings and
Corner. This is an estimate for 497." The architect also reported verbally
that he had in conformity with the clerk's request as dictated by Mr.
Higginson, made a personal examination of the pressed brick which the Denny
Clay Company of Seattle had previous to the award of the contract proposed
to furnish at a stated price. He examined the various samples of the brick
which were sumbitted to the board and stated that the lot in question,
while of fairly good quality as represented, consisted of three distinct
sizes and several shades of color. By request of the board he (?) mail a
written report to the clerk.

WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for January 1896
Volume 01 - Page

1896-01-31 In the matter of the proposed change of interior material from
pressed brick and Hills sand brick to sandstone, as noted in the record of
the meeting of Jan 30, the chairman was authorized and directed to go to
Olympia, taking with him the record of the proceedings of the board,
together with such other papers as he may deem necessary, to submit to the
attorney-general, or his assistant, the question as to whether such change
can be made by agreement with the contractor and the consent of his
sureties without in any way invalidating the contract. Upon motion of Mr.
Edens vouchers were ordered certified to the state auditor for the issuance
of warrants in payment of bills allowed as follows: Voucher 25 - favor of
William B Davey $1072.80, 80% of second estimate on building contract.
Voucher number 26 - favor of A. Lee. $51.00 12 and 3/4ths days (?) during
month Jan. Voucher number 27 - favor of Skillings Corner $47.36, architects
2 1/2% commission on 1st and 2nd estimates. Adjourned, record approved Feb
11, 1896. O.H.Culver, clerk. Eli Wilkin, chairman.