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WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for June 1910
Volume 03 - Page 168

1910-06-01 To the Board of Trustees:-  The Faculty respectfully recommend
the following Seniors for graduation June 8th, 1910:  Agan, Ethel. Akan,
Nellie. Ambrose, Juanita. Ambrose, Julia. Armstrong, Grace. Bonker, Lucy.
Bowie, Anna. Bowie, Margaret. Brown, Stella. Buell, Phoebe. Calder,
Erminie. Campbell, Ada. Clark, Helen. Clark, Mabel. Clouston, Harriet.
Clouston, Margaret. Coleman, Jessie. Currier, Florence. DesAulnieres,
Frances. Dolsen, Mae. Dow, Edna. Drysdale, Florence. Elzey, Rossie. Fuller,
Gladys. Felt, Ida A. Gildersleeve, Helen. Goerig, Ethel. Griffith, Donna.
Haffly, Nora M. Heaton, Grace. Hoffman, Pearl. Honrath, Freda. Johnson,
Abbie. Johnson, Vivian. Jones, Clara. Keel, Eleanor. Kreidl, Ida. Landen,
Ina. Lawrence, Edna. Lobe, Hilda. McDaniel, Amy. McKean, Florence.
Musgrove, Hilda. Nichols, Ethel S. Nicoll, Bessie. Parkyn, Esther. Pease,
Elizabeth. Peterson, Huldah. Preble, Lou. Richford, Nita. Ryan, Viola.
Sanderson, Minnie. Sharkey, Margaret. Shepard, Alta. Sillix, Grace.
Snodgrass, Lenore. Souders, Laura. Studebaker, Herbert. Tapping, Lillian.
Walton, Margaret. Welbon, Vida. Wheeler, Gladys. Wiseman, Sarah. Westcott,
Maude. Woolbert, Meleyann.  Respectfully yours,  Principal.

WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for June 1910
Volume 03 - Page 169

1910-06-01 There being no further business, the Board adjourned.  Minutes

WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for June 1910WWU Board of Trustees
meeting minutes for June 1910
Volume 03 - Page 163

1910-06-01 Minutes of a special meeting of the Board of Trustees of the
Bellingham State Normal School held in their room this afternoon at 3
o'clock.  Present:  Chairman J. J. Edens, Trustees J. J. Donovan and F. F.
Handschy, Principal Mathes and the Registrar.  At the request of Trustee
Donovan, the Registrar read certain correspondence between Mr. Donovan and
Governor M. E. Hay, Mr. Donovan having presented it with a desire of having
filed with the records of the school. At the close of the reading, on
motion of Trustee Handschy, the chairman concurring the correspondence was
ordered entered in the minutes of the present meeting: It follows:  
1910-05-21 Hon. M. E. Hay,  Governor of Washington,  Olympia, Wash.  My
Dear Governor: -  Permit me herewith to present my resignation as a Trustee
of the Bellingham State Normal School, to take effect June 30, 1910. This
in accordance with what I wrote you at the time when there was some
friction in the faculty a year ago. I am happy to say that this has been
entirely eliminated and I believe the school today is in a more efficient
state in every respect than ever before in its history, and I do not know
of a better normal school anywhere.  I became a Trustee more than five
years ago at the request of my friend Governor Mead, after declining to
serve as a regent of the State University. I graduated many years ago from
an eastern normal school and while my profession and life work has been
that of a civil engineer, I taught for several years before graduation form
an engineering school, and therefore it has been with a special interest
and pleasure that I have given some time to the normal school here. If I
remember rightly, my term expires in June, 1911.  With thanks to you for
the personal courtesy shown on several occasions, I remain,  Yours very
respectfully,  J. J. Donovan.

WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for June 1910
Volume 03 - Page 170

1910-06-11 Minutes of the regular monthly meeting of the Board of Trustees
of the Bellingham State Normal School held in their room this afternoon at
3 o'clock.  Present: Chairman J. J. Edens, Trustee F. F. Handschy,
Principal Mathes and the Registrar.  Minutes of the meetings of May 14th
and June 1st were read and approved.  Trustee Handschy moved that in
accordance with the recommendation of the faculty certificates be issued to
the students whose names are appended; and it was so ordered:  CANDIDATES
RECEIVING ELEMENTARY CERTIFICATES.  Anderson, Mabel. Belewick, Emily. Call,
Jennie. Cresap, Fay. Deem, Laura. Draney, Ethel. Gordon, Rhona. Hansen,
Marius. Hinman, Grace. Hogan, Philip. Kendall, Gertrude. Knudson, Roy H.
Kimple, Edith. Kennedy, Cora. Mayer, Bertha. McDowell, Bessie. Mills,
Jennie. Monroe, Mary. Owen, Vera. Page, Leila. Schmitt, Tillie. Simpson,
Mabel. Strickland, Winifred. Trimble, Jesse. Webber, Vera E. Wright, Pearl.
Pyeatt, Alvin. Anderson, Ethel. Brown, Mabel. Clark, Olive. Duxbury, Ruth.
CERTIFICATES.  Smith, Mary L. McKean, Ruby. Bair, Beatrice. Anderson, Ida
B. Wilson, Marguerite. Philippi, Elsie M. Thompson, Gertrude. Nord, Andrea.
Hemmingsen, Christine. Hartman, Mae. Kelly, Olive. Philippi, Georgia.
Evensen, Bergliot. Everett, Janet. Jeans, Jessie. Hamble, Maude. Rossing,
Clara. Barnes, Grace. Simpson, Jessie. Fuller, Elsie. Pederson, Olga. Ely,
Eureka. Morgan, Ethel. Oertli, Mattie. Sandgren, Esther. Sandgren, Jennie.
Siemons, Elsie. Williams, Winona. Conant, Gertrude. Davison, Madeline.
Sharkey, Mary. Sexton, Mary E. VanCleave, Vida. Woodhouse, Emma. Utzinger,
Hedwig. Fenno, Edna. Dickinson, Blanche. Guard, Gladys. Gehrke, Mabel.
Augustine, Josephine.

WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for June 1910
Volume 03 - Page 171

1910-06-11 The Registrar presented the appended report:  To the Honorable,
 The Board of Trustees.  Gentlemen:-  I beg to report that the Senior class
of 1910 has deposited with the Registrar the sum of $147.38, of which
$50.00 is to be paid for royalty on the Senior class play in case such
royalty is demanded; the Registrar is to take up such bills as may be
presented and the remainder is by wish of the class to be placed to the
credit of the Students Loan Fund.  Respectfully submitted,  Registrar. 
Upon motion of Trustee Handschy, the bills as appended were approved for
payment:  REPAIRS AND IMPROVEMENTS FUND  Morse Hardware Co. - $5.30. Munro
and Haskell - $11.80. A. H. Montgomery - $30.00.  Bausch and Lomb Optical
Co. - $36.52.  Central Scientific Co. - $32.03.  LOCAL FUNDS  A. P.
Erickson - $172.00.  Ida E. Powell - $10.00.  James Carriccilo - $2.20. 
John Coldeway - $49.44.  Star Creamery Co. - $114.00.  L. Stanton - $84.25.
 Mary E. Cade - $10.00.  Pacific Steam Laundry - $7.10.  Sweet Grocery Co.
- $133.30.  John Rindal - $25.20.  Wilson-Nobles-Barr Co. - $127.10.  W. H.
Towner Printing Co. - $16.25.  Union Printing Co. - $6.25.  Cole Truck and
Storage Co. - $9.80.  Barrett Transfer Co. - $1.95.  A. H. Montgomery -
$29.94.  Mabel Z. Wilson - $90.00.  Betsy Pauline Stenberg - $10.00.  Ida
E. Powell - $50.00.  Belle McLean - $45.00.  Kate Payn - $30.00.  Aleine
Bennett - $20.00.

WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for June 1910
Volume 03 - Page 172

1910-06-11 Upon motion of Trustee Handschy, the chairman concurring, the
following proceedings were had:  Miss Catherine Montgomery--salary advanced
from $100.00 to $105.00 per month;  Mabel Z. Wilson--re-elected librarian; 
John Lemach--re-elected engineer;  A. W. Parsons--re-elected janitor;  John
Rindal--re-elected assistant janitor;  Ida E. Powell--re-elected matron of
Edens Hall;  All of the foregoing to be re-employed for a term of one year
commencing Sept. 1, 1910, at their present rates of compensation and under
their present form of contract; further, that the action of the Board is
not to be conclusive without the consent of the absent member, Trustee
Donovan, the Registrar being directed to first consult him before issuing
the contracts.  There being no further business the Board adjourned. 
Minutes approved.