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WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for February 1906WWU Board of
Trustees meeting minutes for February 1906
Volume 02 - Page 038

1906-02-10 The trustees of the Normal met at the office of the Principal,
Dr. E.T. Mathes, at 4:30PM. Present: Chairman Edens, Mr. Donovan, Dr. E.T.
Mathes and the Clerk. The minutes of Jan 15, 1906; Jan 30, 1906, were read
and approved. Dr. Mathes reported having deposited to the credit of the
Incidental Fund $117.40 derived from manual training dues and other
sources. The communication of Mr. McBride was laid over until there should
be a full board in attendance. Dr. Mathes reported that coils had been put
in for the dining hall. After outlining a valve for use in heating the
greenhouse, he was authorized to have it placed in. Mr. Romine wished to
have stools in the laboratory instead of chairs. It was moved that Dr.
Mathes purchase the necessary stools for the laboratory. Dr. Mathes brought
up the question as to whether diplomas should be issued to students making
up back work, if said students are not enrolled during term. He insisted
that they should be enrolled. The board sustainted Dr. Mathes' position.
Bills were ordered approved for the issuance of warrants and checks as
follows: Maintenance: 175 L.W. McCoy $10.55; 177 Red Cross Pharmacy $10.00;
173 Booker and Campbell $43.50; 178 Whatcom Co. Ry. and Lt. Co. $20.75; 174
E.R. Croft $32.40; 176 Incidental Fund $106.90; 172 B.B. Plumbing Co.
$30.00. Science: 185 Narragansett Machine Co. $56.52; 186 E.H. Sargent and
Co. $17.37; 182 Douglas Light Co. $23.00; 183 Munro and Haskell $31.16;
Booker and Campbell $29.05; Blake Hardware Co. $44.55; 184 Incidental Fund
$202.85; 179 B.B. Plumbing $93.20. Library Bank: The H.W. Wilson Co.
$12.00. The meeting adjourned. Minutes approved, Roy O. Hadley, clerk. John
J. Edens, chairman.