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WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for May 1906WWU Board of Trustees
meeting minutes for May 1906
Volume 02 - Page 046

1906-05-23 Trustees of the Normal met in regular monthly session at 7PM at
the home of Mr. Donovan. Present: Chairman Edens, Mr. Donovan, Dr. Mathes
and the clerk. Dr. Mathes reported seniors recommended for graduation,
having satisfactorily completed prescribed work. On motion of Mr. Donovan,
diplomas were authorized to be given at the commencement June 7th., as
follows in accordance with the accompanying list: Benson, Beatrice -
Seattle; Bowing, Jessie - Spokane; Dodd, Lena - Bellingham; Ellis, Georgie
- Bellingham; Fleming, Lottie - Everett; Flesher, Tressie - Bellingham;
Fogg, Lillian - Tacoma; Gooch, Anah - Bellingham; Graham, Ellen - Avon;
Glineburg, Selma - Everett; Holt, Isabelle - Bellingham; Jones, Ethel -
Arlington; Krausse, Elva B - Colfax; Lewis, Carrie - Spokane; Look, Nettie
- Bay View; McNeff, Katherine - Puyallup; Miller, Helen - Bellingham;
Myers, Mrs. J.C. - Bellingham; Nohl, Leonie M. - Bellingham; O'Loughlin,
Mary - Mt. Vernon; Peek, Ethel - Seattle; Reime, Pearl - Sedro-Woolley;
Rourke, Rosalie - Everett; Smith, Lena - Conway; Smith, Lillian -
Bellingham; Stone, Genevieve - Bellingham; Strand, May - Bellingham; Smith,
Pearl - Custer; Sullivan, Floy - Spokane; Sullivan, Frankie - Spokane;
Thiel, Christine - Bellingham; Thompson, Nellie - Everett; Wahlstrand, Anna
- Bellingham; Waples, Edna - Bellingham; Warriner, Clara - Everson;
Whitaker, Luella N.C. - Bellingham; Williams, Elizabeth - Ballard. The
above named students are recommended for graduation from the advanced
courses June 7th, 1906. Respectfully, E.T. Mathes.

WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for May 1906
Volume 02 - Page 047

1906-05-23 On motion of Mr. Donovan, bills were approved as follows: From
Maintenance Appropriation: 222 D.S. Johnston Co. (Piano Pay't) $100.00; 223
E.T. Mathes (Per. Exp. Acc't) $26.62; 224 A.H. Montgomery (Wood) $87.50;
225 Puget Sound Engraving Co. (Cuts) $47.30; 226 Chas. Scribners' Sons
(Books) $9.14; 216 Incidental Fund (E.T.M) $238.38; Science 227 -
Incidental Fund $48.25; From Appropriation for Campus: 22(?) Incidental
Fund (E.T.M) $19.60. From Incidental Fund: Tucker, Hanford Co. (Diplomas)
$60.00; From Library Band Fund: R.H. Whitton Co. (Hist. Tales) $18.00;
Meeting adjourned. Minutes approved June 6, 1906. Roy O. Hadley, clerk.
John J. Edens, chairman.