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WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for October 1903WWU Board of
Trustees meeting minutes for October 1903
Volume 01 - Page 274

1903-10-12 The board met pursuant to special call at the office of trustee
Minton. Present trustees Edens, Teck and Minton, Principal Mathes, the
clerk and Architect A. Lee. A communication was read from the Norris Safe
and Lock Co., Seattle, Washington, saying that the order for a vault door,
which the board had refused to accept because of the failure of this firm
to prepay the freight on the same, had been ordered by former Chairman L.P.
White in his life time and that the prepayment of the freight had not been
a condition of the purchase of the door at the price billed to the school.
The clerk stated that the correspondence in the matter showed to the
contrary. Thereupon he was ordered to again notify the firm that unless the
freight was deducted from the price of the door, the board would refuse to
accept it. Miss Mabel M. Moore of Ironwood, Michigan, was elected teacher
of music at a salary of $850 per year. Her employment to date from October
1, 1903. These vouchers were ordered certified to the State Auditor that
warrants might be issued: Voucher #130 - favor Munroe, Blake and Haskell,
$498.37. Finishing and Furn. Annex. Voucher #131 - favor M.B. and Maskell,
$82.18. Lab. Equip. and supplies. Voucher #132 - favor S. Tel. and Tel. Co.
$22.59. Maintenance. Voucher #133 - favor What. Co. Ry. and Lt. Co., $7.10.
Maintenance. Voucher #134 - favor Morse Hdw. Co., $10.33. Lab. Equip. and
supplies. Voucher #135 - favor J. Wiley and Sons, $6.59. Library. Voucher
#136 - favor the Fair, $23.88. Maintenance. Voucher #137 - favor Fairhaven
Times, $19.50. Maintenance. Voucher #138 - favor Cornish, Mitchell and Co.,
$38.95. Fin and Furn. Annex. Voucher #139 - favor W.U. Tel and Tel. Co.
$10.48. Maintenance.Voucher #140 - favor  Lowman Hanford and Co. $94.58.
Library. Voucher #141 - favor Chandler and Barber, $318.78. Lab. N and S.
Voucher #142 - favor Ginn and Co., $14.40. Library. Voucher #143 - favor
Brooklyn Biol. Sup. Co., $4.40. Lab. E and S. Voucher #144 - favor Stewart
and Holms, $64.74. Lab. Eq. and Sup. Voucher #145 - favor The Fair, $3.00.
Maintenance. Voucher #146 - favor Booker and Campbell, $5020. Fin and Furn.
An. Voucher #147 - favor A. Lee, $150. Fin and Furn. Annex. Voucher #149 -
favor L.H. Darwin, $36.90. Maintenance. L.H. Darwin, clerk. J.J. Edens,