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WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for November 1904WWU Board of
Trustees meeting minutes for November 1904
Volume 01 - Page 295

1904-11-05 The board of trustees met in regular session in the office of
the Principal in the school building; present, trustees Edens and Minton,
Principal Mathes and the clerk. Principal Mathes reported that he had
received a request from the state librarian for 350 copies of the school's
catalogue, and that he had not enough left to comply with it. It was
ordered that copies of the next quarterly bulletin he sent instead.
Principal Mathes laid before the board the question of having janitor
Lemach organize from among the student boys residing near the building, a
fire company. He explained that his plan contemplated having additional
hose attached to the hydrants on the school campus, and that the boys were
to be drilled in the handling of it, so that in case of the breaking out of
a conflagation, they could effectively aid in its subjugation. The matter
was left to the principal to further work out and report upon. The clerk
was directed to communicate in writing to the mayor and city council the
intention of the trustees to enforce their rule heretofore made against
trespassing on the campus by men with teams, and to warn them that the next
offender would be prosecuted. These vouchers were ordered certified to the
state auditor that warrants might issue: Wh. Sash and Door Co. $1.80; O.K.
Dodd $9.00; Collins and Co. $7.79; A.T. Thompson and Co. $20; L.H. Darwin
$3.25; Lowman and Hanford $4.02; Allyn and Bacon $34.20; Colium Bid Sch
Orn. $28.00; Ye Colonial Press $5.50; W.J. Baumeister $29.00; Morse Hdw.
Co. $55.00; Chicago Lab Supply Co. $1.73; N.W. Hardware Co. $1.10; Munro
Blake and H $25.90; Montague and McHugh $3.20; Parker Printing Co. $4.30;
Ginn and Co. $4.32; D.C. Heath and Co. $24.12; N.W. Journ of Ed $4.00; J.N.
Selby and Co. $29.00; Wilson Nobles Barrs $12.32; E.R. Croft $38.75. L.H.
Darwin, clerk. J.J. Edens, chairman.