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WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for October 1905WWU Board of
Trustees meeting minutes for October 1905
Volume 02 - Page 031

1905-10-17 Regular monthly meeting of the Board of Trustees of the State
Normal School met in the office of the principal. Present: Chairman Edens,
Mr. Donovan, Mr. White, Dr. Mathes and the clerk. Minutes of the meeting of
August 12, August 24 and September 5 were read and approved. E.E. White
presented his oath of office under appointment as trustee for the term from
March 2, 1905, to March 2, 1911, and took his seat as a member of the
board. J.J. Edens was nominated by Mr. White, seconded by Mr. Donovan, for
chairman of the Board. Mr. White put the motion, which was carried. Mr.
Edens thanked the other members of the board and accepted. Mr. Donovan
moved that the insurance policies on the dormitory building be referred
back to the agents, requesting Kline and Van Wyck to make one out for three
years at the newly fixed rate for $1,500 and likewise requesting L.H. Daldy
and Co. to make out their policy for three years for $1,500. The motion was
seconded by Mr. White and carried. Mr. Donovan requested the clerk to look
up the old policy on the dormitory, finding and reporting when it expires.
During the discussion, the fact that no insurance is carried on the Normal
building, was brought out. On motion of Mr. Donovan, the bill of Thiel and
Welter for furniture for the dormitory, was ordered paid, subject to
correction in the item charging $55 for ten bed couches instead of $50, if,
on investigation, Dr. Mathes finds that such correction should be made. On
Motion of Mr. White, J.S. Sheckey, who had appeared before the board and
explained his bill, was ordered paid $62.50 as the balance due on materials
for the fence, which he had purchased. Dr. Mathes made a verbal report on
the effect of the vaccination order of the Board of Health on the need of a
fence under the heating pipe from the Normal to the dormitory, which had
not been built because no one was available to do the grading; on the new
funds coming in from the dormitory, and the library and locker fees.

WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for October 1905
Volume 02 - Page

1905-10-17 Dr. Mathes was instructed to include the fees received from
lockers, with the established incidental fund, but to deposit the income
from the dormitory separately. Mr. Donovan moved that it be the sense of
the Board that as appropriation of $550 be provided from the Science fund
of the State appropriation for the erection of a lecture room and green
house, adjoining the Normal, subject to plans to be approved later. The
motion carried. Dr. Mathes reported having engaged Charles Pothoran, Herman
Smith, and Roger Williams, students, as assistant janitors at $9 per month,
each, and Charles D. Jones, student, as assistant to the librarian, at $6
per month, in accordance with instructions of the trustees. Dr. Mathes
further reported having engaged H.D. Boyd at the rate of $10 per month to
assist in teaching Algebra during the first semester. This action was
approved. Mr. Donovan moved, seconded by Mr. White, that the clerk be
instructed not to pay salary warrants to any members of the faculty who
have failed to sign their contracts. The clerk was further instructed to
notify any members who have not executed their contracts, as submitted for
the year 1905-1906, that this must be done before October 31. Bills were
approved for allowance as follows: to be forwarded to the auditor October
18: Maintenance: 97 J.N. Selby and Co. $156.45; 83 E.R. Croft $68.00; 84
Sunset TandT Co. $9.30; 85 Puget Sound Mills and Timber Co. $19.37; 98
Whatcom falls Mill Co. $14.05; 86 D. Appleton $49.11; 87 Cunningham,
Curtis, and Welch $48.00; 88 Silver, Burdett and Co. $36.00; 89 Chapman
Bros, and Co. $56.34; 90 Lowman and Hanford $96.60; 91 Whatcom County
Railway and Light Co. $2.30; 92 American Book Co. $68.40; 93 Trunkey and
Son 461.25; 94 B.B. Furniture Co. $35.90; 95 Cornish-Mitchell paint Co.
$14.30; 96 Incidental Fund $412.70. Improvements and Repairs: 109 Whatcom
Boiler Works $39.27; 110 B.B. Furniture Co. $295.63; 111 Munro and Haskell
$15.43; 112 Montague and McHugh $68.93; 113 Thiel and Welter $194.69.
Science: 99 Central Science Co. $78.48; 100 Rand, McNally $1.93; 101
Hammacher, Seglemmer and Co. $3.28; 102 J.L. Hammett and Co. $3.12; 103
Todd and Todd $8.39; 104 Milton, Bradley Co. $13.65; 105 B.B. Furniture Co.
$25.00; 106 Incidental Fund $112.64. CampusL 107 Boyd and Noble $95.00; 108
J.S. Shockey $62.10.

WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for October 1905
Volume 02 - Page

1905-10-17 Library Bank: A.C. McClurg and Co. $405.77; A.C. McClurg and
Co. $13.14; C.A. Nichols Co. $37.05; S.F. Stevens and Brown $67.28. Meeting
adjourned. Minutes approved. Roy O. Hadley, clerk. John J. Edens, chairman.