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WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for December 1904WWU Board of
Trustees meeting minutes for December 1904
Volume 01 - Page 293

1904-12-03 The trustees met in regular session in the principal's office
in the school building at 10AM; present, trustees Edens and Minton and
Teck, Principal Mathes and the clerk. An elementary certificate was ordered
issued Miss Lola Records. It appearing that the Odds and Ends fund would
justify it, another check for $125 was ordered drawn in favor of C.J. Roth
in payment of the building purchased from him and now used as a dormitory
by the school. The trustees spent two hours discussing the school's
necessities in the way of appropriations to be made by the legislature
which convenes in January, and it was decided to incorporate the following
recommendations to the Governor of the institutions requirements in the
biennial report to be submitted him soon: For Maintenance $38,000;
Construction science annex $40,000; Heating same $4,000; Furnishing same
$4,000; For science equipment $4,000; Library $1,000; Improving campus
$8,000; Maintaining dining hall $2,500; Maintaining summer school $2,800;
Additions to museum $500; Construction of greenhouse $1,200; General
repairs $2,500; Total of appropriations asked $148,500; L.H. Darwin, the
clerk of the board, presented his resignation in the following
communication: Having engaged to take charge of a business which will take
my entire time, I respectfully tender my resignation as clerk of your
honorable body, to take effect Jan 1st., 1905. I wish to thank you for the
consideration and kindnesses shown me during my nearly six years connection
with you. Respectfully. To the board of trustees of the State Normal
School, Bellingham. L.H. Darwin, clerk. J.J. Edens, chairman.

WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for December 1904
Volume 01 - Page

1904-12-03 The resignation was accepted as presented, each member of the
board taking occasion to express his appreciation of the clerk's faithful
services, and their regret at the severance of the relationship. These
vouchers were ordered certified to the state auditor that warrants might
issue: Macmillan and Co. $6.95; E.T. Mathes $6.99; J.O. Lemach $14.80;
Wilson Nobles Barr Co. $3.35; Whatcom Co. Ry and Ls. Co. $1.00; Evans
Potter Co. $5.00; Evans Potter Co. $16.59; Edison and Irish $3.60; Cornish
Mitchell Pub Co. $45.90; Briggs (?) Co. $6.00; Postal Tel. Co. $0.75;
Milwaukee (?) $17.36; Lowman and Hanford Co. $11.80; Frizill Elect. Co.
$33.97; B.B. Imp. Co. $4.30; Morse Hdw Co. $2.25; Munro Blake and H $7.00;
E.R. Croft $18.65; (?) (?) Tel. Co. $25.00; L.H. Darwin, clerk. J.J. Eden,

WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for December 1904
Volume 01 - Page

1904-12-23 The board met pursuant to call at the office of trustee Minton
with the following members present: J.J. Edens, Frank C. Teck, J.C. Minton.
Principal E.T. Mathes and Clerk L.H. Darwin were also in attendance. The
board listened to the reading of its biennial report to the governor as
proposed by the clerk, approved it and ordered it transmitted to his
excellency. Principal Mathes presented set of rules governing the loading
of money from the students fund of the 1904 class, which were adopted, as
follows: Voucher ordered drawn favor of C.I. Roth for money advanced for
construction of Boarding House * Voucher ordered drawn for (?) bill in
favor of (?)H. Montgomery. Matter of Election of Clerk to succeed L.H.
Darwin resigned to (?) effect (?) $1.05 was taken up and the names of E.E.
White - was presented by F.C. Teck R.O. Hadley by J.J. Edens and R. C.
Higginson by J.C. Minton. On the first ballot each candidate received one
vote. The second ballot resulted in the choice of R.O. Hadley, he receiving
2 votes and E.E. White one vote. Adjourned for recess until evening of Dec.
27. L.H. Darwin, clerk. *Amount of Warrant for Chas. I Roth $1130 (ROH)
*Amount of voucher for A.H. Montgomery $10.50 (ROH)

WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for December 1904
Volume 01 - Page

1904-12-23 adjourned from Dec. 23th - conveined evening of. 1904-12-27 The
board met at the office of the clerk, present Trustees Edens and Minton,
clerk Darwin and Clerk elect Hadley. The minutes of the meetings from June
15, 03, of Dec 23rd 04 inclucive were read and approved Voucher ordered
drawn for expenses of L.H. Darwin on trip to Olympia. Adjourned L.H.
Darwin, clerk. J.J. Edens, chairman. Regulations Governing Student Loan
Fund. Any student wishing to borrow any sum from the Student Loan Fund,
established by the class of 1904 in the State Normal School at Bellingham,
shall make application to the Principal of the school; which application
shall be passed upon by a faculty committee consisting of the Principal,
the head of the department of mathematics, and the head of the pedagogical
department. If the committee recommends a student he may be granted a loan
by the trustees under the following conditions: 1. A loan of not less that
$10.00 or more than $50.00 shall be made to any person. 2. No loan shall be
made to any student who has not been in attendance in the Normal school for
five months preceding the application for the loan. 3. No loan shall be
made to any person who cannot furnish security in the form of one
endorsement. 4. No loan shall be made for more than one year. 5. All loans
shall bear 6% interest, and shall be payable in the city of Bellingham.