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WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for June 1905WWU Board of Trustees
meeting minutes for June 1905
Volume 02 - Page 008

1905-06-03 Trustees met in called session at 4PM, at the office of Mr.
Teck Chamber of Commerce rooms. Present: Chariman Edens, Trustee Teck,
Architect A. Lee and the Clerk. Mr. Lee submitted plans for removing the
Dining Hall across the Campus and building commodious dormitory. These
contained certain revisions in the plans first submitted, reducing the sixe
of the improvement, and altering the foundations and other features so as
to reduce the estimate of the cost from $800.00 to $1,000.00. On motion of
Mr. Teck, the clerk was authorized to make call for bids, in accordance
with the copy to be prepared by Mr. Lee, beginning Monday evening, June 5th
and appearing alternate days thereafter until June 13th in the Bellingham
Herald and the Puget Sound American, and on alternate days from June 6th in
the Reveille. Meeting adjourned. Minutes Approved June 10, 1905. Roy O.
Hadley, clerk. Chairman.

WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for June 1905
Volume 02 - Page 009

1905-06-10 FENCE: End and Gate Posts: as shown in diagram 18x18 in. 6 or 7
ft. tall; Pickets - 1 in. thick, 3 in. wide; Fence - 36 or 40 in. high as
seems best; Fence posts - 6x6 in. (?): two rails: molding above and below
outside of pickets; Gates - to be set where directed. Gates - 3 or 4 ft.
wide, as directed; Pests - to be dipped in carbelineum as directed. Fence -
to have two coats of paint, white (?). If offer is accepted, order will be
made at meeting June 10th.

WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for June 1905
Volume 02 - Page 010

1905-06-07 A called meeting of the board of trustees of the state normal
school was held in the office of Mr. Frank C. Teck, in the Chamber of
Commerce rooms at five PM. Members present: Chairman Edens, and Trustee
Donovan, and Principal Mathes. The only business transacted was the
granting of diplomas to thirty seven young people as follows: (See list
enclosed). Also the granting of sixteen elementary certificates as follows:
(See list enclosed). After the diplomas and certificates had been signed by
the chairman of the Board the meeting was adjourned. Special meeting, board
of trustees, state normal school, Bellingham, Washington. Minutes approved
June 10,1905. John J. Edens, chairman.

WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for June 1905
Volume 02 - Page 011

1905-06-15 The following students have been recommended for graduation
from the advanced course of this institution on June 15th, 1905. SENIOR
CLASS 1905: STATE NORMAL SCHOOL, Bellingham, Washington. 1. Gertrude
Aldridge - Arlington; 2. Else Anthon - Seattle; 3. Susie Andrus -
Bellingham, Sta. A; 4. Edith Austin - Bellingham; 5. Lillian Burke -
Snohomish; 6. Meda Carlson - Florence; 7. Stella Carlson - Florence; 8.
Grace Dickey - Bellingham; 9. Grace Drake - Seattle; 10. Anna Drummond -
Tacoma; 11. Mrs. C.H. Eldrige - Everett; 12. Isabel Gibson - Seattle; 13.
Cassie Gifford - Arlington; 14. Myrl Hays - Bellingham;  15. Katherine
Houts - Ballard; 16. Edna Hallock - Seattle; 17. Adelaide Hanlein - Tacoma;
18. Lissa Howlett - Bellingham; 19. Jessie Jameson - Bellingham; 20. Alice
Kibbe - Elma; 21. Lynus A. Kibbe Elma; 22. Evalyn Kirkpatrick - Bellingham;
23. Josie Little - Bellingham, Sta. A; 24. Winnie McMullen - Seattle; 25.
Isabelle McRae - Everett; 26. Violet Morgan - Carbonado; 27. Albra Paddock
- Farmington; 28. May Pillman - Everett; 29. Harry Raymond - Bellingham;
30. Nellie Roberts - Seattle; 31. Nellie Ramsey - Centralia; 32. Bessie
Service - Farmington; 33. Charlotte Stewart - Spokane; 34. Ople Swank -
Pomeroy; 35. Myrtle Williams - Everett; 36. Birdie Winchell - Dunlap; 37.
Marie Wheeler - Tacoma.

WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for June 1905
Volume 02 - Page 012

1905-06-15 The following students have been granted elementary
certificates by the faculty of the State Normal School, Bellingham,
Washington. Alta Barton; Beatrice Benson; Jessie Cowing; Tressie Flesher;
Lillian Fogg; Judith Hawes; Carrie Lewis; Nettie Look; Frances Moncrief;
Adalene Parkins; Berthelda Payne; Floy Sullivan; Frankie Sullivan;
Christine Thiel; Nellie Thompson; Helen Whitney; Issued June 15, 1905.

WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for June 1905
Volume 02 - Page 013

1905-06-10 In regular monthly session, the trustees met in the office of
the principal shortly after 2 o'clock. Present: Chairman Edens, Trustees
Donovan, Principal Mathes and the clerk. The minutes, respectively of the
meetings of May 13th, May 29th, June 3rd, and June 7th were read and
approved. G.W. Walker appeared before the board to ask information on the
specifications for the sidewalk to be build in front of the campus, and to
submit a revised bid for the work. His figures were $148, which he later
corrected over the telephone adding $10 to cover the cost of nails. On
motion of Mr. Donovan, the contract was awarded to Mr. Walker at his
revised figures of $156, with the understanding that the walk would be laid
one foot outside the fence to be built, that the trustees would have
contractor Lind prepare the ground and A.R. Campbell set the grade stakes:
and that payment would be made for the walk after it was satisfactorily
completed and evidence was fiven that the materials and labor used in
construction were all paid for. J.W. Kindall, representing Martin
Siersdorfer, appeared before the trustees to discuss the proposed
settlement for damages done to the buidling on the basis of $218.45, the
amount of the Cornish-Mitchell bill for repair of windows broken by the
blast in the Siersdorfer quarry of April 6th. On learning that this
settlement, if made today, would relieve Mr. Siersdorfer from all further
liability, Mr. Kidnall asked for thirty days time in which to make payment.
On motion of Mr. Donovan, this request was granted. Mr. Kindall agreed to
have the Cornish-Mitchell bill paid and receipted by the time of the next
monthly meeting of the trustees, July 8. Mr. Donovan moved, and the motion
was carried, that the contract for building the fence in front of the
campus, be awarded to J.H. Shockey for $325, fence to be made of 40-inch
pickets, and according to other specifications already agreed upon; payment
to be made when the work is satisfactorily completed. Motion carried. On
motion of Mr. Donovan, the bill of Booker and Campbell for $47.19, for
repairing cracks in the walls of the building, was approved for payment,
together with the following:

WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for June 1905
Volume 02 - Page 014

1905-06-10 MAINTENANCE: 21 Northwest Journal of Education $4.00; 22
Robinson Manufacturing Co. $24.50; 23 Bellingham Electric Supply Co.
$17.05; 24 Thiel and Welter $192.85; 25 City Water Department $12.75; 26
Munro and Haskel $46.35; 27 Benson Morris Co. $17.10; 28 Sunset Telephone
Co. $15.35; 29 C.M. Sherman $22.70; 30 Mrs. J. Lemach $26.90; 31 B.B.
Improvement Co. $13.95; 32 Incidental Fund, E.T. Mathes $13.75; 33
Incidental Fund, E.T. Mathes $195.75; 34 E.R. Croft $14.35. SCIENCE FUND:
35 Incidental Fund, E.T. Mathes $15.00; 36 Eberbach and Son $29.04. CAMPUS
FUND: 37 Chas E. Lind $394.02; 38 Fawcett Bros. $13.50; 39 Morse Hardware
Co. $16.00; 40 Uncidental Fund - E.T. Mathes $11.25; IMPROVEMENTS and
REPAIRS: 41 Booker and Campell $47.19.

WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for June 1905
Volume 02 - Page 015

1905-06-10 On motion, a recess was then taken until an adjourned session,
which should be held at the call of the chairman. Roy O. Hadley, clerk.
1905-16-15 The adjourned session of the regular June meeting was called to
order at 2:30 in the office of the Principal. Present: Chairman Edens,
Trustee Donovan, Dr. Mathes, and the clerk. The following communication,
explaining the cause of his absence, was received from Mr. Teck, and
ordered palced on the minutes: Bellingham, Washington June 15, 1905. Hon.
John J. Edens, Chairman. Board of Trustees State Normal School, Bellingham,
Washinton. Dear Sir: I beg leave to explain my absence from the meeting of
the Board of Trustees called for 2 o'clock today for the purpose of
considering bids on the construction of an additionto the dining hall or
dormitory, and the election of a faculty for the esnuing term or biennial
period. While I am willing to act, and consider it my duty to act, in all
matters of temporary and urgent importance, I do not feel that, in view of
the fact that my commission as trustee expired March 3, 1905, I have
logical authority to join in a contract involving the election of and
entire faculty for a period of a year in advance. I do not consider that
such action would be just to my successor, who may be appointed tomorrow
and who will have to deal with the faculty when I retire. I understand that
the legal term of the trustees begins with June 13, and as no successor to
myself has been appointed for the unexpired legal term at the time my
commission expired, March 3, 1905, and as the beginning of the suceeding
legal term has already passed without bringing forth the announcement of my
successor, as had been promised by the Governor, I feel that my authority
as a member of the board should be strictly limited to action upon matters
of temporary urgency, and should not have to do with a vital and lasting
contrct, such as the election of the principal and faculty. I ask that the
board direct the clerk to enter a copy of this communication as a part of
the record of today's meeting, and have the honor to remain, sincerely
yours, (Signed) Frank C. Teck.

WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for June 1905
Volume 02 - Page 016

1905-06-15 Sealed bids for the moving and enlarging of the dining hall
were opened as follows: Booker and Campbell $3,474; S.McNeil $3,821; Boyd
and Neble $3,340. Each bid was accompanied by the required certified check
for 5 percent of the amount of the bid. On motion of Mr. Donovan, the
contract was unanimously awarded to Boyd and Noble as the lowest
responsible bidders. The plans and specifications submitted by A. Lee for
the dormitory improvement were formally adopted. Mr. Lee was engaged as
architect and superintendent at a compensation of 5% of the contract price,
with the reservation that additional compensation may be allowed for
services that may be required in addition to the prescribed work. Bill
amounting to $56.63 for historical books purchased from England some time
ago, was authorized paid from the Library Bank Fund. Dr. Mathes reported
that the faculty, at a recent meeting, voted an expression of thanks to the
Board of Trustees for the appropriation of $25 to each member for the
purpose of visiting schools. The matter of purchasing the second hand
furniture in the dining hall, was left entirely in the hands of Dr. Mathes.
The clerk was instructed to request the city council to establish the grade
in the block on high street in front of the Normal school campus, after
which AL R. Campbell will be employed to set stakes for guidance in
construction the new fence and walk. The following resolution, offered by
Mr. Donovan, was unanimously adopted: Whereas: The State Board of Higher
Education has authorized the re-organization of the courses of study and
requirements for work in State Normal schools: Be it resolved: that it is
the sense of this board that the general plan of employment of teachers and
employees, for indefinite terms, shall be and is hereby discontinued.
Resolved further, that the terms of employment of all teachers and other
regular employees of this institution shall cease on August 31st, 1905, on
which date existing contracts expire. Resolved further, that all members of
the faculty, and other employees of the institution hereafter employed,
shall be engaged for a definite period of time, and a contract shall be
executed for the term of employment.

WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for June 1905
Volume 02 - Page 017

1905-06-15 Resolved furhter: that all teachers or employees shall be
assigned their duties in the institution by the principal and shall be
directly responsible to him for their work and conduct in connection with
the institution, under such regulations as shall be prescribed by the board
of trustees. Mr. Donovan then spoke on the duty of the Board in re-(?)
members of the faculty insofar as they were recommended by Dr. Mathes,
unless some serious objection stood in the (?) of such action. He then
offered the following resolution, which was unanimously adopted: Resolved:
that Dr. E.T. Mathes be elected principal of the Bellingham Normal School
for the term of four years, ending August 31st, 1909, at a salary of $3,000
per year for the first year, $3,250 for the second year, and at a salary
for the last two years to be determined by the board, but not to be less
than $3,250 per annum. On motion of Mr. Donovan, the following resolution
with reference to engaging teachers, was unanimously adopted: Resolved that
all instructors, excepting the instructors in the training school, now
employed at the Normal, be re-engaged for the term of one year, ending
August 31st, 1906. Resolved: That Miss Edna Horner be re-engaged as
instructor in the training school as Grammar Grade Critic Teacher, and Miss
Catherine Montgomery be re-engaged as Primary Grade Critic, both for the
year ending August 31st, 1906. Dr. Mathes was instructed to be prepared, at
a later meeting of the board of trustees, with recommendations to fill the
places in the faculty declared vacant by the foregoing resolution, and not
filled at this meeting. The matter of salaries was then taken up, and fixed
for the year August 31st, 1905, to August 31st, 1906 as follows: Ada Hogle
$1000 raised from $950; J.T. Forrest $1550 raised from $1500; W. Wilson
$1450 raised from $1400; F.W. Eply $1550 raised from $1400; A.P. Romine
$1450 raised from $1400; J.N. Bowman $1450 raised from $1150; E.N. Stone
$1200 raised from $1100; Baker, Ida A. $1100 raised from $950; H.E. Moore
$1350 raised from $1200; Frances Hays $1250 raised from $1150; Mabel Moore
$950 raised from $850; Blanche M. Evans $950 raised from $850; Tallulah Le
Conta $900 raised from $800; Mabel Wilson $900 raised from $840; Nellie
Cooper $810 raised from $750; Catherine Montgomery $1000 raised from $950;
Edna Horner $1000 raised from $900.

WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for June 1905
Volume 02 - Page 018

1905-06-15 Meeting then took recess until the call of the chairman.
1905-06-22 Second adjourned session was called to order at 8:30 at the home
of Mr. Donovan. Present: Chariman Edens, Trustee Donovan, Dr. Mathes and
the clerk. On the matter of having grade established on High Street, in
front of the campus before the fence and walk are built, the clerk reported
having requested the city council to order grade established, and that the
request had been granted. Mr. Donovan stated that he would endeavor to have
Mr. Hyatt and the city engineer confer in order that the grade will conform
with certain plans being worked out for the improvement of the hill side
streets. Mr. Donovan moved that Miss Cooper, secretary to the principal,
and Miss Wilson, librarian, be re-employed for the year Aufust 31, 1905 to
August 31, 1906 at the salaries fixed for these position June 15. Mr.
Donovan moved that the clerk be instructed to notify P.W. Pierce, that his
services as fireman of the Normal will not be needed after July 1st., and
also to request that he vacate, by that time, the rooms in which he is
living at the school building. Motion carried. Dr. Mathes was also
requested to inform to gardener, Mr. Parsons, that he would be employed at
his present work during the summer, and that he would labor be given a
trial at assisting in the janitor work of the building for the winter. When
the question of the wood supply for the coming year was taken up, Dr.
Mathes reported that there are on hand about fifty cords of body fir, and
fifteen to eighteen cords of alder. Mr. Donovan moved that the clerk be
instructed to publish a call for bids to supply 250 cords of wood,
delivered on the Normal campus not later than October 14, the call to be
made with the reservation that contracts may be let for smaller amounts;
and with the privilege of rejecting any or all bids. The wood must be body
fir, first growth, or second growth fir with no sticks less than 3 inches
in diameter and all sticks over 5 inches split. The contract will require
that work on its fulfillment begin within thirty days after the time it is
let. Dr. Mathes reported that the furniture in the dining hall, which-

WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for June 1905
Volume 02 - Page 019

1905-06-22 was being offered for sale to the school, would be worth about
$150 for the pieces desirable to purchase. He was authorized to close the
purchase for any of it he considered worth securing. Dr. Mathes announced
his decision to remain with the institution as principal for one year, with
the understanding that he would go to Whitworth college as its president at
the end of that time, provided the trustees there should consent to wait
for him. He was authorized, on the trip east which he would take within a
few days, to investigate the credentials of applicants for vacancies in the
Normal faculty, especially for the training school, and be prepared to make
recommendations on his return. The trustees ordered the clerk to notify
Boyd and Noble, contractors on the Normal dormitory, that surety bonds
would be required in compliance with the contract for the work. The clerk
was instructed to notify Miss Tromanhouser that her communication of June
17th, requesting the re-instatement of Miss Bratton, had been received,
considered and filed. Meeting adjourned. Approved. Roy O. Hadley, clerk.
John J. Edens, chairman.