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WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for December 1905WWU Board of
Trustees meeting minutes for December 1905
Volume 02 - Page 034

1905-12-16 The trustees of the Normal school met at 4:15PM in the office
of Mr. White. Present: Chairman Edens, Mr. Donovan, Mr. White, Principal
Mathes and the clerk. After a discussion of the defects in the wash tubs of
the dormitory basement, Dr. Mathes was instructed to secure the opinions of
Architect Lee, with the possibility in view of requesting Mr. Dewis, the
plumber, to repair the lesses caused by breakage. Mr. Donovan moved that
the subject of precuring more diploma be left entirely with Dr. Mathes.
Motion carried. Mr. White made amotion, which was carried, that bills be
allowed as follows: to be forwarded to the auditor December 17:
Maintenance: 143 Incidental Fund $26.25; 144 E.R. Croft $36.05; 145 Whatcom
County Ry and Light Co. $33.65; 146 J.N. Selby and Co. $17.45; 147 Chas. A.
Boyle $92.80; 148 Samuel French $2.70; 149 Corbin Cabinet Lock Co. $8.25;
150 Houghto, Mifflin and Co. $20.02. Improvements and Repairs: 156 Morrin
Wall paper and Paint Co. $89.90. Campus: 155 Dan Dawson $31.50. Science:
151 Chandler and Barber $5.30; 152 Morrisson Plummer and Co. $29.96; 153
Geo. L. Houghton $45.00; 154 E.N. Sargent $138.88. Library Bank: A.C.
McClurg $164.73; Puget Sound American $6.00; The Outlook Co. $3.00. Meeting
adjourned. Minutes approved January. Roy C. Hadley, clerk. John J. Edens,
chairman board of trustees.