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WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for January 1905WWU Board of
Trustees meeting minutes for January 1905
Volume 01 - Page 298

1905-01-07 The Normal school board met in regular monthly session at 3PM
in the office of the pricipal at the school building. Present: chairman
Edens, Trustee Minton, Principal Mathes, and the clerk. The board spent
some time in informal discussion of needs of the institution. A purchase of
a desk was authorized for the use of the clerk. The clerk was instructed to
investigate the status of the students' loan fund and report at the next
meeting. A loan, amounting to $20, was authorized made from this fund, in
accordance with conditions governing its disposition, to Miss Ethel Waite.
The principal was authorized to palce an order for 5,000 one-cent stamped
envelopes, and for 5,000 two-cent stamped envelopes. The clerk was
authorized to order 5,000 sheets of printed letter heads, 1,000 9 1/2 inch
envelopes, and 1,000 6 1/2 inch envelopes. The principal was authorized to
purchase such additional style of stationery as he considered necessary for
the correspondence of his office. The principal was furhter authorized to
buy a rotary mimeograph with necessary equipment, for the use of the school
The rent charged for the campus dining hall was reduced from $25 per month
to $10, beginning January 1, 1905. The salary of the clerk was fixed at $33
1/3 per month, beginning with January 1, 1905. If satisfactory terms could
be secured, the principal was instructed to negotiate the purhcase of 125
lockers for the gymnasium. The clerk was instructed to secure three copies
of the school law for the trustees. Bills were passed, and vouchers ordered
made by the clerk to forward the state auditor for the issuance of
warrants, as follows: On Maintenance Fund: No. 407 E.T. Mathes $59.15; No.
208 B.B. Imp. Co. $30.70; No. 409 B.B. Furn. Co. $9.00; No. 410 Morse Hdw.
Co. $8.15; No. 411 C.M. Sherman $13.90; No. 412 Munro, Blake and Haskel
$3.00; No. 413 Benson and Morris, Co. $5.40;

WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for January 1905
Volume 01 - Page

1905-01-07 No. 414 Smith Premier Typewriter Co. $124.50; No. 415 Barker,
Florist $4.75; No. 416 Whatcom Co. Ry. and Light Co. $3.80; No. 417 Silver,
Burdett and Company $79.55; No. 418 Ginn and Co. $15.98; No. 419 The
Whitaker and Ray Co. $10.50; No. 420 P.K. Dodd $3.00; No. 421 Northwest
Journal of Education $8.00; No. 422 Chapman Bros. and Co., $9.00; No. 423
Pacific Coast Press $16.88; No. 424 E.M. Griffin and Co. $43.12; No. 425
Lowman and Hanford $12.31; No. 426 Milton Bradley Co. $18.10; No. 427
Sunset Tel. and Telegraph Company $18.00. On the fund for improving campus:
No. 431 Chas. E. Lind $58.13; No. 430 A.H. Montgomery $10.50. On equipment
for laboratory fund: No. 428 Scientific American $2.40; No. 429 Frizell
Electric Company $10.85. In addition to the foregoing vouchers for the
state auditor, receipts were ordered prepared and checks issued on the
library bank fund as follows: Puget Sound bulletin $17.20; A.C. McClurg and
Co. $87.20. On the trustees' fund, as follows: What. Co. Ry and Light Co.
$25.00; Byron Grosery Co $20.00; Meeting Adjourned. Approved Feb. 4, 05.
Roy O. Hadley, clerk. John J. Edens, president.