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WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for September 1904WWU Board of
Trustees meeting minutes for September 1904
Volume 01 - Page 291

1904-09-03 The board of trustees met in regular session at the office of
trustee Teck in the chamber of commerce rooms; present, Trustees Edens and
Teck and Principal Mathes. The only business before the board was the
allowance of the current bills, and these were ordered certified to the
state auditor that warrants might issue: Noch Bros $7.29; B.B. I. Co. $20;
Ed Bay law $18; D. Farquahaun $3.75; E.T. Mathes $19.50; E.T. Mathes
$28.25; WL. Sash and Door Co. $16.70; Edson and Irish $11.35; Wilson Nobles
and Barr G $3; A.H. Montgomery $370; Holly Pris $17.50; Todd and Todd
$4.40; Milton Bradley and Co. $9.59; Sunset T and T Co. $15.95; Morse Hdw
Co $9.75; E.R. Croft $15.95; Munro Blake and H $75.65; Whatcom Ry. and Lt
Co. $2.50. L.H. Darwin, clerk. J.J. Edens, chairman.