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WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for April 1896WWU Board of Trustees
meeting minutes for April 1896
Volume 01 - Page 029

1896-04-01 Board met at 2PM pursuant to-

WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for April 1896
Volume 01 - Page 030

1896-04-01 call of the chairman, with all members, the clerk, and
architect Skillings present. The minutes of the meetings of Feb 18, 19, and
29 and March 3rd were read approved. Mr. Skillings reported the discovery
of a spring inside the basement, the water of which would be necessary to
disperse of by means of a suitable drain. While the matter was under
discussion the contractor entered and on agreement was made with him to lay
the necessary drain pipe and connect it with the main sewer in the
boiler-room, the work to be considered an extra and the sum of $30 allowed
for it. The attention of the board was called to the fact that the
specifications as adopted provided for pressed brick in the outer course of
the rear wall of the basement of the main building, although Hills' sand
brick were specified for the stones above Mr. Skillings stated that the
cheaper brick might just as well be used in the basement as above it, and
the contractor being present an agreement was entered into with him to
substitute Hills' sand brick, or equal, for the pressed brick specified in
the place mentioned and allow the board as a consideration for such change
the sum of seventy-eight ($78) dolalrs. Mr. Skillings presented the fourth
monthly estimate in favor of the contractor covering work done during the
month of March, which estimate dat April 1st, and is as follows. Stone, 449
@ $2.70 = 1212.30. Brick 190 @ 10.50 = 1995.00. Iron $28.00. Cut stone
$14.00. (?) $35.00. Asphalt hire $70.00.  Extra stone in (?) 10 perch
@$2.70 = $27.00. Cut stone $50.00. Total $3431.30. Signed Skillings Corner
by Warren P. Skillings. Vouchers were ordered certified to the state
auditor for the issuance of warrants in payment of bills allowed by the
board as follows -

WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for April 1896
Volume 01 - Page 031

1896-04-01 Voucher number 32 favor of O.H. Culver $103.00 for salary as
clerk Jan 1 to April 1, $100 and incidential expenses $3.00. Voucher Number
33 favor of A. Lee, $72.00 eighteen days labor as superintendent during the
month of March. Voucher number 34 favor of Skillings Corner, architects 2
1/2% commission on contractors 3rd 4 1/2 estimates, $110. Voucher number 35
favor of B. Davey, $2578.44, eighty percent of fourth month by estimate as
above noted and $27.00 additional for extra stone-work, less $172.00
previously deducted, or ordered deducted, on account of excavation as per
record of Dec 31, 1895. No further business being presented the board
adjourned.Record approved May 1, 1896. O.H. Culver, clerk. Eli Eilkin,
chairman. 1896-04-15 Board metpursuant to call of chairman at the
contractors office on the Normal School grounds, with the chairman, Mr.
Edens, the clerk, architect Skillings, the superintendent, contractor,
foreman, and with contractors present, Mr. Higginson detained at his place
of business. The chairman stated the object of the meeting to be to
harmonize, if possible, the differences which he understood to have arisen
between the contractor and superintendent over certain clauses in the
specification relating to the stone and brick work ; and in order that the
board might arrive at a clear understanding of these reported differences
he had invited all the persons concerned to be present and had sent for the
supervising architect, who drafted the specifications, to hear any
statements that the contractor or subcontractors might desire to make, and
give further instructions that he might deem necessary to facilitate the
work. All the points in question were fully and freely discussed with the
result that all apparent differences were amicably settled, and the
superintendent was authorized to use his own best judgement-

WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for April 1896
Volume 01 - Page 032

1896-04-15 as to the necessity of requiring the strictest possible
compliance with the specifications in all instance explaining promptly to
the board any questions of special importance, should any arise. No other
business was presented the board adjourned. Record approved May 1, 1986.
O.H. Culver, clerk. Eli Wilkin, chairman.