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WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for February 1900WWU Board of
Trustees meeting minutes for February 1900
Volume 01 - Page 123

1900-02-23 The board was called at 3:30PM in chairman Neterer's office:
present the chairman, and trustees Edens and Teck. The chairman reported
that he had, per instructions, offered to execute an agreement with Larson
and Son, acknowledging their title to the piano now in the assembly room of
the Normal School but they had refused to accept this settlement of the
affair and instead demanded a cash payment of $17.00 and $5.00 monthly
payments hereafter. An assignment of any interest which he might have in a
bill for extras on the construction of the sidewalk from the school
building to High Street, which was constructed by Likins and Van Reypen was
ordered received and placed on file. Chairman Neterer submitted his report
of the receipts and disbursements by him for the term ending Feb. 2nd,
1900. It was approved a copy ordered spread upon the minutes and the
original filed. In the matter of the claim of Likins and Van Repen for
extras of $25.00 arising out of a change of plans in the constructing of
the sidewalk from the school building to High Street on motion of trustee
Edens seconded by trustee Teck. The claim was allowed in the sum of $15.00
in full settlement of the claim. Principal Mathes stated it to be
absolutely necessary to provide additional desks for the model school and
he was instructed to purchase twenty.

WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for February 1900
Volume 01 - Page

1900-02-23 The following vouchers were ordered drawn on the library fund
(special): Voucher No. 13 - favor of Doubleday and McClure $3.72 for 1 life
of Lincoln 2 volumes. Voucher No. 14 - favor J.N. Selby $18.50 for books
furnished the school library. Bill Jan. 26th. These bills were allowed and
ordered certified to the state auditor that warrants might issue. Voucher
No. 194 - favor Caldwell and Calvert $4.35 for stationery sundries
furnished the school, bill of Feb 4th. Library fund. Voucher No. 195 -
favor J.C. Parker $8.00 for blank paper furnished the school. Bill of Feb
10th library. Voucher No. 196 - favor J.N. Selby and Co. $25.32 to sundry
school supplies furnished bill. Feb 20th. Library. Voucher No. 197 - favor
C.M. Sherman $3.50 for sundry school supplies furnished. Bill Jan 27th.
Library fund. Voucher No. 198 - Favor E.R. Croft $9.75 to prepaid freight
charges and cartage month ending Jan 31st. Bill of Feb 1st. Maintenance.
Voucher No. 199 - favor B.B. Gas Co. $8.20 for gas furnished school during
months December 1899 and January 1900. Bill of Feb 1st 1900. Maintenance.
Voucher No. 200 -favor L.H. Darwin $12.90 for expense account as clerk of
the board of trustees month ending Feb. 23rd per attached vouchers.
Maintenance. Voucher No. 201 - favor E.T. Mathes $19.25 for expense account
as principal of the school for month ending Feb. 23rd per attached
vouchers. Maintenance. Voucher No. 202 - favor Sunset Tel and Tel. Co $4.00
to rental of telephone line for month ending Feb. 28th. Maintenance.
Voucher No. 203 - favor Blade Publishing Co. $7.00 to publishing call for
bids for wood as per bill Jan 31st. Maintenance. Voucher No. 204 - favor
Likins $ Van Reypen $15.00 to extras allowed in full settlement for-

WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for February 1900
Volume 01 - Page

1900-02-23 construction of sidewalk from school building to High Street as
per the contract entered into July 25th. Grading grounds fund. Voucher No.
205 - favor D.H. Evans $12.40 for hardware sundries furnished school bill
Feb. 23rd (2). Furniture fund. Voucher No. 206 - favor Spencer Lens Co.
$90.00 for 3 mangifying lens furnished the school as per statement of Feb.
15th. Laboratory supplies. Voucher No. 207 - favor J.K. Gill Co. $46.20 for
bookkeeping supplies furnished school bills of Feb. 1st and 14th Library
fund. Voucher No. 208 - favor American Book Co. $14.15 to text books
furnished school, bill Feb 6th, less credit memorandum of Feb 22nd of
$13.56. Library. Voucher No. 209 - favor Cunningham, Curtiss and Welch
$51.41 to text books furnished school bill Jan. 9th and (2) Feb. 4th.
Library. Voucher No. 210 - favor Ginn and Co. $16.00 for text books
furnished school. Bill Jan 15th. Library. Voucher No. 211 - favor Raub and
Co. $59.90 for text books furnished the school bill Jan 20th less freight
charges of $2.60 deducted. Library. The following is the report of chairman
Neterer for the Term ending Feb. 2nd. Statement of monies expended and the
purpose for which expended belonging to the library fund of the State
Normal School at New Whatcom, Washinton to Feb. 3, 1900. To (?) (?) books
$1.25 Sep 11, 1899 to A.C. McClung $ Co. For books Sep 13, 1899 to H.W.
Pomeroy for Maps 89.05 of the world 2.00; Chapman Bros and Co for map M.S.
Europe Asia N. America. Africa. S. America and Webster Dictionary 38.50.

WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for February 1900
Volume 01 - Page

1900-02-23 Sep 15 to Marie Fuller rebate on deposit; Sep 26 to W.M.
Goodehild. Beacon 5.00 light of History 20.00; Sep 26 Carrie Scott rebate
1/2 deposit; Sep 27 H.M. Pomeroy. Life of 5.00 (?) and History of (?) 5.00;
Oct 5 to Matilda (?) return deposit; Oct 11 to Ada Oundlack return deposit
5.00; Oct 10 to Flora Fillmore return deposit 5.00; Oct 17 to Maude Thayer
5.00; Oct 27 to Miss M. Opal Hatch 5.00; Nov 1 to Flora Griffith. History
5.00; Nov 2 to Great-Northern Express Co. charges 3.50 on books 3.75; Nov.
2 to Olive Goost refund 3.00; Nov 2 Fairhaven World Heral 1 year sub; Nov
2. Fairhaven Times Sub 1 yr 1.30; Nov 2. J 1.00; Nov 2 Thrice a Week Blade
1 yr sub. 3.00; Nov 2. State Normal Daily Reveille one year sub 3.00; Nov 2
Seattle Times 1 yr. Sub 3.00; Nov 2 New England Pub Co. Sub 1 yr Journal
2.30; Nov 2 to Hallie Griffith, rebate 3.00; Nov 13 to (?) Buselmann 3.00;
Nov 13 to Walter Blakeslee, rebate 3.00; Nov 16 to Mae Dillinger, rebate
3.00; Nove 16 to Bessie Hanna, rebate 3.00; Nov 17 to Julie Dittimore,
rebate 3.00; Nov 18 to Grace Thomas, rebate 3.00; Nov 25 to Bertha Gifford,
rebate 3.00; Nov 28 to C.H. Dowman for dictionary 20.00; Nov 28 to L.H.
Darwin literature of America 3.73; Dec. 5 Educational Pub Co 13.10; Dec 5
to the Whittaker Pub. Co. for books 22.19; Dec 6 to T.F. Bevans for (?)
rebate 5.60; Dec 8 to North Western Monthly 3.50;

WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for February 1900
Volume 01 - Page

1900-02-23 Dec 8 to Whittaker Pub Co. books 4.76; Dec 8 to (?) Pub. Co.
Philadelphia books 14.35; Dec. 8 to A.C. McClung and Co. books, 48.93; Dec.
12 to Alice McNeil rebate 5.00; Dec 8 to Montgomery Ward and Co. books
194.15; Dec 13 to W.M. Goodehill, Library 31.00; Dec 14 to Nettie Ray
rebate 5.00; Dec 14 to Nellie Davis rebate 5.00; Dec. 19 to "the State"
magazine 1 yr sub. Dec 19 to A.F. Clung. Library 1.00 books 87.32; Dec 20
to Theo Myer rebate 5.00; Jun 3 1900 Madeline Hugenin, rebate; June 9, to
Jus L. Kerelen 5.00; June 13 to S.F. Sherey, rebate 5.00; June 13 to John
T. Forrest, Mimeograph for library 12.50; June 13 to (?) Garl. Rebate 3.00;
June 13 to E.R. Croft, freight (?) and carriage on books 8.70; June 16 to
A. Flannagan, library books; June 20 to E.J.A. 178.53; June 20 to E.J.
Grattin (?) for school 1.50; June 29 (?) E.T. Mathes, books for school
library 4.75; June 29 to Abbert Daletiff rebate 4.00; Stanford Cluck book
5.25; (?) Bolong 4.20; total 989.53. Record approved. L.H. Darwin, clerk.
Jere Neterer, chairman.

WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for February 1900
Volume 01 - Page

1900-02-23 (?) and deposited in Bank of Whatcom to Library Fund State
Normal School Feb. 5 1900; $2525.00. And in Bank belonging to Library fund
State Normal School $1535.47. Checks issued and vouchers obtained but not
presented for payment. Sept. 8 1899. Marie Fuller rebate 5.00; Jan 13, 1900
to S.F. Shorey Eney 25.00. And in Banks to Cr. Library Fund Feb 5, 1900.
This is part of record approved on page 127 $1565.47. 1900-02-01 I this day
certified to the state auditor the payroll for Month January Ending 31st
day of that month in the sum of $888.32 as follows: E.T. Mathes, principal,
$166.66; J.T. Forrest, teacher, $100.00; F.W. Eply, teacher, $100.00; Sadie
Rogers, teacher, $100.00; Avadana Millett, teacher, $90.00; Jane Connell,
$90.00; Ida Agnes Baker, teacher, $50.00; Robb B. Vaile, teacher, $50.00;
Catherine Montgomery, teacher, $70.00; Hattie Thompson, librarian, $30.00;
J.A. McBride, janitor, $41.66; Total $888.32. L.H. Darwin, clerk.