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WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for October 1904WWU Board of
Trustees meeting minutes for October 1904
Volume 01 - Page 292

1904-10-01 The board met in regular session at the office of trustee
Minton; present Trustees Edens and Minton, Principal Mathes and the clerk.
Miss Kate Gompertz presented her resignation as a member of the faculty,
and it was accepted, and an order made that that clause of her contract
providing for the forfeiture of one months salary should resign her
position before the expiration of her contract, should be enforced, and the
clerk was instructed to deduct this amount from the moneys coming to her.
Miss Tallulah LeCount was elected to fill the vacancy caused by Miss
Gompertz's resignation, her services to commence Oct. 1st, 1904 and her
salary to be $800 per year. Elementary certificates were ordered issued as
of date of Sept. 1st, 1904 to Tena Wall of Blaine, Anna Steiger of
Marysville, Angela O'Neil of Bellingham, Grace McLaren of Silver Beach.
These vouchers were ordered certified to the state auditor that warrants
might issue: N.W. Journal Ed $4.00; A.C. McClurg and Co. $8.80;The Fair
$1.80; Fairhaven Pub Co. $2.60; B.B. Furn Co. $1.65; Munro Blaker H $7.35;
Mictall Tafum Co $33.56. Lowman and Hanford Co. $68.02; Ginn and Co. $8.61;
The Reveille $2.00; Morse Hdw Co. $0.78; West. Union Tell. $6.83; C.M.
Sherman $23.40; Larsen (?) Co. $6.19; L.H. Darwin, clerk. J.J. Edens,