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WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for March 1902WWU Board of Trustees
meeting minutes for March 1902
Volume 01 - Page 215

1902-03-22 (Special) The board met at the school at 2PM pursuant to call.
Present trustees White, Edens and Teck, Principal Mathes and clerk.
Principal Mathes submitted to the board an estimate of the expenditures
that it will be necessary to make out of the present appropriation, (?)-

WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for March 1902
Volume 01 - Page 216

1902-03-22 with a statement from the clerk of the balances in the several
funds appropriated for the maintenance of the school. The statement showed
that it would be hard work to keep within the limit because of the
continued growth of the school and the necessarily increased expenditures.
In accordance with the resolution passed a year previously for the
introduction of a manual training department in the school, whenever that
move should appear judicious to the principal and the schools finances
would permit of it, the principal submitted a proposal of the employment of
a teacher for that branch the duties to commence Sept 4th, 1902. The
proposition was approved by the board and he was instructed to secure a
teacher of this branch. The clerk was instructed to employ carpenters to
set up the chairs purchased for the auditorium upon their arrival.
Additional lights were ordered placed in the auditorium at a cost of not to
exceed $50. The principal to supervise their placing. Specifications for
the catalogue for the school for the years 1902-03 were adopted by the
board and the clerk authorized to secure (?) from the several printing
firms in the city and state for the printing of the same. Bills allowed out
of the library fund. Voucher No. 90 - favor Northwest Journal of Education
$12.56 Feb to 1/4 (?) adv. In Oct. Nov. Dec.

WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for March 1902
Volume 01 - Page 217

1902-03-22 and Jan issues 5 times @ $2.50. Voucher No. 91 Favor C.
Hennecke Co. $19.50 1 #3829 Menerva 42" 12.00; 1 No 3906 (?) 36" 12 Less
25% off = 18.00 packing $1.50 = $19.50. Voucher No. 92 - favor Library
Bureau Chicago for sundry supplies furnished the school library as per
attached bill of Jan 23rd 1902 = $73.10. Voucher No. 93 favor art
collectors club $3.00 1 set pictures. Voucher No. 94 - favor Book Supply
Co. $10.46 to 3 McCanly's Essay of Milton and Addison @ $23 = $69. To 3
Webster's Reply to Hayne @ 19=$57. 2 Brukes speech on conciliation @ 27 =
$54. 7 Ceasar's Gaelic War @ $1.08 = $7.36 June 2nd.  No. 95 - favor L.H.
Darwin $27.60 for money advanced in payment bill J.E. Parkers whose bill of
April 2nd is attached to voucher. These vouchers were ordered certified to
the state auditor that warrans might issue. Voucher No. 169 - favor Thiel
and Welter $204.06 to furniture and carpets furnished the school as per
attached bills Feb. 13,14,15,17, March 7,19. Furnishing rooms in old
building. Voucher No. 170 - favor E.R. Croft $30.45 to cartage and freight
charges prepaid during the month of Feb. Mantenance. Voucher No 171 - favor
J.R. Bone $60.90 to 203 hours of labor @ 30 cents. Building annex.

WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for March 1902
Volume 01 - Page 218

1902-03-22 Voucher No. 172 - favor Trunbey and Son $22. March 6 to 4 tons
Roslyn gval. Maintenance. Voucher No. 173 - favor Chas E. Lund $311.85 to
excavating in rear of gymnasium and terracing around annex and grubbing
portions of campus as per contract, bill Mar. 15. Improving Campus. Voucher
No. 174 - favor B.B. Furn. Co. to furniture sold the school as per attached
bills Feb. 1, 14, 18, Mar 1, less credit of Feb 1st of chairs (1 doz)
returned $76.23. Laboratory Equipment. Voucher No. 175 - favor Morse Hdw.
Co. $26.20 to sundry hardware supplies furnished the school during the
month of Feb. as per attached bill. Finishing rooms in old building.
Voucher No. 176 - favor B.B. Imp. Co. $22.50 to lights and (?) for Feb and
sundry electrical supplies furnished during the month as per bill Feb. 15.
Building annex. Voucher No. 177 - favor B.B. Gas Co. $34.05 Jan and Feb.
gas bills and for sundry items purchased under the dates of Jan. 21,24 (2),
Feb 28. Building annex. Voucher No. 178 - favor Sutchiffe and Hill $119.70
Nov. 21 to varnishing and painting gymnasium and for sundry paint and glass
supplies furnished on the dates of Nov. 21 1901, Dec. 7 1901, Jan 3 1902,
Oct 7 1901, Oct 9th, 21, and Nov 1. Finishing rooms in Old building.
Voucher No. 179 - favor L.L. Berns to repairing electrical clock on Feb 4th
and Mar 11th, $7.00. Laboratory equipment.

WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for March 1902
Volume 01 - Page 219

1902-03-22 Voucher No. 180 - favor Sunset Tel and Telegraph Co. $13 for
rental line 158-1 for Month of Mar. Maintenance. Voucher No. 181 - favor
Whatcom Falls Mill Co. $25.72. To lumber furnished the school on the dates
1 Feb. 13, 18, March 15. Building Annex. Voucher 182 - favor Boyer-Culver
PandB Co. $11.50 Jan 13 to sundry printing supplies furnished on this date.
Library. Voucher No. 183 - favor Collins and Co. $6.80 to sudnry supplies
for the laboratory as per attached bills of Jan. 4,8,9,13,21, science
equipment. Voucher No. 184 - favor the Fair $8.53 for sudnry articles
furnished on date Jan. 31. Science equipment. Voucher No. 185 - favor Dept
of Fisheries and Game state of Washington. Feb 24 to 120 samples of
hatchery spawn $15. Science equipment. Voucher No. 186 - favor Northern
Furniture Co. Feb. 14th, 1 rocker 1 chair $5.00 library. Voucher 187 -
favor E.H. Mathes $25.15 to expense account as principal of school for
period ending Mar. 22 as per attached vouchers numbered 1 to 6.
Maintenance. Voucher No. 188 - favor Fairhaven Times $6.30 to printing 1200
invitations. Maintenance. Voucher No. 189 - favor the Blade to
advertisement issue. Feb. 17 notice of settlement with contractor Booker
$2.70. Maintenance. Voucher No. 190 favor Chas. W. Kidder, Faculty Emerson
College Oratory $4.50 Jan 7th. To 6 vocal-

WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for March 1902
Volume 01 - Page 220

1902-03-22 physiology = $6, less 25%. Maintenance. Voucher No. 191 - favor
Cunningham, Curtiss, and Welch $2.68 to bills of Feb 3, 4, less credit for
books returned Feb 16 and credit for 10% on bill $24.40 not previously
taken. Voucher No. 192 - favor A.W. Morse and Co. $22.88 to 4 cases
Springfield, less $3.12 freight allowance. Laboratory furniture. Voucher
No. 193 - favor Chapman Bros. and Co. $121.25 Jan 30 to 26 #3 single adj
Desks and Seats and 5 rears finishing rooms in old bldg. Voucher 194 -
favor Lowman and Hanford Sta. and Print Co. $21.46. Maintenance. Voucher
No. 195 - favor Bullard and Brick $8 Jan 11 to 1 stereoptican lens, less
credit of Feb. 5 of lens returned. Schience equipment. Voucher No. 196 -
favor J.K. Gill and Co. $10.44 Feb. 2, 1 of sets 1st lessons in bookkeeping
$6.12; Feb 28.12 sets first lessons in book keeping $4.32 Mainenance. L.H.
Darwin, clerk. L.P. White, chairman.