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WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for December 1896WWU Board of
Trustees meeting minutes for December 1896
Volume 01 - Page 044

1896-12-07 Board met at 10:30AM pursuant to call with the chairman, Mr.
Higginson, the clerk and architect Skillings present, Mr. Edens being
absent on account of illness. The minute of the meetings of Nov. 6 and Nov.
11 were read and approved. Mr. J.A. Kerr, attorney for contractor Davey,
and Mr. O.B. Barba, attourney for Fraser, Mauleby and Co. sub-contractors
for stone work, were present and addressed the board on the subject of a
disputed account between the said sub-contractors and Mr. Davey, a claim
having been filed by Mr. Barba requesting the board to withold from Mr.
Davey's (?) estimate the amount of said claim until a settlement should be
effected. Upon Mr. Davey's agreeing to pay the said sub-contractors $300 on
account from his November estimate, and authorizing the clerk to retain
warrants to that amount for delivery to Fraser, Mauleby, and Co., leaving
the adjustment of the account to the parties is interest, the demand upon
the board to withhold the amount claimed to be involved was withdrawn. The
clerk reported verbally that he had been advised by Supt. Lee that the
recent heavy rains accompanied, as they were, by high winds, had penetrated
the walls of the building at the southeast corner, and also that
considerable water had soaked through under the walls (?) at the southeast
corner intended for-

WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for December 1896
Volume 01 - Page

1896-12-07 use as a gymansium. Mr. Lee Had advised in the latter case that
a four inch drain pipe, of common filed tile, be laid around the inside of
the outer walls, under the concrete, discharging into the sewer running
from the boiler room. The clerk stated ruther that he had reported borth
matters to the chairman and by his instructions had written to architect
Skillings concerning them and had received from him an order instructing
the contractor to have the drain tile laid and allowing him an extra
therefor. In reference to the penetration of the walls by the rain, Mr.
Skillings wrote that nothing could now be done to remedy the matter, but
that in his opinion the dampness would not penetrate the walls after the
morter and the Acme plaster had had time to fully harden. The action of the
chairman and the clerk's report were approved. Mr. Skillings presented the
12th monthly estimate in favor of the contractor, which estimate bears date
Dec. 1 and is as follows: Roman brick $200.00; Concrete floor 150; File
floor 100; Mill work 800; Slate blackboards 450; E. Wiring 150; $1850.
Respectfully submitted. Skillings and Corner. The estimate was approved and
Mr. Skillings also presented two reports recommending additions and
deductions for certain changes ordered by the board, which reports are as
follows: 1st report: On account of water tanks omitted deduct $100.00; on
account of plaster and lath omitted deduct $11.60; on account of roofing in
ventalation hoods add $17.00; on account of drain tile add $35.00; 2nd
report: for putting in 60 feet extra drain pipe under concrete allow
$20.00. An order to Mr. Davey authorizing him to omit the plastering from
the ceiling of the basement-

WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for December 1896
Volume 01 - Page

1896-12-07 corridor and for two feet down the walls and make an allowance
to the board of $11.60 in addition to the material saved, was filed, with
Mr. Davey's acceptance, and an accepted order was also filed authorizing an
extra drain pipe in the boiler room where designated, to cost $13.00, and
an extra stair baluster between (?) where designated on second floor to
cost $8.00. The contractor declined to accept the deduction of $100
reccommended for omitting tauko, or the allowance advised by the architect
for roofing ventilation hoods and for extra drain tile. Vouchers were
ordered cerified to the state auditor for the issuance of warrants issued
in payment of claims allowed as follows: Voucher No. 56. Favor of A. Lee
$40.00 for twelve days service as superintendent during November. Voucher
No. 57. Favor of A.R. Campbell, $8.50 for making estimate and (?) of
excavation. Voucher No. 58 favor of John Breckenridge, $354.44, excavating
and grading work during November. Voucher No. 59 favor of W.B. Davey,
$1480, for eighty percent of 12th estimate on building contract. Adjourned.
Record approved Jan. 30 1897. O.H. Culver, clerk. Eli Wilkin, chairman.
1896-12-17 Board met at the building at 3:30PM pursuant to agreement, to
inspect the excavation work, with all members and the clerk present. The
clerk submitted a condensed financial statement proposed for the purpose of
informing the board as to the balance available for work of expenses
independent of the contract. The bance being small and the excavation and
grading having progressed far enough to insure the safety of the building
from caving of earth; and also to afford access to the main entrance, it
was decided to suspend the work at once and the chaiman was requested to
give immediate notice to Mr. Breckenridge. Adjourned. Record approved Jan
30. 97.  O.H. Culver, clerk. Eli Wilkin, chairman.

WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for December 1896
Volume 01 - Page

1896-12-22 Board met pursuant to call at 10AM, with all members and the
clerk present. The chairman reported that according to the instruction s of
the board given at the preceeding meeting, he had directed Mr. Breckenridge
to stop all work upon excavation and grading and render a full account to
the clerk. The clerk reported that he had received an account purporting to
cover all unpaid claims for labor and material furnished upon the work of
which Mr. Breckenridge had charge, and the said account was presented to
the board. After a full examination and discussion of the various items the
claim was allowed and Voucher No. 60 in favor of John Breckenridge, for
$404.71 was ordered clarified to the state auditor for the issuance of
warrants as designated by him in full (?) thereof. Adjourned. Record
approved Jan 30, 1897. O.H. Culver, clerk. Eli Wilkin, chairman. 1896-12-31
Board met at 2:30PM at the request of the chairman, with the chairman, Mr.
Higginson and the clerk present, Mr. Edens being out of the city. Voucher
No. 61 was ordered certified to the state auditor for the issuance of a
warrant for $103 in favor of O.H. Culver for salary as clerk and incidental
expenses from Oct. 1 to Jan. 1. Adjourned. Record approved Jan. 30 1897.
O.H. Culver, clerk. Eli Wilkin, chairman.