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WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for August 1903WWU Board of Trustees
meeting minutes for August 1903
Volume 01 - Page 268

1903-08-11 The board met pursuant to call of the clerk at his office on
Walnut Street at 7:30 PM. Present, trustees Edens and Teck, Dr. J.C. Minton
was present and presented his commission as a member of the board to fill
out the unexpired term of the late L.P. White, which expires June 12th,
1905. The clerk then called the new Board together and declared nominations
in order for chairman, that office having been held by Mr. White. Trustee
Minton placed Trustee Edens in nomination, and Trustee Teck seconded the
nomination. Thereupon the Clerk put the motion and trustee Edens was
elected, Trustee Minton and Teck voting aye, trustee Edens not voting. The
new chairman immediately assumed his position. The chairman and clerk were
authorized to order a new vault door for the vault in the school building,
in case Mr. White had not performed this office, which had been delegated
to him, before his death. The resignation of Avanelle Coleman as teacher of
music and Physical Culture, tendered on account of illness of herself and
family was accepted. The following resolution was offered by Trustee Minton
and seconded by Trustee Teck and adopted by a unanimous vote of the board:
Whereas there is no dormitory or boarding house on the campus, and whereas
it is deemed to the material interest and advantage of the school that a
dormitory and boarding house be erected upon the grounds, and whereas
Charles I. Roth has with the consent and acquiescence of this Board
constructed a building thereon with the understanding that he could at any
time remove the same, and-

WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for August 1903
Volume 01 - Page 269

1903-08-11 whereas he has agreed to lease the said structure to the board
for a term of six years from and after the 10th day of September, 1903, at
a rental of two hundred and fifty ($250.00) dollars per year payable
semi-annually, the title of said property to remain in the name of Charles
I Roth until the full amount of fifteen hundred ($1500.00) dollars is paid,
and when such sum is paid the structure to become the property of the State
for the Whatcom Normal School; and, whereas an agreement between the said
Charles I. Roth and the board of trustees of the Whatcom Normal School has
been prepared and submitted, (?) that the chairman and clerk of the board
be and they are hereby directed to execute the said agreement so submitted
on behalf of and as the act of this board. The following vouchers were
ordered certified to the State Auditor that warrants might be issued:
Voucher #55, favor G.N. Furn. Co., $105.60. Finishing and furnishing annex
fund. Voucher #56, favor Whatcom Co. Ry. and Lt. Co. $33.52. Maintenance
Fund. Voucher #57, favor N.W. Mfs. Agency $80.00. Maintenance. Voucher #58,
favor N.W. Journal of Ed. $5.00. Library. Voucher #59, favor N.W. Hdw. Co.,
$5.50. Maintenance. Voucher #60, favor L.H. Darwin, $22.95. Maintenance.
Voucher #61, favor B.B. I. Co., $24.50. Maintenance. Voucher #62, favor
Fairhaven Times, $21.00. Maintenance. Voucher #63, favor C.A. Nichols,
$105. Finishing and furnishing annex fund. Voucher #64, favor Holly Press,
$12.50. Maintenance. Voucher #65, favor M.E. White, $49.50. Equip. of Lib.
Voucher #66, favor P.K. Dodd, $118.00. Finishing and furnishing annex.
Voucher 67, favor J.N. Selby and Co, $4.05. Library. Voucher #68, favor
Hammacher, Schlemmer and Co. $7.01. Main. Voucher #69, favor Standard Furn.
Co. $139.50. Finishing and Furnishing annex. Voucher #70, favor R.R. Croft,
$36.15. Maintenance. Voucher #71, favor Morse Hdw. Co. $3.59. Maintenance.
Voucher #72, C.M. Sherman, $12.55. Maintenance. Voucher $73, favor Normal
Messenger, $30.00. Maintenance.

WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for August 1903
Volume 01 - Page 270

1903-08-11 Voucher #74, favor Ada (?). Maintenance. Voucher #75, favor
P.(?). Furnishing and finishing annex. Voucher #76, Milton Bradley (?).
L.H. Darwin, clerk. J.J. Edens, chairman.