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WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for February 1905WWU Board of
Trustees meeting minutes for February 1905
Volume 01 - Page 300

1905-02-04 The Normal board met in regular monthly session at the office
of the principal at 3PM. Present: chairman Edens, Trustee Minton, Principal
mathes, and the clerk. Trustee Teck arrived shortly afterwards, and trustee
Minton was excused. The minutes of January 7 were read and approved. The
minutes of former clerk Darwin for the meeting of December 23 and the
adjourned meeting of December 27, 1904, were also read. Corrections were
ordered made showing the amount of vouchers ordered for Charles I. Roth and
for A.H. Montgomery, and also showing that the adjournment on December 23
was merely a recess. These were ordered on motion of Dr. Minton. Figures
presented by the clerk showed that of the appropriation for maintenance,
expiring April 1, $8.238.44 remained unused for campus improvement $60.38
according to the books of the state auditor, and $65.28 according to the
warrant book turned over by the former clerk: for laboratory equipment $300
(?); For furnishing annex $1.80; for library $2671. In addition to these
figures, the library bank or special fund in the Bank of Bellingham
contained $1672.82; the trustees fund, $580.65; and the students' loan
fund, $376.15. Dr. Mathes reported that the committee had recommended a
loan of $50 to Byrd Anslew from the students' loan fund, and this was
ordered. On motion of Dr. Minton, purchase of furniture for the faculty was
authorized to be made by the principal at an expenditure of not to exceed
$100. After considerable discussion, the purchase of a safe for the office
at the school buidling was authorized at a cost in the neighborhood of
$200. The purchase of a chair for the office of the principal was also
voted. Mr. Mathes was given authority to employ a carpenter to make 128
book lockers for the use of students, and to do repair work needed

WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for February 1905
Volume 01 - Page

1905-02-04 around the building. In this connection, locks and hinges were
also to be purchased for the lockers. Dr. Mathes reported the result of his
inquiry in regard to gymnasium lockers, and was authorized to order the
number required of the style he considered most suitable. An informal
discussion of several matters took place, among them being the idea,
suggested by the principal of paying a bonus to the teachers at the end of
March; and the proposition of letting a contract for the care of the
building and grounds of the school, rather than by the employment of
salaried janitors and gardeners. On motion of Trustee Teck, purchase was
ordered of a rug for the auditorium stage, selected by a faculty committee
chosen by the principal, at an expenditure of not to exceed $125. The clerk
was given authority to have a box or chest made for the purpose of holding
accumulations of papers in the hands of the former clerk, and placing these
in the vault at the school building. Bills were approved and vouchers
ordered forwarded to the state auditor that warrants might be issued for
the same, as follows: On Maintenance Fund: 432 - Cornish Mitchell Paint Co.
$3.40; 433 - Parker Printing Co. $28.00; 434 - Lowman and Hanford $61.93;
435 - B.B. Furniture Co. $32.30; 436 - D. Appleton and Co. $9.65; 437 -
A.C. McClurg and Co. $11.60; 438 - Puget Sound Mills and J. Co. $11.20; 439
- Art Livers Society $6.00; $440 - J.N. Selby and Co $7.75; 441 - The H.W.
Wilson Co. $4.00; 442 - Edson and Irish $47.95; 443 - N.W. Journal of
Education $4.00; 444 - George Specks $63.50; 445 - Montague and McHugh
$5.70; 446 - City of Bellingham $178.50; 447 - Western Union Tel. Co.
$2.81; 448 - Red Cross Pharmacy $20.00; 449 - Morse Hardware Co. $2.00; 450
- E.R. Croft $15.70.

WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for February 1905
Volume 01 - Page

1905-02-04 451 - E.J. Mathes $30.60; 452 - Roy O. Hadley $2.75; 453 -
Bellingham Post Office $162.00. On fund for equipment of laboratory: $454 -
Collings and Co $39.50; 455 - Bausch and Lomb Opt. Co. 456 - P.L. Hegg
$2.30. Check was ordered drawn against the library bank fund for $1.10
payment of account with the Oregon Historical Society. Meeting adjourned.
Minutes approved Mar 11, 1906. Roy O. Hadley, secretary. John J.. Edens,
President, board of trustees.

WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for February 1905
Volume 01 - Page

1905-02-28 The trustees met in called session at 4:15PM in the office of
the principal. Present: Chairman Edens, Trustee Teck, and Mr. J.J. Donovan,
who presented his commission from Covernor Mead to fill out the unexpired
term of Dr. J.C. Minton, resigned, until June 12, and for the six year term
beginning on that date. Principal Mathes and the clerk were also present.
Mr. Donovan filed his oath of office for transmission to the Secretary of
State, and took his seat on the board. When the chair brought up the
question of reorganizing, Mr. Donovan moved that Dr. Edens be re-elected
chairman. Mr. Teck seconded the motion, which Mr. Donovan put. It was
carried, Mr. Edens not voting. The presiding officer thanked the other
members of the board for the honor. Dr. Mathes gave a statement of the
financial condition of the Normal. It showed a balance in the maintenance
fund, on the books of the state auditor, of $7.520.18, subtracting from
this balance the salaries for January and February, aggregating $4,829.32,
plus bills allowed amounting to $546.02, plus estimated outstanding items
of $1,033.17, or a total deduction of $6,408.51, the estimated balance
available before the current appropriation expires was placed a $1,211.67.
The statement further showed on the book of the state auditor a balance of
$5028 in the campus fund, one of $258.88 in the fund for science equipment,
from which a deduction of $54.69 in bills allowed left $204.19: a balance
of $26.71 in the library fund: and one of $1.80 in the appropriation for
completing and furnishing annex. The statement also showed an estimated
balance of $470.00 in the library bank fund deposit at the close of the
year; and one of $598.90 in the board of trustees, fund. Dr. Mathes
reported that the state auditor would pay from the approprtiations which
expire April 1, vouchers dated prior to April 1 which would reach his
office before May 1. On motion of Mr. Donovan, seconded by Dr. Teck, the
board unanimously voted to fix the regular monthly meeting of the Trustees
on the second Saturday of each calandar month, thus changing it from the
first Saturday. On motion of Mr. Donovan, seconded by Mr. Teck, the clerk
was instructed to arrange for the payrolls to reach the office of the

WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for February 1905
Volume 01 - Page

1905-02-28 auditor by the first of each month. By a similar motion, the
clerk was instructed to forward to the auditor on the 15th of each month
all vouchers allowed other than the payroll. On motion of Mr. Teck,
seconded by Mr. Donovan, the clerk was authorized to prepare and have
printed such transmittal notices for vouchers and warrants as are
necessary. Dr. Mathes brought up the subject of a request made by the
senior class for permission to spend commencement week at the Lewis and
Clark exposition as a substitute for the customary elaborate graduation
exercises. The plan contemplated would be to go in a special car,
appropriately decorated, and to live in that car during the time at
Portland. The class members would assess themselves $10 each and would give
entertainments to raise funds in helping defray the expenses. The trustees
would be asked to appropriate the funds ordinarily devoted to commencement
expenses, about $100. Mr. Donovan discussed the practicablility of the plan
and agreed to take the subject up with officials of the Northern Pacific
during his visit in Seattle and Portland in March. The members of the board
expressed themselves as favorably impressed with the idea, but deferred any
action until Mr. Donovan would be able to ascertain cost of the undertaking
and other details. On motion of Mr. Donovan, Dr. Mathes was authorized to
purchase 144 chairs for society hall. The purchase of models for the
science department was unanimously favored, provided the outlay would not
overdraw the fund. On motion of Mr. Donovan, seconded by Mr. Teck, Dr.
mathes was authorized to secure suitable linoleum, step ladder, and other
equipment for the library. Bills were approved and vouchers ordered
forwareded to the state auditor for the issuance of warrants, as follows:
In the fund for maintenance: 457 - Barret Transfer Company $2.25; 458 -
Smith Premier Typewriter Company $45.00; 459 - O.L. Morgan $57.35; 460 -
Munro and Haskell $37.80; 461 - Northwest Hardware Company $10.40; 462 -
B.B. Improvement Company $41.30; 463 - Whatcom County Railway and Light
Company $1.00; 464 - Northwest Journal of Education $4.00; 465 - Norris
Safe and Lock Co. $210.00; 466 - Puget Sound Mills and Timber Company

WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for February 1905
Volume 01 - Page

1905-02-28 467 - Thiel and Welter $17.00; 468 - B.B. Furniture Company
$18.50; 469 - Puget Sound Bulletin $2.00; 470 - Whatcom Falls Mill Company
$4.00; 471 - E.T. Mathes $64.95; 472 - Roy O. Hadley $4.25; 473 - The
Macmillan Company $6.75; 474 - The Pacific Coast Press $7.50; 475 - Library
Bureau $8.54; 476 - Allyn and Bacon $18.90; 477 - Rand, McNally and Co.
$13.50. On the fund for scientific equipment: Spencer Lens Company $7.10;
Pacific Micro Materials Company $33.16; Bausch and Lomb Optical Company
$2.32; Milton Bradley Company $6.50. Meeting Adjourned. Roy O.Hadley,
secretary. John J. Edens, President board of trustees. Minutes approved Mar
11, 1905.