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WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for October 1895
Volume 01 - Page 012

Meetings of Oct. 12 to 18 Inclusive

Oct. 12, 1895 - Board met pursuant to call of the Chairman at 10:30 AM, all
members and the clerk present. The minutes of the meeting of Sept. 11 were
read and approved.
     The following bills were presented and allowed on motion of Mr. Edens
and ordered certified to the State Auditor for payment:
     Voucher No. 10 - favor of O. H. Culver, clerk, $76.00, for
compensation as clerk from July 23 to Oct. 1; express [?] [?] view of
building, $.75cents; rubber stamp $25cents.

WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for October 1895
Volume 01 - Page 013

     Voucher No. 11 - favor of R. C. Higginson, $3.95; for expenses of trip
to Seattle as per order of the board.

A recess was then taken until the 2:30pm to await arrival of architect W.P.
Skillings and M.J. Carkeek from Seattle. Reconvening at that hour with
these gentlemen present, the board held an afternoon and evening session,
examining and considering the completed plans, specifications, and details
for the construction of the building. The following day being Sunday, no
formal meeting was held, but Mr. Skillings and Mr. Carkeek, accompanied by
Mr. Wilkins and Edens, visited the grounds and reviewed the proposed site
for the building, returning to Seattle by the afternoon train.

Oct. 14, 1895  -  Monday at 10 am, another meeting was held with all
members and the clerk present. Upon motion of Mr. Higginson, seconded by
Mr. Edens, the plans, specifications, and details for the construction of
the Normal School building, as shown by the blue prints and accompanying
descriptive specifications, prepared by Skillings & Corner, architects, and
presented and explained to the board Oct. 12, 1895, as already recorded,
were accepted, subject to such alterations as the board may hereafter
direct, and the said architects were engaged to supervise the construction
of the building, their compensation for said plans, specifications,
details, working plans, and supervision to be five (5) percent of the
amount for which the contract for construction shall be [set?].

     A "Notice to Contractors," prepared by the chairman and clerk, as
directed by the board, and of which a copy is hereto attached and made a
part of the record, was adopted and the clerk was directed to have the same
published three times in the Seattle Daily Post-Intelligencer, Daily
Spokesman-Review, at Spokane, and the Tri-Weekly Blade, at New Whatcom. 
The clerk was also directed to have 25 copies of a blank form of bidders'
bond and 25 copies of a form of bid printed at the office of Edson and
Irish, according to the forms furnished by the board, the cost of said
printing to be $5.50.  No further business was transacted at this session.

WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for October 1895
Volume 01 - Page 014

     Oct. 15, 1895  -  The board reconvened at 4:30 PM Tuesday with all
members and the clerk present. The chairman read a letter from W.P.
Skillings, architect, in relation to plans, and requesting that the firm of
Skillings and Corner be allowed two hundred dollars ($200) on account. On
motion of Mr. Higginson, the plans of Skillings and Corner for the Normal
School building having been fully accepted as shown by the record, the
request was granted and the chairman and clerk were directed to certify the
necessary voucher to the State Auditor upon attaining the required
signatures of the payees.
     Upon motion of Mr. Higginson it was ordered that Mr. A. Lee, of New
Whatcom,  be employed as building superintendent on the part of the
trustees during the period of construction, if the board and Mr. Lee can
agree upon the question of compensation. 

     Oct. 18, 1895  -  The board, with all members and the clerk present,
met at the grounds at 3:30pm, with Engineer A. R. Campbell, and made a
careful examination of the proposed site for the building. Adjourning then
to the usual meeting place Mr. Edens moved that the vote of Aug. 16 by
which the building was located in conformity with the contour line, as
recommended by E. O. Schwagerl, landscape engineer, be reconsidered. Mr.
Higginson seconded the motion, which was carried, the chairman voting "No."
 Mr. Edens then moved that the building be located as follows:  "Beginning
at an elevation of 335 feet above the city datum, at a point 350 ft. N.E.
and 250 ft. S.W. from the North Corner post of the tract, and running
thence S.W. parallel with the line of High Street 85 feet; thence N.E. 150
feet parallel with the line of High Street, and thence S.W. 85 feet to the
place of beginning."  The motion was seconded by Mr. Higginson and on a
vote being taken Mr. Higginson and Mr. Edens voted "Aye" and the chairman
"No."  The chairman was directed that the following record be made of his
vote: - 

WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for October 1895
Volume 01 - Page 015

[Oct. 18, 1895, continued from Vol. 01 - page 014]     -    "The chair
votes "No" for the reason that the location of the building as shown by the
record of Aug. 16 was made upon the report of an expert landscape engineer
and at an expense to the state of $50, and the chair can see no reason why
that location should be superseded by a location not based on the opinion
of experts in that line of work, and, in the opinion of the chair, to the
detriment of the interests of the state."  Mr. Edens stated that he had
originally voted to locate the building as recommended by Mr. Schwagerl
solely in deference to that gentleman's judgment, but as much opposition to
the location as [many?] had since developed that he felt it to be his duty
to bring the matter again before the board and vote for the change,
especially as it was strongly advised by the architect Mr. Skillings, and
by Mr. Carkeek.  Mr. Higginson stated that the change was in accordance
with his views as indicated by his vote against the original location, and
added that he had been informed by Mr. Skillings that he would upon his
return to Seattle formally advise the change in a letter to the board.
     Upon motion of Mr. Edens A. R. Campbell was employed to mark by
property stakes the precise location of the building  as shown by the above
     The following buills were read and approved and ordered certified to
the State Auditor for payment: - 
     Voucher No. 12 - favor of Skillings and Corner, $200.00, first partial
payment for plans and specifications.
     Voucher No. 13 - favor of Edson and Irish, $5.50, printing blank forms
for bids and bidders' bonds.
     Voucher No. 14 - favor of O. H. Culver, clerk, $7.00 - sundry expenses
for typewriting, telephoning, postage, and mounting plans.
     No further business bing presented the board adjourned.
     Record of meetings from Oct. 12 to Oct. 18, inclusive, approved at the
close of the meeting of Nov. 7, 1895.
     O. H. Culver,                         Eli Wilkins,
                 Clerk                                    Chairman