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WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for September 1895
Volume 01 - Page

1895-09-11    Meeting of Sept. 11, 1895.    BOARD met pursuant to call of
the chairman at 11 am, all members and the clerk present.  Incomplete
minutes of the several meetings held from the 24th to the 29th of August,
inclusive, were read and the clerk asked for instructions as to the extent
of the record desired upon the examination and adoption of plans. These
being given and the record completed accordingly, the record was approved. 
  The formal report of M.J. Carkeek upon the plans of Skillings and Corner,
marked "Normal," was read and filed, as was also a letter from him in
relation to brick and referring also to some suggested changes in the plans
for the building in order to admit of its proper construction within the
limit fixed.    The board being desirous of hastening the completion of the
plans and specifications it was deemed advisable for one of the members to
go to Seattle to confer with the architects and the boards adviser, Mr.
Carkeek.  Mr. Higginson having signified his willingness to go it was so
ordered upon motion of Mr. Edens.

WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for September 1895
Volume 01 - Page

1895-09-11 [continued from page 11]    The question of the clerk's
compensation was brought before the board by the chairman and after some
discussion the amount was fixed, upon motion of Mr. Higginson, at $400
ayear, as suggested by Mr. Edens.    The following bills were read and
approved and ordered certified to the state auditor for payment:    VOUCHER
NO. 4, favor of  O.H. Culver, clerk, $11.32; For expenses of trip to
Seattle and Tacoma, as per order of the board, $600; Expressage on printed
matter from Olympia, $1.25; postage stamps, $1.00; telegraphing, $3.17.   
VOUCHER NO. 5, favor of R.C. Higginson, $6.85; For better book, $3.00;
record book