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WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for May 1904WWU Board of Trustees
meeting minutes for May 1904
Volume 01 - Page 281

1904-05-07 The board met in regular session. Present trustees Edens, Teck
and Minton, Principal Mathes and the clerk. The principal and the clerk
were authorised to offer to Gee. Spiers in the work of printing the annual
catalogue, and if declined by him they were ordered to secure bids for its
printing from the other printers of the bay. Principal Mathes was
instructed to make the necessary expenditures in fitting up the faculty
room and making it ready for use. The following resolution offered by
Trustee Teck was adopted: "Resolved that the board of trustees congratulate
the class of 1904 upon the nobility of character and the admirable
qualities of heart and mind exemplified by the class in its project to
consecrate its class day efforts toward the establishment of a permanent
fund for the relief of students in financial distress. Resolved further
that this board offer its hearty and active support of the project, and
that each member thereof is ready to do all in his power to bring about a
successful issue of the enterprise. And be it further resolved that the
clerk be instructed to present a copy of these resolutions to the class of
1904, and a copy to Mrs. John M. Leonard, under whose able direction the
class day program will be presented." Principal Mathes announced that Miss
(?)art had notified him that she would not be in school after the close of
the present term. Principal also announced the resignation of Miss H.J.
Tromanhauser as supervisor of the training school, and she was elected as
teacher of English at a salary of $1500 for the school year for the year
from Sept. 1, 1904 to Aug. 31, 05. L.H. Darwin, clerk. J.J. Edens.

WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for May 1904
Volume 01 - Page 282

1904-05-07 After a discussion of the methods of the training department
the board instructed the principal to tap and secure a man for the position
of supervisor. Profs. Romine and Eply were authorized to expend $75 each
for the purchase of necessary supplies and equipment for their respective
science departments. The board inspected the work being done on the campus,
and adjourned. The following vouchers were ordered certified to the state
auditor that warrants might issue: Voucher #260 - favor B. (?) $10.00 Lab.
Eq. and Supplies. Voucher #261 - favor J.B. Hann, $21.15. Lab eq. and
Supplies. Voucher #262 - favor What. (?) Lab. Eq. and Sup. Voucher #263 -
favor Morse Hdw. Co. Imp. Campus. Voucher #264 - favor E.Boylan. $54.00.
Imp. Campus. Voucher #265 - favor A.H. Montgomery, $41.25. Imp. Campus.
Voucher #266 - favor R.J. Schussman, $3.00. Library. (Void) (sp.). Voucher
#267 - H.W. Wilson Co., $2.50. Library. Voucher #268 - favor H.W. Jrnl.
Ed., $12.00. (Void.) L. Sp. Voucher #269 - A.C. McClurg and Co., $52.52
(Void) L. Sp. Voucher #270 - favor E.T. Mathes, $32.75. Maintenance.
Voucher #271 - favor Wilson-Nobles-Barr. $7.60. Maintenance. Voucher #272 -
favor City of Bellingham $155. Maintenance. Voucher #273 - favor What. Co.
Ry. and Lt. Co. $10.90. Maintenance. Voucher #274 - favor Morrison Mill
Co., $2.00. Maintenance. Voucher #275 - favor C.M. Sherman, $15.50.
Maintenance. Voucher #276 - favor Larson Livery, $3.00. Maintenance.
Voucher #277 - favor Pacific Coast Press, $26.40. Maintenance. Voucher #278
- E.R. Croft, $5.55. Maintenance. Voucher #279 - favor J.F. Maryott. $2.45.
Maintenance. Voucher #280 - favor P.L. Hegg, $1.65. Maintenance. Voucher
#281 - favor M.J. Phelan, $16.40. Maintenance. Voucher 282 - favor J.N.
Selby and Co., $13.45. Maintenance. Voucher #283 - favor B.B.I.Co.,
$128.10. Maintenance. Voucher #284 - favor Edw. Boylan, $58.75. Imp Campus.
L.H. Darwin, clerk. J.J. Edens, chairman.