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WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for November 1903WWU Board of
Trustees meeting minutes for November 1903
Volume 01 - Page 275

1903-11-07 The board met in the principal's office in the Normal School
pursuant to adjournment taken at last meeting. Present, Trustees Edens and
Minton, principal Mathes and the clerk. Prof. J.N. Bowman was given
permission to purchase an additional map to complete his collection of
Chinese-Japanese maps. The board made an inspection of the repair work done
on the roof of the annex building and accepted the same as complete. It
appearing to the Board that additional labors have been placed upon Nellie
A. Cooper, Secretary to the Principal, and Mabel Zoe Wilson, library of the
school, it was therefore ordered that additional compensation be allowed
the said Nellie A. Cooper in order that her monthly salary might be $62.50
per month for the calendar year, and that of Mabel Z. Wilson $70.00 per
month for the calendar year. These vouchers were ordered certified to the
State Auditor that warrants might be issued: Voucher #149 - favor Chapman
Bros. and Co. $204.45. Supplies and Equip for lab. Voucher #150 - favor
Chas. Scribners Sons $16.33. Library. Voucher #151 - favor Brooklyn
Biological Supply Co. $13.50. Lab. Equip. and Sup. Voucher #152 - favor
J.N. Selby $15.33. Maintenance. Voucher #153 - favor E.R. Croft, $39.10.
Maintenance. Voucher #154 - favor Fred Macey Co. $21.20. Lab Equip. and
Sup. Voucher #155 - favor Open Court Pub. Co. $7.50. Library. Voucher #156
- favor A.W. Hall Sci. Co. $124.08. Lab. E. and S. Voucher #157 - favor
Lowman-Handford. $6.66. Maintenance. Voucher #158 - favor N.W. Hdw. Co.
$9.61. Fin and Furn. Annex. Voucher #159 - favor B.B. Furn. Co. $19.95.
Maintenance. Voucher #160 - favor Morse Hdw. Co. $8.85. Maintenance.
Voucher #161 - favor J.M. Selby, $20.45. Maintenance. Voucher #162 - favor
B.B. I. Co. $15.05. Maintenance. Voucher #163 - favor What. Co. Ry. and Lt.
Co. $16.30. Maintenance. Voucher #164 - favor E.T. Mathes $33.30.
Maintenance. L.H. Darwin, clerk. J.J. Edens, chairman.