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WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for April 1899WWU Board of Trustees
meeting minutes for April 1899
Volume 01 - Page 067

1899-04-10 Board met pursuant to the call of the chairman at 2:20PM.
Present R.C. Higginson, J.J. Edens, Frank C. Teck. Chairman Higginson read
a communication from Dr. R.A. Heritage reiterating his qualifications for
the principalship for which he was an applicant. Mr. Edens stated that he
had received an application for the principalship from a gentleman in New
Mexico which he had forgotten. Minutes of the meetings of March 10th, 15th,
and 31st were read and approved. The election of a President of the school
was then taken up. On the first ballot E.T. Mathes of Lewiston Idaho
received 2 votes and Frank J. Browne of Olympia one. Dr. Mathes was
declared elected. The chairman reported that he had engaged janitor Warren
to remain until May 1st for $20. His action was-

WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for April 1899
Volume 01 - Page 068

1899-04-10 approved. On motion of Mr. Edens the election of a janitor was
proceeded with. The applications of H. Schroeder, Robert Foster and J.A.
McBride were read. On the first ballot J.A. McBride received two votes and
Robert Foster one. Mr. McBride was declared elected. His compensation was
fixed at $500 per year of twelve months his labors to begin May 1st, 1899.
The salary of Dr. E.T. Mathes as president was fixed at $2000 for twelve
months. The applications of the unsuccessful applicants for the
principlaship for the presidency were ordered returned to them together
with their accompanying recommendations and etc. The chairman stated that
president Cornwall of the B.B. Imp. Co. had not as yet arrived but was
expected daily. He then entered into a detailed explanation of the grading
necessary to be done; also stated that the city was making water
connections with the building and that there would be a $20 tap fee.
Furthermore he called the board's attention to the question of wood for the
school stating that it would require 100 cords to supply it for the ensuing
school term. The city school board, he said. Had advertised for a like
quantity of the kind required for the Normal building and the Harvest
tender received was $2.48 per cord. The same bidder he thought could be
induced to take a contract for delivery at the Normal building for $2.75
per cord.

WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for April 1899
Volume 01 - Page 069

1899-04-10 It was carried that the clerk advertise for bids for funishing
the State Normal School building with 100 cords of wood, four feet in
length, cord wood style, to be cut from live body fir. Fifty (50) cords
said wood to be delivered by July 15th and remaining fifty (50) cords by
Sept 15, 1899. The bids to be in by May 1st, 1899. The advertisement was
ordered inserted in one edition each of the thrice-a-week and weekly Blade
and the Daily and Weekly Reveille. The following is the advertisement
inserted:. The clerk was instructed to notify Mr. E.T. Mathes of his
election as the President of the School and ask him to arrive in this city
by May 1st, 1899. Board adjourned to meet Friday, April 14, 1899 at 2PM.
Record approved. L.H. Darwin, clerk. R.C. Higginson, chairman.

WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for April 1899
Volume 01 - Page 070

1899-04-14 Board met pusuant to adjournment of April 10th. Present R.C.
Higginson and J.J. Edens. The bids for heating and ventilating the Normal
School building were then laid before the board pursuant to published call.
Only two were presented, one from Gardner and Co. of Tacoma Wa, and one
from Munro, Blake and Haskell of New Whatcom, WA. Both were accompanied by
certified checks to the amount provided in the call. The bid of Gardner and
Co. was first opened and was in the sum of $3493. It did not comply with
the specifications and their representations, Mr. Fergeson explained the
reasons therefor to the board, stating that it was impossible to do so
owing to the fact that brick and carpenter work, excavating and other work
entirely foreign to the placing of steam head in a building was included in
the specifications. Mr. Teck arrived at this time and thereafter
participated in the deliberations of the board. The bid of Munro, Blake and
Haskell was next opened and agreed to do the entire work as per plans and
specifications for $4450. Gardiner and Co. also tendered a supplemental bid
after their own plans. Architect Lee was then called on and stated that in
his opinion the work not contemplated in Gardner and Co's bid would cost
about $710; and that their supplemental bid ought not to be considered. Mr.
Edens stated that in his opinion (?) only one bid before the-

WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for April 1899
Volume 01 - Page 071

1899-04-14 board - that of Munro, Blake and Haskell - which complied with
the call. Mr. Higginson concurred. The secretary was instructed to
telephone Mr. Munro, of Monro, Blake and Haskell, and have him appear
before the board and state what he allowed in his tender for the brick and
carpenter work and plastering. When Mr. Munro appeared he stated in answer
to the question that they had allowed $735. Mr. Teck moved and it prevailed
unanimously that the bid of Munro, Blake and Haskell be accepted and the
contract awarded them. The chairman and clerk were authorized to execute
the contract with them. The bid and certified check of Gardner and Co. was
ordered returned to them. It was ordered that the successful bidders be
required to give a bond in the sum of $2500 for the faithful performance of
the work and that a clause be inserted in the contract providing for the
forfeiture of $25 per day for every day after August 1st, 1899 during which
the work remains incompleted. The discussion of the purchase of shades for
the school building brought from the chairman a statement that he had
corresponded with Frederick, Nelson and Munro of Seattle and invited them
to (?) on placing shades in the building and they had replied that if the
sizes were sent them they would be pleased to submit estimates. The
chairman was instructed to invite tenders from local dealers. An informal
discussion followed-

WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for April 1899
Volume 01 - Page 072

1899-04-14 on furnishing the building, grading the grounds and the
erection of a dormitory after which the board adjourned subject to the call
of the chairman. Record approved. L.H. Darwin, clerk. R.C. Higginson,