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Sawankhalok ware jar, ovoid body with small loop handles at neck
Globular pouring vessel with knob on top, short spout with incsed meander bands
Degree Programs - Carnegie - MW Start Your Next Adventure Ads - Mar 2021
 Degree Programs - Carnegie - Everett FB Ads - Aug 2020
WWU Students Around Campus
Move In 2020 3
Viking Launch 2017
Jarlet with blue decoration of floral scrolls
WORKING, revised version. 2019 production.
Western Symphony Orchestra rehearsal
WORKING, revised version. 2019 production.
Kioni Paniyiri (Town Festival) - Greece
Coming soon...
OCE - We Learn - Digital Slides - Feb 2021
AYSS/HHD special courses Instagram ad
WWU Students Around Campus
Wildlands Studies - Nepal
Double reed clinic
Home - The Azores, Portugal