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Tejvir Sekhon
Sawankhalok ware bowl, grooved body, interior with incised meander band
Associated Students of WWU Board Minutes
LCP-IEP-Program Flyer Digital
Sharing Couscous - Morocco
Plaza de España - Seville, Spain
Pika Pi: Japan
WWU Athletics Memorabilia
Sawankhalok ware lidded box with iron brown design of scrolls on lid
Inti Raymi
Youth Programs - Google Ads  - Digital ads - June 2020
Guatapé, Colombia
Sawankhalok ware bottle vase, double gourd body with two loop handles at waist
Plate with barbed rim
Viking Launch 2017
On the Edge, Galway, Ireland
College Hall
The World Is Your Oyster! - Madrid, Spain
Move In 2020 21
It's Rude to Stare!
Orcas in Bellingham Bay 5-26-20
Plate decorated with blue design of four floral sprays
Viking Launch 2017
Degree Programs - Carnegie - Locations Undergrad Everett (Sets 5 & 6) Ads - February 2021
LCP-AUAP-Instagram Ad-Spring Vc
LGBTQ+ Western Queerientation IG ad
Sawankhalok ware plate
PCE - Chegg NRCUA - Set 1 Ads - June 2020
England v. USA
Coming soon...
Move In 2020 13
LGBTQ+ Western LGBTQ+ PRIDE Celebration IG ad 1
WWU Students Around Campus
Sawankhalok ware vase, globular body with iron-black bands under degraded gray glaze
PCE - Seattle Times - PMP Exam Ad 4
WWU MABEL Documents
Northwest Passage
On Top Of Ruins
Associated Students of WWU Archival Records
LCP-AUAP-Facebook Ad-Spring Vc
AYSS/HHD special courses FB ad
Jerry Flora
Degree Programs - Carnegie - MW The World Can't Wait: Lead the Change Ads - Feb 2021
Stem Fair 2019
Sounds of the Rainforest
Bowl with molded lotus exterior