1790 - 2021
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Old Main Building (Western Washington University campus)
Bun Club gathering in a tree
Roseanna Stilwell Page interview [transcript]
Group of women on the stairs at the YWCA
Annual Spring Regional YWCA conference
Harriet Spanel interview [transcript]
Mary Robinson interview [transcript]
Alice Richards interview [transcript]
Swimming class at the YWCA
Bellingham Tulip Parade
Mother-Daughter banquet
Household Employees class
Business Girls Council
Old Main Building (now Western Washington University)
Women including Frances Payne Larrabee
Group of women
Girl Reserves formation at annual conference
Girl Reserves gathering
Julie Foster interview [transcript]
YWCA float for the Bellingham Tulip Festival
Downtown Bellingham and Sehome Hill
Dorothy Culjat interview [transcript]
Young couples on the staircase
Women at the YWCA cottage on Lummi Island
Geneil Wasel Chevalier interview [transcript]
Front entrance of the old Carnegie Library in downtown Bellingham
Canoeing at Hick's Lake, Washington
Collage of photographs from YWCA's Camp Olga
Front entrance of the YWCA building on North Forest and Maple streets in Bellingham
Group of women
Girl Reserve conference
Girl Reserve banquet
100 years of challenge and change : Whatcom women and the Bellingham YWCA
YWCA building on North Forest and Maple streets in Bellingham
Dorothy Ramsland interview
Ingeborg Paulus interview
Carol Diers interview
Meridith Cary interview
Art Runestrand oral history interview (transcript)
Richard Perry oral history interview (transcript)
Archie Parker oral history interview (transcript)
Don Oehler oral history interview (transcript)
John Alexander Neal oral history interview (transcript)
Norval Magnusson oral history interview (transcript)
Jarve Loney and Bob Elsner oral history interview (transcript)
Hugh Locker oral history interview (transcript)
Larry Harvey oral history interview (transcript)
Orman Darby oral history interview (transcript)
Frank Brown oral history interview (transcript)
Frank C. Brooks oral history interview (transcript)