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1901 - 1976
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1902 Primary Grade Class
1915 Ada Hogle with Students
1920 Children In Classroom (Primary Grade)
1925 Art Activities
1925 Art Activities
1925 Classroom Activities
1925 Classroom Activities
1930 Classroom Activities--Primary Grades
1933 The Kindergarten
1942 Eighth Grade Students With Miss Van Pelt (Class 8-C)
1942 Eighth Grade Students Work on Projects (Class 8-B)
1942 First Grade Students Play With Blocks and Trains (Class 1-C)
1942 Fourth Grade Students (Class With Miss Caldwell And Miss Thiel (Class 4-B)
1942 Fourth Grade Students With Miss Kinsman And Miss Purnell (Class 4-A)
1942 Ninth Grade With Mr. Butz (Class 9-B)
1942 Seventh Grade (Class 7-A)
1943 Clay Modeling
1943 Kindergarten Classroom Activities
1943 Loom in Miss Kinsman's Third Grade Classroom
1943 Reading Corner Third Grade Classroom