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YWCA float for the Bellingham Tulip Festival
YWCA building on North Forest and Maple streets in Bellingham
Yug Dabadi interview
Youth marching band poses with "Bellingham Y.M.C.A. Washington" on drum in center
A young woman sits on a sofa
A young woman poses under a tree in a residential neigborhood
Young woman poses in orchard, holding a plum
Young woman poses in fur coat under a tree
Young woman in white dress poses outdoors
Young woman in long, frilly dress stands in garden holding parasol
Young woman in graduation cap and gown at University of Washington
Young woman in Fairhaven High School sports uniform
Young woman in dress and sweater poses on front lawn
Young school children and a teacher pose in two rows outside schoolhouse
Young men carry load of books outside building
A young man wearing a bow tie and dark jacket Poses next to railroad track with trees in background
Young man stands wearing Ranger or Mounty-type uniform stands in snowy woods
Young man standing between two work horses, holding their bridles
Young man in overalls stands outside a building
Young man in field
Young man and woman eat slices of melon
Young man and woman, both in overalls, next to woman in hammock
Young man and older woman pose looking at each other near car and picnic table
Young Jimmy Pickett in children's soldier's costume in studio portrait
Young girl standing with flock of chickens
Young girl (possibly Catherine Deming) holding decorated christening bottle
Young girl poses in cowgirl outfit with boots and hat
Young girl in white dress poses standing next to chair in studio portrait
Young girl and young boy sit in studio portrait
Young couples on the staircase
A young couple stand behind an older seated couple in a private parlor
Young couple and older couple pose on sidewalk
Young couple and older couple pose on lawn
Young boy in wide-brinned hat and sailor's suit in studio portrait
Young boy in wide-brimmed hat and overalls stands with toy wagon
Young boy in overalls rides a pack mule beneath sign for "C.Bourn Saddle and Pack Horses"
Young boy and girl stand atop a large fir stump to watch construction of railway trestle over Chuckanut Creek for Puget Sound Traction Company's interurban line
Yard Superintendents - nine men stand in a line outside a large warehouse or factory
XIP Excurtion Inlet Alaska
W.R. Tarte and wife Eleanor Tarte
Workers unload salmon from barge at dock
Workers unload salmon from barge at dock
Workers stand knee-deep in fish holds full of salmon on a dockside scow
Workers on deck of fishing tender moored Kassan cannery docks with seaplane on water in background
Workers on barges tend to fishtraps in foreground while passengers perch on crowded ferry to watch in background
Workers on barge brailing salmon from fishtraps
Workers on barge brailing salmon from fishtraps
Workers on barge brailing salmon from fishtraps
Workers on barge brailing salmon from fishtraps
Workers on barge brailing salmon from fishtraps
Workers on barge brailing salmon from fishtraps
Workers gather around steam-powered threshing machine and large pile of hay
Workers dump salmon from fishtrap net into barge as ferry passengers watch in background
Workers brailing fish from traps into very full bins on holding scow
Workers brail a load of salmon out of a fishtrap
Workers brail a load of salmon out of a fishtrap
Workers brail a load of salmon into a holding scow from a fishtrap
Worker stands next to open door of center retort machine, with pallet of canned salmon inside
Worker stands next to open door of center retort machine, with pallet of canned salmon inside
Worker pulls rope while brailing fish into scow
A worker brails salmon into holding scow
Wooden trestle under construction
Wooden stern-wheeler "Fairhaven" with several peole on deck moves through water with forested hills in background
The wooden skeleton of a ship under construction at Northwestern Shipyward, Bellingham, Washington
The wooden skeleton of a ship under construction at Northwestern Shipyard, Bellingham, Washington
Wooden cabin
Wooden bridge over gorge with whitewater river
A wooden bridge crossing Whatcom Creek.
Wooden boat named "Cloverleaf" in dry dock in Fairhaven, Washington, with South Hill in the background.
Wooden boat "Ark" (Ark of Juenau) tied at dock
Wooden beams stacked on beach in foreground, five-masted cargo vessel docked in background
Wood-sided school bus with school children and bus driver Charles Bourn of the Glacier-to-Deming, WA, bus route
A wood-planked road crosses over railroad tracks that lead towards hillside town in distance
Women's luncheon in Mt. Baker Lodge dining room
Women stand at work stations, packing salmon into tins in canning factory
Women including Frances Payne Larrabee
Women in long work aprons and several men stand outside large building of B.B. Steam Laundry & Dye Works with two horse-drawn delivery carriages in front
Women climb ladder to pier to disembarck from bow of ship
Women at the YWCA cottage on Lummi Island
Women at AAUW State Board Meeting
Woman wearing captain's hat stands with hand leaning against pillar of front porch with other houses and clothesline in background
A woman wearing a long dress and long strand of pearls poses in garden of residence
Woman stands on lawn outside Spanish style bungalow
Woman stands on grassy landing above railroad tracks with depot and attached warehouse on opposite side
A woman stands between two men in dappled light
Woman standing on pier with Mt Baker visible in the distance
Woman standing in gift shop
A woman sits on the the roadslide stone wall with a man next to her, with Multnomah Falls in background
Woman sits on park bench outside large stone building with arched windows
A woman sits in Mission-style rocking chair
A woman sits in front of a phonograph while a young man sits behind it beside several cylinder records
Woman seated next to Christmas tree in living room
Woman seated in rocking chair, reading a book
Woman riding horse on mountain trail looks back at camera
Woman posing next to automobile on roadside
Woman posing in swimsuit on bow of boat with mountains in the distance
Woman poses on sidewalk outside residence
Woman poses on modeling platform in full-length dress
Woman poses on large log on beach
Woman poses in profile, modeling skirt and coat
Woman poses in garden outside residence
Woman lounges on ground at foot of tree, atop sheets of newsprint
Woman in long overcoat stands in garden of residence
Woman in long coat and hat stands at shoreline next to grassy field next to tall wooden lamp post
Woman in fur-trimmed hat and coat stands in front yard, looking to her right
Woman in fur-collared coat poses on sidewalk outside residence
Woman in formal riding costume with jodhpurs, jacket, and boots sits atop horse
Woman in formal riding costume with jodhpurs and jacket stands next to horse
Woman in a hat, holding a walking stick, sits on a hillside covered in wildflowers
Woman hiker with Mt. Baker in background
A woman crouches with a small dog in her arms next to a woman standing with a large dog on a leach
A woman and two men sitting on large stump with forest in background
A woman and man sit atop rocks on alpine ridge
Woman and child on steps of house
Woman and child on bicycle
Woman and child by water
A woman, a man, and a boy stand on porch of two-story Gothic revival farmhouse with upper balcony
W.L. Gaston seated in small horse-drawn buggy at Clearbrook
Wisconsin air-cooled engine connected to Bel-Man gauges on display
Winter scene at Mt. Baker Lodge
The "Windber" cannery vessel in Bellingham Bay
The "Windber" cannery vessel docked at Pacific American Fisheries
William La Hue, printer and W.H. Dobbs, owner - studio portrait
William Cox
William Blaine and John Bishop
Wide view showing all buildings, including Lighthouse, docks, keeper's dwelling, barn, etc. Before installation of windmill.
Wide view of Bellingham Bay with Lummi and Fidalgo Island in the distance
White two story structure on barge in dry dock looking across Bellingham Bay toward the cement plant.
White River Glacier, Mt. Rainier
Wheat being unloaded dockside from large Luchenbach freight vessel into hopper
Whatcom waterway looking south
Whatcom tide flats with original brick courthouse built by T.G. Richards
Whatcom Sunflower Minstrels - 1884
Whatcom Pass Glacier
"Whatcom" - football game
Whatcom Creek Falls?
Whatcom Creek Bridge above powerhouse containment dam
Whatcom County Photographs
Whatcom County Officials gather on steps of the County Courthouse
Whatcom and Skagit County 1927 Tulip Queens and princesses pose win crowns and robes
Whatcom, 1902
Whatcom, 1876
Wharf-side business district of LaConner at low tide
Wharf and warehouses of Pacific American Fisheries seen across soggy tidelands and estuary in foreground
W.H. Waples
Westerly view on Harris Avenue with Fairhaven Hotel in right foreground, Bellingham, Washington
West view of State (Elk) Street between Holly and Magnolia Streets, Bellingham, WA, with brick buildings including Bryon House Hotel and the Roehl Block
Wedding portrait of Charlotte "Lottie Roeder Roth and Charles I. Roth
Wedding photograph of Guy W. North and Clara Belle Everett North standing outside house
Waves crash over rocky shore with open sea beyond and small boat with three passengers moves to the left
Waters of Excursion Inlet, Alaska, with docks and warehouses in background
Waterfront view of Petersburg, Alaska
Waterfront, unidentified body of water
Waterfront scene with large steam vessel at dock, several small vessels nearby
Waterfront industrial complex with railroad in foreground
Waterfall and bridge at Multnomah Falls, Oregon
Watercolor of cemetery scene showing gravestone of James (Jimmy) Tilton Picket
Watercolor of cemetery scene showing gravestone of James (a.k.a. Jimmy) Tilton Picket, among tall trees
Waterborne Commerce of British Columbia and Washington
Water view of three steam-powered cannery tenders and steamship
A water tower under construction with the tank surrounded by scaffolding
Water tower at E.K. Woods Lumber Mill is nearly encased in frozen cascades of water
Water Storage Tank
Water storage tank
Water scene with rocky, forested shorelines on either side, small boathouse on right
Water scene of very narrow passage through rocky, forested coastlines with modest wooden dock on righ
Water flooding down city street
Washington's "Wild Scotsman": The Early Aeronautical Adventures of L. Guy Mecklem, 1896-1910
Washington Women Unite!
Washington State Representatives
Washington State Band of Bellingham
A Washington, D.C., monument with bust of President Lincoln on pedestal in foreground
Washington Club - Visiting Galbraith Logging Camp
Washington Capitol Building, Olympia (Wash.)
Washed-out bridge over Grizzly Creek.
Warehouses on pier with beams of unfinished dock in foreground
Warehouses on docks with tugboat at Excursion Inlet
Warehouses and smokestack of industrial waterfront, Bellingham, WA, with Great Northern Rail Road tracks in foreground
Warehouse-style exhibition hall with large commemorative structure in conical form from thatch and wood, surrounded by tables displaying goods and products, with large sign of "State of Washington" partially visible at right
Warehouse engulfed in flames with fire enginges and firefighters using two hoses to spray the building
Warehouse and loading dock of Washington Egg & Poultry Association Co-operative in Lynden, Washington, under construction
Wallie V. Funk Self Portrait
Wallie V. Funk
Wallie V. Funk
Wallie Funk
Wall-mounted tall aparatus in corner of photography studio, used to enlarge images
A walkway leads to picket fence in front of a small farmhouse obscured by trees
A wagon drawn by two work horses containing nineteen round wooden kegs, possibly of beer, with two unidentified men seated at the front, with several commercial buildings in the background
W. Stahlberg residence
Viva LBJ
Vista of sparsely-wooded hills
Vista of sparsely-wooded hills
Vista of South Bellingham (Fairhaven, Washington) with 16th Street leading to horizon on left
Vista of Seattle Worlds Fair facilities
Vista of rooftops of early Bellingham, WA, from Sehome Hill
Vista of rocky Mt. Shuksan with glaciers seen from alpine ridge with two men in foreground
Vista of downtown Bellingham and surrounding neighborhoods with several identifiable commercial and residential buildings, including Morse Hardware, The Fair, Lighthouse Theatre, B.B. Grocery Co., G.N. (Great Northern) Furniture Co., City Hall, Courthouse
Vista of Columbia River running past basalt cliffs
Vista of city and lake of Lucerne, Switzerland, from watch tower on old city wall