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1945 - 1998
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1950 Men's Residence Hall: Students Playing Piano
1947 Men's Residence Hall: Living Room
1965 Women's Residence Hall
1947 Nell MacGregor
1997 College Hall
1949 Men's Residence Hall: Residents Eating
1965 College Hall
1997 Students on College Hall Lawn
1958 Haggard Hall Groundbreaking
1948 Men's Residence Hall: Side of Building
1947 Men's Residence Hall
1947 Men's Residence Hall: Office
1970 College Hall
1965 Women's Residence Hall: Living Room
1947 Men's Residence Hall: Dining Room
1972 College Hall
1947 Men's Residence Hall
1952 Men's Residence Hall
1946 Men's Residence Hall: Architect's Drawing
1948 Men's Residence Hall