1872 - 2020
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WWU Board of Trustees Minutes: 2018-12-13
Three-story apartment building "Sehome Apt's" showing fire destruction on top story
WWU Board minutes 1953 November
WWU Board of Trustees Packet: 2018-10-12
Studio portrait of C.E. Hanna
Street view from above of the John Stenger residence, overlooking Bellingham Bay from Prospect street, Bellingham, WA, and future site of Post Office
Two women stand in the middle of a rustic bridge spanning Whatcom Creek in Whatcom Falls Park.
WWU Board minutes 1941 October
WWU Board minutes 1955 May
WWU Board minutes 1988 April
Football game (Fairhaven High School)
WWU Board of Trustees Meeting Records 2014 October
George Kellogg house on 11th Street
First Baptist Church, Bellingham, Washington
Four young men pose in track and field uniform of Fairhaven High School
The first Bellingham Hotel - derelict hotel  in early settlement
Roeder House at Elm and Monroe, Bellingham, Washington
Cannery steamer ships docked at Bellingham' south terminal
South Hill neighborhood of Bellingham viewed from top of one of the Pacific American Fisheries buildings with railroad tracks extending across foreground
WWU Board of Trustees Meeting Records 2013 July