1857 - 1990
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High tide at dock with two small fishing vessels and cannery buildings at Pacific American Fisheries cannery, Naknek, Alaska
Formal studio portrait of man with goatee, Victor Charroin
Rolling hills with mountain in distance
Two women stand near road on bluff overlooking water
Pacific American Fisheries emergency equipment
Unidentified man, likely Galen Biery, seated on a sofa
Studio portrait of unidentified man
A building fire at night in winter
Fairhaven Avenue, downtown Burlington, Washington, with cars lining the streets and Schacht's department store visible in center
Two unidentified women in uniform stand in the doorway of bus #15 in front of the Leopold Hotel in Bellingham.
Grid of nine photographs of Fairhaven High School teachers, taken from yearbook
Pacific American Fisheries' Catherine D of Bellingham, Washington
Lime kiln operation at Roche Harbor, WA, seen from above with trestled railroad tracks and train with cars full of lime stones above the hoppers full of limestone, ready for the kilns directly below
Ground & Electrical Engineering Building - University of Washington campus
Large map of southeast Washingotn in elaborate, architectural framing that reads "Grays Harbor Commercial Co., Cosmopolis, Washington"
Drawing of a large, multi-masted steam-sail vessel
Four-story sandstone "Lighthouse Building" in downtown Bellingham, WA, with multi-faceted clocktower and street-level businesses
Circular photograph of large rectangular vat or pool at base of hill; three pieces of equipment with long, extended arms sit nearby
A piece of motorized equipment on display
Aerial view of residential streets of Fairhaven district, Bellingham, WA
Unidentified large steam freight ship docked at Pacific American Fisheries facility, Bellingham Bay
Close up of hydrofoil boat "Flying Fish" in dry dock
Sunset from Inspiration Point, Chuckanut Drive
Aerial view of Bellingham harbor
Two large steamships, the "Cordova" and the "Victoria", moored at pier in icy and snow-covered waters
Large manufacturing machine, possibly for food processing
Group of caucasion men, women, and children pose at entrance to Inuit cave dwelling
View of Pacific American Fisheries Bellingham Plant
Small fleet of fishing seiners at dock warehouse
Three elderly men and two elderly women wearing commemorative ribbons in front of log cabin at Old Settlers' Picnic, Whatcom county, WA
Summit Cut - three men stand with steam-powered shovel next to rail tracks in forest
Five men stand among sorting boxes and canvas bags in post office
Studio portrait of older woman with pearl necklace, Mrs. W.R. Tarte
Exterior of Larrabee family house under construction, Bellingham, Washington
Rock-crushing operation cuts through hillside
Street scene on Fairhaven Avenue, Burlington, Washington, with early-model cars and one- and two-story commercial buildings
Men gathered at old City Hall in Bellingham, Washington
State of Washington stern-wheeler steam ferry with six men standing on board
Three men, all wearing fedoras, one in workman's coveralls, are standing next to a warehouse type building. Probably P.A.F.
Two unidentified people at Multnomah Falls
Five little boys stand next to and atop a small donkey in the middle of dirt-paved main street of Wardner, ID, a small mining town; a group of men stand outside the Cove & Crane General Merchandise store in background
Exterior of T.G. Richards building, with several men standing lounging on adjacent boardwalk and staircase
View from hillside above of Sehome wharf with two steamer vessels docked, and railroad tracks at base of hill
Dillingham cannery, 1948
Fairhaven Post Office - Street view of corner of one-story building with "Post Office" sign
Fairhaven & Whatcom streetcar number 74 with two conductors and two passengers
Bellingham storefronts with "Forced out of Business" liquidation banners hanging in front windows
Studio portrait of John Nicholas Donovan
Salmon - Alaska.
Smoke billows from stacks of warehouses at dock