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 Curt Pavia (He/Him), Learning Technologist, Western Libraries (essential[at]Western project)
Anthea Jones (She/ her), Custodian 5 assistant manager of ACS (essential@Western project)
 Charles Asher (he/him/his), Acquisitions/Interlibrary Loan Specialist in the Western Libraries (essential[at]Western project)
 Joanna Bailey (she/her/hers), Course reserves manager, Western Libraries (essential[at]Western project)
Tim DePoppe (he), custodian 1 (essential@Western project)
Wayne Galloway, III (he/his/him), Assistant Director - Building Services / Facilities Management (essential@Western project)
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 Kevin Jenkins, Parking Guide (essential@Western project)
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Luke Mason (He/Him), Maintenance Coordinator for Viking Union Operations (essential@Western project)
Terri Kempton (She/her), Outback Farm Manager, Fairhaven  (essential@Western project)
Kate Farmer (she/her), Facilities Manager/Western Libraries (essential[at]Western project)