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Bencharong footed dish, exterior with rust, pink, yellow floral panels, interior with floral devices
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LCP-AUAP-Facebook Ad 1
Move In 2020 3
Home - The Azores, Portugal
Viking Launch 2017
Jarlet with blue decoration of floral scrolls
Departmental Shell Collection
Orcas in Bellingham Bay 5-26-20
Kioni Paniyiri (Town Festival) - Greece
WORKING, revised version. 2019 production.
2018 Ridgeway Residence Hall Complex
Coming soon...
Shannon Point Marine Center
Plate with incised swirls in cavetto
Western Washington University Audiovisual Records
Funk (Wallie V.) Papers and Photographs
Lidded box
Degree Programs - Carnegie - MW Start Your Next Adventure Ads - Mar 2021