1867 - 1976
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A motorized covered wagon with a sign on its side saying "Bellingham Centennial - Jaycee's Beard Patrol"
Bellingham Centennial - Jaycee's Beard Patrol
Three fishing boats in front of Bellingham Warehouse Company building
[Letter concerning picture #GB169.1]
Laminated newspaper clipping with photograph of Hal Reeves and text about his retirement
Elderly Deane Hook stands on side of Chuckanut Drive with hand on y-shaped tree, commemorating a photo taken of him in same tree in 1915
Frank Wright's house, Lummi Island
At Jaipur, India
At Jaipur, India
Man in over coat stands with luggage outside small hut with sign that reads "Welcome Port moller International Airport"
Five teenage girls pose in front of fireplace
A vintage steam launch travels across Lake Whatcom
View from 12th street, Fairhaven, WA, towards Bellingham Bay and Pacific American Fisheries facilities
View from below of Seattle Space Needle with white Seattle Center buildings in foreground
Man (likely Gunnar Anderson) seated at a piano
Deck of unidentified ship at dock, loaded with supplies in boxes, sacks, metal containers
Photocopied article with image of monument to George Pickett
Four women in formal dresses, possibly as part of pageant
Four women in formal dresses, possibly as part of beauty pageant
View from deck of home with seated woman