1899 - 1930
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Meadow at timberline on the northwest side of Mt. Adams
Aerial view west from the North Cleaver of Mt Adams showing a portion of Adams Glacier
Closeup of large evergreen trees
Unidentified field near a forest.
View of ice and snow-covered on Columbia Gorge looking east toward Beacon Rock
Aerial view west from the North Cleaver of Mt Adams
Unidentified man standing next to boat
Close-up of New Ediz Hook Light Station with old bell fog signal.
Mt. Baker marathon
Ediz Hook Light Station taken from bayside
Unidentified mountain range
Unidentified person with a small motorboat at the water’s edge
View of tender ship named "Columbine."
Ediz Hook Light Station
View across partially-forested hillside with trees towards unidentified mountain range.
Ocean breakers crashing against the shore of Tatoosh island
View of unidentified mountain range, large mountain dominates the vista.
Reverse aerial close-up view of Yocum Ridge and upper Reid Glacier from Illumination Saddle
New Ediz Hook Lighthouse, newly constructed.
New Ediz Hook Lighthouse during construction.