1857 - 1990
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Rooftop view of early Fairhaven, Wa, from lower Harris avenue looking east with tower of Fairhaven Hotel in distance
Regatta of six sailing skiffs in unidentified location.
Waterfront industrial complex with railroad in foreground
Portrait of unidentified young woman in lacey, high-necked gown, upswept hair
A wagon drawn by two work horses containing nineteen round wooden kegs, possibly of beer, with two unidentified men seated at the front, with several commercial buildings in the background
Steam tugboat "Cha's Councilman"
View from shore of fishing tender, the Warrior, beached in ice, tilting
Three-story apartment building "Sehome Apt's" showing fire destruction on top story
Studio portrait of smiling middle-aged man in spectacles
Studio portrait of C.E. Hanna
Native American canoe in the water with six people in it, forested shoreline in background
Street view from above of the John Stenger residence, overlooking Bellingham Bay from Prospect street, Bellingham, WA, and future site of Post Office
View from water of shoreline and cannery against forested hills
Train collision - Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul locomotive with T.E. 3 R.R., Great Northern 22403 locomotive
Laundry delivery truck (Sedro Woolley Steam Laundry)
Two women stand in the middle of a rustic bridge spanning Whatcom Creek in Whatcom Falls Park.
Wooden trestle under construction
Football game (Fairhaven High School)
Birdseye view of Sitka, Alaska, with the water in the distance and Mt. Edgecombe on the horizon
George Kellogg house on 11th Street
Workers on barge brailing salmon from fishtraps
First Baptist Church, Bellingham, Washington
Four young men pose in track and field uniform of Fairhaven High School
The first Bellingham Hotel - derelict hotel  in early settlement
A little girl sitting on a horse with an unattached wagon behind it and a house across a muddy street in background
Roeder House at Elm and Monroe, Bellingham, Washington
View from above of alpine Diablo Dam and Lake Diablo, among cloud-shrowded mountains
Cannery steamer ships docked at Bellingham' south terminal
Trellised railway bridge with two rail cars
Motor Princess
An alpine lake and steep gorge with ice covered cliffs.
Unidentified man standing outside
Gunnar Anderson seated at an organ
Man and woman on path leading through trees to beach
Fishing boats docked three abreast at Anacortes Port
Unidentified woman
Nooksack River near Lynden, WA
Studio portrait of small child in christening gown
Unidentified aerial view of the Salish Sea
South Hill neighborhood of Bellingham viewed from top of one of the Pacific American Fisheries buildings with railroad tracks extending across foreground
Man stands with hands in pockets in front yard of house on residential street
Six men and a young a youngboy in a large room with several desks and multiple taxidermied animals on display
Three donkeys are tied together on corduroy log lane
Exterior of the R.V. Palmerton Hay, Feed, and Seed Company's four-story brick Waldron Block building in Fairhaven, Bellingham, WA
Rocky face of shoreline topped with trees in cove at Clark's Point, WA
Gunnar Anderson seated at organ
Man in over coat stands with luggage outside small hut with sign that reads "Welcome Port moller International Airport"
Exterior of Roeder-Roth house, Bellingham, WA, in elaborate Queen Anne style with turret
Exterior of "T.G. Richards Building," (later known as the Washington Territorial Courthouse)
Six men standing on a snowy summit of Mt. Baker
USS Constitution docked in Bellingham with visitors sightseeing on dock
Two fishing vessels, "S.S. Canada" and "S.S. Imbricaria" are moored at docks of King, Cove, AK
Aerial photo of Wrangell, Alaska
Men in World War I uniforms
Three folded, laminated New Whatcom newspaper front pages from 1899
Interior of Bellingham Publishing Company print shop
Saar family, Sumas
Men and women on upper and lower decks of steam-powered passenger ferry "Brick" docked at Sehome
Large crowd of men, women, children gather in street outside hotel to listen to speech from William Jennings Bryant who is standing on platform extended from hotel balcony
Mt. McKinley (now Denali), Alaska
The Canadian government steamer, Quadra, with piles of ropes and tarps with several crewmen on deck
Wedding photograph of Guy W. North and Clara Belle Everett North standing outside house
George C. Dellinger & daughter Edna in horse-drawn buggy on Guide Meridian Road through forest
Glacier Hotel under construction with scaffolding on its front, and other buildings along the street, Glacier WA
Eleven unidentified men in a work crew shovelling snow
Elderly woman stands in profile in front of house screen door, reaching towards hanging potted plant
Bellingham Plywood Corporation
Small steamer "Beaver" with shoreline and buildings in background
A piece of cannery processing equipment stands in lab
Camping party at Skyline Ridge near Mt. Baker
Vanse R. Bartlett and Mr. Dobbs , Chucknut Drive - two men repair tire on side of road
Clay model used for plaster pattern ultimately on Everett High School Auditorium
Lumber mill at shoreside with cargo ship at loading dock
Cannery tender pulled alongside a barge provides fish being offloaded onto conveyor belt
Getting Home Day, 1939, aboard P.A.F. boat M.S. Cleveden. Men mill around deck of sailing vessel at sea
Glendale School
Elias Austin Bond
Roland Gamwell, T.W. Gillette and Charles Reaves stand in front of Great Northern Express Company office
An expansive view of Petersburg, Alaska taken from a boat with water in the foreground
Pacific American Fisheries buildings in Bellingham, with South Hill in background.
Studio portrait of adolescent boy in suit
Aerial view of San Francisco - Oakland Bay Bridge at Yerba Buena Island
800 Blk. W. Holly St., Bellingham, Washington
Unidentified location with two Great Northern Railway cars on tracks in the foreground.
English Camp, San Juan Island  - dilapidated bulding and dock, and territorial block house
Waters of Excursion Inlet, Alaska, with docks and warehouses in background
Milk delivery truck standing on roadway
A strange fish caught in salmon net
Tulip Fesival Parade in downtown Bellingham near the Bellingham National Bank
Three men with Lynden fire truck
Six women at the International Boundary (U.S. - Canadian) near Peace Arch
Aerial view of Pacific American Fisheries' cannery at King Cove, Alaska showing a peninsula extending out into the water with a short landing strip in the foreground, cannery buildings in the middle ground, and a lake, houses and mountains in the backgrou
Stanley Tarrant and unidentified man
Unidentified man in pinstripe suit sits behind desk in office
Formal studio portrait of Edward W. Stimpson
Twenty eight Fairhaven high shool students conduct exercises in four rows in physical education class outdoors
Two musicians
A woman sits in Mission-style rocking chair
Portrait of Goon Dip
Four storey building and businesses at Cornwall and Holly, Bellingham, Washington
Previous Whatcom County Courthouse, a multi-story sandstone building with tower and gables
Studio portrait of Axel Olson in spectacles and suit and tie
Bright, sunlit image of forest with ferns
American Legion Albert J. Hamilton Post No. 7
Car 67 of the Fairhaven and Whatcom trolly line sits on the rails, connected to overhead power line
Older man and woman sit in garden outside building with long row of windows and window boxes
Two ostriches in enclosure
A the large Pacific American Fisheries steamship "Redwood" under construction in drydock
1200 block of Elk Street, Bellingham, Washington
Gunnar Anderson seated at large electric organ
Four Fairhaven High School girlds stand outside school doors
Man seated in the stern of a boat that is towing a sailboat with two women on board.
Myer and Teresa Bornstein
Advertisement  for "The Real Airship" (dirigible) at the White City Amusement Park run by the Silver Beach Amusement Co. in Bellingham, WA, on Lake Whatcom
Aerial view of Mt. Baker Lodge
Aerial view of the construction of Fairhaven College at Western Washington University.
Shay No. 1 of the English Lumber Company.
Small, two-pump service station with "Grand Vista Service" sign on roof
Group of five unidentified people
Five men pose atop the roof of a sternwheel-powered river barge
Thomas Burus Machine Shop - two men pose among wheel rims outside large shop that reads "Whatcom Machinery Depot"
Three men in suits stand in lobby of bank or post office with teller window
Rooftop view of Bellingham Canning Co. facilities in Fairhaven (Bellingham, Washington) on wharf next to Bellingham Bay
Twelve older men in military uniforms standing in two rows
Sixteen men, two horses, and a dog standing in and above a wet, muddy pit with a long, elevated sluceway
Boardwalk surrounds the Pacific American Fisheries decorative garden next to the administrative offices, Fairhaven (Bellingham), Washington
Motorized machine with large white drum or roller at center
Workers on barge brailing salmon from fishtraps
Primary students and their teacher pose on steps of school
A purse seiner fishing boat moving in the water close to shore in Bellingham Bay
View from water of purse seiner with net floating on water, near Aleutian Islands, AK
Poem printed on paper, titled "The Regie of Blue Canyon," by Constance Bennett Fouty
Four young children, three girls and a boy, pose in fine clthes for studio portrait
Wooden bridge over gorge with whitewater river
Classroom with students at desks, woman teacher sits at front of room
Exterior of 2.5-story house with children sitting on front corner porc
Coos Bay postcard image of workmen constructing interior of ship hull
Possibly the interior of polynesian-themed exhibition with displays of goods and produce, a scale model of a three-masted ship made of straw, and straw-crafted décor
A grouping of photographs, notes, and large oil painting of Mount Shuksan hang on wall
Flooding waters of Nooksack river rush by with buildings of Ferndale, WA, in background
Several rowboats are rowed through a small straight with bluff on left, small docks on either side
Aerial view of Western Washington University with track at center, and Sehome Arboretum
Six high school girls sit in a row outdoors
Twelve men and four boys pose outside a warehouse with broken windows
Frank Geri, Dick Green and unidentified woman
Unidentified social event of over fifty men and women standing and seated at a long table set for dinner
Woman stands on lawn outside Spanish style bungalow
Several men sit on wooden platform, possibly a dock or ferry
A policeman stands astride his motorcycle
Wheat being unloaded dockside from large Luchenbach freight vessel into hopper
Single-story craftsman bungalow surrounded by trees
Ship Carleton Ashore, December 27, 1904
Fairhaven High School football team posing on field
Early Fairhaven, WA, taken from lower end of Harris street, on west side of Padden Creek lagoon, looking east toward Fairhaven Hotel
Mary Bourque and Ned Larrabee in fancy early model convertible
Aerial view of farm with fields of grass, orchards, and row crops with nearby forest, near Fairhaven, WA
1921 Peace Arch opening , Blaine, Washington
Storefront scene on Elk (State) Street, Bellingham, WA
Snowy front yard with swing, shrubbery, and dog running through snow
Man peeks from behind large rudder of ship under construction in dry-dock
Unidentified man standing next to the hull of a ship that is in dry dock
View from across a field of Equality Farm's multiple buildings on hillside
Pen and ink drawing of two Native American women loom-weaving a rug, with child and dog nearby
Mrs. Engberg's orchestra
View westward along Boulevard and Great Northern Railroad tracks to Bloedel-Donovan Mill and Templin Flour & Feed
Front display window of "Brisbin's Millinery"
Small crowd posing in front of Pantages Theater
Aerial view of industrial waterfront, log ponds,  and boat marina, on shore of Bellingham, WA
Teams of horses and workers cutting through hill to construct Harris Avenue
Checkered-patterned barbershop and candy/cigar shop storefront
Low aerial view of the breakwater extended from downtown Bellingham site
Negative of wooden steamship "Pavlof" and tugboat in Bellingham Bay at Fairhaven (Bellingham), Washington, with Pacific American Fisheries facilities and dock on shore behind, South Hill neighborhood in background
Profile portrait of C.X. Larrabee
Dock with moored small vessel, piles of fishing nets, warehouse
Large, three-story house or club-house with large front stairs and porch sitting alone on large grounds.
Very faded photograph shows street with railroad tracks extending east past buidings towards "14th Street School" at corner of 14th and Taylor streets
Aerial view of original United Airlines terminal, designed by F. Stanley Piper, at Bellingham Airport.
An unidentified early two story house made of rough boards with mortar in between them.
Train progresses on trestle over snowy lake
View looking east up Harris Avenue at approximately 4th Street.
Aerial view of downtown Bellingham taken from the south
Cannery tender "Callendar" docked next to cannery
Unidentified man
Exterior of National Bank in Bellingham - large brick building at street corner with turret-like corner and clock tower
Large group of people gathered for picnic or festivity
Young woman in Fairhaven High School sports uniform
Studio portrait of C.S. Cady, older man in suit and tie
Pioneers of Whatcom County, November 2, 1925.
Studio portrait of Earle D. Griffin
Two women pose arm in arm on lawn with trees in background
Portrait of R.V. Peabody
Man poses next to electric organ
C.X. Larrabee at Brook-Nook Stock Ranche - Home Park, Madison County, Montana
Two women and a man sit on the ground in front of bushes
Warehouse engulfed in flames with fire enginges and firefighters using two hoses to spray the building
Exterior of Skagit County Courthouse with early model cars on snowy Kincaid Street
Launching of the S.S. Hollywood, Bellingham
Seattle procession of horse-drawn wagons with Smith Butchering Machines
Intersection of Harrist Avenue and 11th Street, Fairhaven, Bellingham, Washington
View across lumber yard toward downtown Bellingham,