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1857 - 1990
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Crystal Falls on Whatcom Creek.
Native American beach encampment and canoes with Pacific American Fisheries cannery to left
The façade of the newly-constructed BPOE building is decked in bunting, with vacant lots on either side of building, Bellingham, WA
Woman in formal riding costume with jodhpurs and jacket stands next to horse
Motorized cannery machinery
Executives of Bloedel-Donovan Lumber Mill: J.H. Bloedel, Peter Larson, J.J. Donovan (copies from book)
New Whatcom, 1892
Small waves lap on shore with many driftwood logs scattered along beach, fishtraps extending into water on left
Group of men, women, and one girl stand near small bonfire in woods
Breaking Ground for Elks Home June 10 1912
First run of the Bellingham ferry, Victoria. View from deck of ship of large crowd gathered on Quackenbush Warehouse dock, with city of Bellingham, WA, in background
Studio portrait of unidentified man in suit with moustache
School children posing in front of school
View from across water of seaside village with fish cannery facilities and pier
Postcard of five workers waist-deep in huge bin of empty metal food cans and paper, next to several workers standing in front of warehouse or factory
Fairhaven High School students pose outside school
Boatbuilding operation showing two boats under construction surrounded by scaffolding, ramps and lumber
A man stands at base of tree in grove of tall evergreens
Trees and rocks along shoreline of Puget Sound waters below Chuckanut Mountain
Workers dump salmon from fishtrap net into barge as ferry passengers watch in background
Catherine Deming
Postcard of food processing machinery, possibly for salmon canning
Storefront of Underwood & Minturn selling hardware, stoves, tinware, with several men in suits standing in front of both doorways, goods and merchandise on display in windows
Woman in formal riding costume with jodhpurs, jacket, and boots sits atop horse
John Leonard Snyder and Olive Axtell Snyder pose in seated studio portrait
Moisant 29 - Early model single-winged airplane with small propeller sits on grass field, surrounded by crowd of people
Two men standing, one man seated, pose for portrait
"The Mediterranean of the Pacific" (Negative copy of article from Harper's New Monthly Magazine)
Unidentified forest scene.
View of grounds and facilities of lumber company
L.A. Thomas ranch
Everett B. Deming, President of Pacific American Fisheries, and Arthur Deming, General Manager, sit behind large desk in office, with three men standing behind them
Ships docked at Bloedel-Donovan Lumber Mills on Bellingham Bay
Fairhaven High School football team practice
Two rows of young men, possibly students
Pacific American Fisheries office employees of PAF headquarters at 401 Harris Avenue, Bellingham, Washington
Woman standing on pier with Mt Baker visible in the distance
Man sits between two smiling young women at construction site
Pacific American Fisheries brick headquarters at Harris Avenue and 4th Street in Fairhaven
Two workers brailing salmon into holding scow
Studio portrait of Sally Thompson
Sailing bark "William A. Campbell" at anchor in Bellingham Bay [MISSING]
Louis Kotsogeanes
View of fishing boats and a steamship
Wharf-side business district of LaConner at low tide
Portrait of unidentified woman
Pacific American Fisheries cannery on Bellingham Bay
Studio portrait of seated child in christening gown
Young woman in graduation cap and gown at University of Washington
Large, square two-story house with ornate double-level porch in front and bay windows on side
Chuckanut Drive bridge at Horseshoe Bend over Oyster Creek
Formal studio portrait of man with goatee, Victor Charroin
Seven women of varying ages stand together
Interior of mercantile with several men standing between counters among goods
Elk Street looking south from Maple
Gathering - possibly union event
Two women stand near road on bluff overlooking water
Cannery tender 'Karluk' gets tossed ashore during storm with several men on beach
Gunnar Anderson seated at organ
View from dock of large steamer, S.S. North King docked at Alitkak harbor on Kodiak Island, AK, with smaller fishing vessels in foreground
Fairhaven, Washington, Pacific Coast Terminus of the Great Northern Railway, Looking East
Three men standing at the entrance to The Jenkins-Boys Co. New & Second-Hand Goods
Workers on barge brailing salmon from fishtraps
Unidentified diesel powered supply vessel tied to Pacific American Fisheries (PAF) dock, Bellingham, WA
Gathering of men and women
Columbia Valley Lumber Company warehouse
Stickney Island Indian School Lynden
A page of "The Evening Herald - Fairhaven, Washington" shows article about Pacific Packing and Navigation Company of Portland
Postcard of aerial view of Bellingham Cold Storage with railroads and neighborhoods in background
Aerial view of numerous log booms in waters of Bellingham, WA, harbor, with Bellingham in upper background
Close up of components of skinning machine used in fish canning
Row of unidentified clapboard cottages (might be company housing)
Bellingham Canning Company - long warehouse with multiple windows on pier
A small cove partially covered with ice, surrounded by forest
Exterior of Blaine Auto Co.
Cedergreen Frozen Foods freight truck parked at Pacific American Fisheries
South Bay School, Lake Whatcom - Exterior of small, abandoned building surrounded by overgrown brush, saplings
Interior of second floor of B.B. Furniture Building gutted by fire
Display window outside Wahl's Department Store shows mannequins in fancy dress
Unidentified white clapboard double gabled building with doors on the left side.
Gravestone of James Tilton Pickett
View from hillside above of rooftops of cabins, warehouses, and buildings with water beyond
A pen and ink drawing of"Reynaud's Optical Theater," showing a man manipulating two circular drums on a flat surface with optical equipment projecting a skit on a screen with an audience seated on the other side
Unidentified fisherman holding rod and large fish with rushing river in background
Panorama of wilderness with small C.A.A. Radio Station building and towers in distance
Player prepares for free-throw in basketball game in gymnasium
View from pier looking out over several docked fishing boats with a large steamer ship in the background.
Man and Woman pose together in yard
Fishing tender "Kathy B" on Kassaan Bay, Alaska
Schoolgirls stand on rollerskates on sidwalk and several schooboys lean on railing in front of three-story 14th Street School, south Bellingham, Washington
Washington Club - Visiting Galbraith Logging Camp
Long procession of marching sailors seen from upper story of building, looking south along State street, with ships anchored in Bellingham Bay in distance
People move around the Bellingham, Washington, train depot with an omnibus from the Leopold Hotel parked in front
Collapsed road and railroad bridges at river's edge
Two women in crafts workshop, assembling possibly Easter-related items from feathers, bows, bunny heads, pipe cleaners
Unidentified older woman in black dress
Gravestone of James Tilton Pickett in River View Cemetery, Portland, Oregon
View of Mt. Baker
Fairhaven High - Seven teenage boys in sweaters and jackets, and one teacher pose on sidewalk
A man in a lab coat inspects slabs of frozen crab meat in a cannery
Pacific American Fisheries cannery and wharf at remote George Inlet, Alaska
Cast of stage production pose on stage with band seated below stage
Pacific American Fisheries King Cove Alaska salmon cannery
Exterior street view of Labor Temple (union building) on State Street, Bellingham, WA, with two early-model cars parked in front
Swedish Lutheran Church, Happy Valley
African American woman sits in back yard, holding two cats
Five ships under construction at shipbuilding operations of Pacific American Fisheries, Bellingham, Washington
Front of simple, 2.5-story Queen Anne-style house with small yard
Boning and splitting machine used in fish canning
Down Bellingham, Cornwall Avenue
Peter Camfferman, artist
Large multigenerational group of people pose on steps and porch of house, with a penny-farthing high wheel bicycle leaning against tree on left
Single masted wooden sailboat with sailor climbing rope ladder up mast
Boning and splitting machine used in fish canning
Teenage girl in scarf and cardigan stands next to cement columns
Two women sunbathing on blanket
Nushagak Cannery building on snowy day
Storefronts of main street, Petersburg, AK
Front exterior of two-story Queen Anne-style residence with view of water in background
Two tugboats moored dockside at rural waterfront community
View from above of torn cloth cap laying on wood deck
Chip Groom and Art Sills pose for studio portrait
A steam ship moves west towards narrow waters of Deception Pass
A little girl in a fancy coat poses in front of a fine early model car parked outside a garage
Color postcard image of Blewett Pass
Mt. McKinley (now Denali), Alaska
Bellingham Police Department posing on front steps of building
Fishtrap tender "Phillip F. Kelly" on waters in front of cannery and dock
Two women are standing on top of a pile of logs at the top of one of Whatcom Creek's small falls.
Gunnar Anderson with dog
Bellingham Plywood Corporation
A man smokes stands in front of open door of car, smoking a cigarette
Black and white photo sign that says: "Galen A. Biery presents"
Victorian house on steep residential block
Local authors - Five seated women and four men standing behind them, dressed for special occasion, holding published works
A stand alone Safeway store with adjacent parking lot and two cars parked in front of the store.
Five unidentified men paused at their work  among boards and slabs of lumber inside a lumber mill for photograph
Photograph of drawing of M.J. Kinney cannery, Astoria, Oregon, with mostly Chinese workforce
Boston-Okanogan Apple Co. Workers mingle in front of packing shed
A group of children splash in a wading pool at Fairhaven Park, Bellingham, WA.
Five peple share a laugh at a garden party
Betsy 2 pulls bobsled past Diehl & Simpson Ford dealership on a snowy day, Bellingham, WA
Interior of warehouse with pallets of canned salmon
A stretch of the Nooksack River.
Small steamship "Union" pulled up to dock with two men standing at helm on the Fraser River
Northwestern Shipyard, Bellingham, Washington
Unidentified woman
Two men standing on a pier
Aerial view of Pacific American Fisheries' cannery at King Cove, Alaska showing a peninsula extending out into the water with a short landing strip in the foreground, cannery buildings in the middle ground, and a lake, houses and mountains in the backgrou
Naknek ice damage
Profile portrait of F.H. Bailey
Construction of Chuckanut Drive between Oyster Creek and Blanchard
Two men standing on bank of Bear River, Alaska
Street-level view of water flooding down city street
Studio portrait of Ed Jukes
Bellingham Plywood Corporation
Formally dressed group of men pose for photograph
Square white two story building on the Bellingham/Fairhaven waterfront with a hoist beside it close to the water.
Northwestern Shipbuilding Company - new wooden platform with shipways on it in foreground
Bellingham Post Office shortly after construction in 1912
Close-up view of parade float in shape of boat named "Service", adorned with tulips
Fairhaven industrial waterfront with Sehome hill in distance, Bellingham, Washington
View from shore of three-masted vessel at Nelson Lagoon, Alaska, with warehouse on land opposite
Manicured gardens of Pacific American Fisheries facilities with Harris Avenue on right, extending eastward with Fairhaven Hotel in distance
Portrait of Mr. William J. Suffel
Bornstein Seafoods employee
Marching band assembled on sports field with crowded grandstands in background
Fairhaven High School football team
Dutch colonial house, possibly 225 Middlefield Road in Edgemoor
Eighteen men in suits pose in three rows in wallpapered room
Bellingham Plywood Corporation
Northerly view of Fairhaven district's 12th Street with Fairhaven Hotel on right side of road in center of photograph, Bellngham, Washington
Two women and an elderly man sit on logs with a picnic spread before them
Shoreline along quiet cove with forested bank in distance
Unidentified group of men, possibly in downtown Bellingham, Washington
Exterior of craftsman-style residence
Unidentified infant sits on a wooden step
Fairhaven High School football player
Two finely dressed older women sit in front of hedge
View of Bellingham waterfront with train loaded with logs, tressels over bay and stacks of lumber in foreground beside plank roadway.
1921 Peace Arch opening , Blaine, Washington
View across water of ferry landing at Goosberry Point with Mt. Baker in the distance
Exterior of The Nelson Block, a two story stone commercial building built in 1900
Rotary Club of Bellingham
Warehouse and loading dock of Washington Egg & Poultry Association Co-operative in Lynden, Washington, under construction
Crowds gather on Holly Street, Bellingham, WA, to watch parade of Tulip Celebration, including float covered in tulips and giant artificial tulips
Front view of ivy-covered Fairhaven High School, Bellingham, WA
Washington State Band of Bellingham
A close-up of salmon tissue
Chuckanut Quarry - group of workers
Crowd waiting to see Gunnar Anderson at John Hamrick's Music Box Theatre in Tacoma
Woman riding horse on mountain trail looks back at camera
A two-masted fishing trawler in an icy, snowy scene - probably in Alaska
Roseberg, Oregon store - interior of mercantile with Dayton P. Weaver behind counter
Dredgin the harbor and filling the Commercial Point Area
Woman seated in rocking chair, reading a book
View of rooftops and city of Lucerne, Switzerland, from watch tower on old city wall