1908 - 2009
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1958 Homecoming
1909 Main Building: Front View
1996 Students at the Card Catalog
1997 Students on College Hall Lawn
1996 Library: Card Catalog
1996 Library: Card Catalog
1958 Homecoming
1912 Main Building: Front Looking South
1912 Main Building: Looking North
1929 Edens Hall: Dorm Room
1996 Card Catalog
1951 Students on Southside of Library
2008 Bruce Shepard visiting with Student
1995 Nash Hall
2000 Edens Hall: South Side
2001 Nash Hall
1929 Edens Hall: Blue Room
1942 Sixth Grade (Class 6-A)
1966 Third Grade Class with Karen Olson
1967 Reading Center
1965 Physical Education Time
1963 Third Grade Class with Clark Brown
1930 Japanese Domestic Scene--Tea Ceremony  (Second Grade)
1936  Reading Time (First Grade)
1943 Fifth Graders At Lunch In The Dining Room
1947 Physical Education Activities With Ruth Weythman
1925 John Kienast And Classmate in Costumes
1961 Rene Philippart's First Grade French Lesson
1942 Seventh Grade Class Singing (Class 7-B)
1940 Snack Time (Class 1-A)
1948 Five Year Olds With Paint And Brush
1967 Mayo Williams Teaching
1950 Fifth Grade Girls Modeling Clay with Mrs. Beltz, Student Teacher
1967 Reading Center
1950 Fourth Grade With Zona Daverin, Student Teacher
1959 Classroom Science Activities
1965 Boys Playing Flag Football
1947 Marjorie Muffley Beams Her Ever-Present Smile At The Faculty Reception During Opening Week
1947 Mira Booth With Students
1946 Jeanne Landers Discusses Art With Kindergarteners
1937 Sixth Grade Class
1949 Ruth Kelsey With Student
1967 Fourth Grade Classroom
1965 Boy Climbing Rope
1961 Second Grade Class with Mary Irvin
1964 Second Grade with Goldie Vitt
1965 Red Rover
1943 Woodworking
1941 Fourth Grade Science Project With Frank Shiers, Student Teacher
1965 Fourth Grade Class