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Degree Programs - Carnegie - MW Start Your Next Adventure Ads - Mar 2021
Jarlet with blue decoration of floral scrolls
Coming soon...
OCE - We Learn - Digital Slides - Feb 2021
Orcas in Bellingham Bay 5-26-20
Degree Programs - BSN print ad
Sawankhalok ware lidded box with iron brown design of floral scrolls on body and lid
Sawankhalok ware jar, ovoid body with iron black dots
PCE - Facebook General Ads - Oct 2020
PCE - Chegg NRCUA - Data Science Ads - June 2020
Sawankhalok ware bowl, grooved exterior
Coming soon...
Cup with blue decoration of a character, exterior with floral panels
Jar with small spout
Bencharong footed dish, exterior with green enamels, interior with white flowers
WesternOnline - Alumni and Digital Slides - Oct 2020
Sawankhalok ware jar
Sawankhalok ware lidded box, globular body with vertical grooves
Coming soon...