1857 - 2001
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Lane through forest
View from head of Nisqually River Canyon
Mt. Shuksan
Abbey Island, Ruby Beach, Pacific Ocean
View from middle of Quinault River
Highway curves around Oneota Bluff in view of Columbia River
Columbia River Gorge, Washington State
Gravel road switchback on Blewett Pass Highway
San Francisco - Oakland Bay Bridge under construction
Two men standing on bank of Bear River, Alaska
Three men in rowboat on Nelson River, Alaska, one man standing on marshy shore
Panorama of Baker River Reservoir from Eden quarry
White River Glacier, Mt. Rainier
Seattle Space Needle
Vista of Seattle Worlds Fair facilities
Boston-Okanogan Apple Company - view of orchards in valley
Boston-Okanogan Apple Company - driveway entrance
Boston-Okanogan picking and packing crew in front of packing shed
Boston-Okanogan Apple Co. Workers mingle in front of packing shed
Boston-Okanogan Apple Co. Interior of packing shed
Mountainside track of Great Northern railroad along lake shore, steam engine in distance
Mount Shuksan with Picture Lake
Snowy view of Table Mountain with Bagley Creek
Mt. Baker with Chain Lakes
Wooden bridge over gorge with whitewater river
Lake Whatcom
Lake Whatcom
Two people in rowboat at Strawberry Bay on Lake Whatcom
Stone cabin at base of snowy Mt. Herman
Lake Whatcom from Crescent Cove
Lake Whatcom with Blue Canyon
View from deck of Lake Whatcom ferry as it approaches an island
Snow-covered Mount Shuksan
Island in Chuckanut Bay
Several swans on a pond
Deception Pass view from the northwest before construction of the bridge
Sunset from Inspiration Point, Chuckanut Drive
Chuckanut Drive with view of water
Dot Island, Chuckanut Bay
Sunset from Chuckanut Drive
Mt. Baker with Chain Lakes
Mt. Shuksan reflected in Sunrise Lake
Mt. Baker Lodge
Mt. Baker from Skyline Ridge
Dot Island, Chuckanut Bay
Dot Island, Chuckanut Bay
Lake amid forested hills
Mashell Falls
Puget Sound, San Juan Islands
View of San Juan Islands from shore of Lummi Island
Shuksan Arm with Picture Lake
North fork of Nooksack River
Meandering stream
Nooksack River near Lynden, WA
Uniformed railcar employees with "Sehome Wharf" streetcar at the corner of Dock (now State) St. and Holly St. in Bellingham, WA
11th Street, Bellingham - man looking out of window the Adams & Company Hardware Store
Oglala Boarding School boiler room with shovels and pile of coal
Wooden trestle under construction
Summit Cut - three men stand with steam-powered shovel next to rail tracks in forest
View from above of steam train traveling along railway on mountainside next to shore
Chuckanut Drive construction - forested hillside with large rock blocking path
Chuckanut Drive construction - five men in suits stand on rocky ledge
Chuckanut Drive construction -  - seven men in suits stand on roadway on forested hillside
Great Northern steam train travels south along Chuckanut Mountain
Four men in suits walk forested hillside path
Four men in suits and three workmen stand on rocky hilside path
Trestled railway with dirt road passing underneath
Rock-crushing operation cuts through hillside
Interurban rail line extended over water with trolley heading south.
Horse-drawn wagon towing large steam boiler stands in front of Bellingham Livery & Transfer Co.
Two men stand in front of rock outcropping that appears to be blocking road construction
Great Northern Railway tracks along shore south of Poe's Point, south Bellingham, WA
Logging truck and workers in front of steam-powered saw mill
Horse-drawn wagon hauling split wood near Cornwall Street dock
Horse-drawn wagon with coffin in funeral procession in front of Denver Market
Cedergreen Frozen Foods freight truck parked at Pacific American Fisheries
Two mechanics in machine shop using a metal lathe
Five mechanics working on automobile engine
Construction of Northwestern shipyard, Bellingham, WA
Aerial view of Ferry Terminal at Gooseberry Point with Lummi Island in distance
Chuckanut Drive bridge at Horseshoe Bend over Oyster Creek
Buttressed supports of Chuckanut Drive from Samish Bay overlook
Construction of large building on pilings at shoreline
Belkofski Bay, Alaska
Mouth of Bear River at Bering Sea, Alaska
First wooden bridge over creek at Whatcom Falls Park, Bellingham, Washington
Color postcard image of Blewett Pass
Construction of Chuckanut Drive between Oyster Creek and Blanchard
Roadbed construction of Chuckanut Drive
Panoramic view of downtown Bellingham, looking towards Bellingham Bay
Buildings of Puget Sound Pulp and Timber Company, Anacortes, WA
Buildings of Bellingham Flour Mills Company
Six machinists and supervisor stand in machine shop
Puget Sound Pulp Mill on Bellingham waterfront
Log rafts in Bellingham Bay
Mr. Jensen, Roy Weaver, Hardy Getty, and one unidetified mand stand among boxes and equipment of canning warehouse at the American Can Company
Roy Weaver, (father of Roy Frank Weaver), Henry Lind, and Charles Christianson stand among boxes and machinery in canning factory at the American Can Company
Sales letter to F.J. Daly of Portland Oregon from Ed Auera advertising his All-Metal Sliming Brush
Close-up view of "sliming brush" machinery
Fish butchering machine and sliming brush in cannery
Primitive wooden structure on hillside
Sedro Woolley Train Station - several men and women stand on platform with rail car.
Interior industrial scene with water-bath grinding wheel and chain cradle
Knute Evertz and two other men pose next to a 'portable' steam radiator made from cast metal
Knute Evertz operates drill press in his molding works
Clark Electric Company - path through deep snow leads to shop door
Interior of Evertz Bronze Works showing molding process
Lumber yard and port with several multi-masted ships.
Industrial site on Bellingham waterfront
Bloedel -Donovan Mill Burner
Industrial waterfront of Bellingham with pulp and lumber mills and smoke stacks
Iowa and Franklin Street area, Bellingham, WA
Construction of a three-story wooden building with porch
Interior of Bellingham Publishing Company print shop
Lumber mill at shoreside with cargo ship at loading dock
Two large multi-masted vessels loading cargo at loading dock in Bellingham Bay
King Cove, Alaska, 1st store - warehouse with bagged and boxed goods piled outside
Sign for entrance to Larson Lumber Company next to railway, made from large log round
Three men stand outside Kulshan Cigar Store
Earles Cleary Lumber Mill with lumber yard in foreground
Man uses froe to split wood from large log to create a beam
Earles Cleary Lumber Mill surrounded by stacks of lumber
Railcar-mounted steam shovel moves coal from large coal pile
Steam-powered crane or pile driver lifts beams from rail car at Bellingham Bay T Mill
Interior of port dock warehouse with bags, boxes, and barrels of goods
Two rail tracks extend towards horizon
Large gravel parking lot with boats in dry-dock and pile-driving barge in distance
View westward along Boulevard and Great Northern Railroad tracks to Bloedel-Donovan Mill and Templin Flour & Feed
Bellingham mill and lumber yard with railroad covered in snow
Poultrymen's Hatchery building and Darigold milk processing plant
Deer stands in grove of trees
Pickett Monument at American Camp, San Juan Island
English military block house on small bay with dock, boat houses, sheds, and large house on hillside above
Several people pose on wooden bridge over Whatcom Creek
Six women, a man, and child pose on rocks below Whatcom Falls
Whatcom Creek Bridge above powerhouse containment dam
Large gathering of people at the Peace Arch in front of Boundary Bay
People gathered at the Peace Arch with Canadian structures in background
Peace Arch shortly after construction
British Columbia Electric Railway trolley car full of passengers
Park with bridge over creek, gazebo in background
Fairhaven Park
Fairhaven Park
Crescent-shaped beach with forest in background
Camden Cemetery
Man on pinto pony leading pack horse is reflected in lake in foreground
Interior of small chapel showing altar, stained glass windows, and pews
Interior of theater with organ console in front of set stage
Men seated and standing in front of two fire engines parked in front of Blaine Fire Department
Train progresses on trestle over snowy lake
Two men stand next to log cabin at Snag Point, Alaska
North Pacific Ocean scape of waves and swells
Sea Lions on rocks north of Amak Island
Sea Lions on rocks north of Amak Island
Steam/sail fishing vessel sails towards shore
Rowboat leaves shore as fishing vessel cruises waters with Pavlof Mountains in distance
View from water of shoreline and cannery against forested hills
Iceburg trap - small iceburgs next to fishing nets draped from docks at Excursion Inlet
View from boat of snow-covered mountain with shoreline of cliffs 
Ship construction at dock, adjacent to Pacific American Fisheries
Construction of boat
Construction of "Robert A" fishing tender 
Pacific American Fisheries shipbuilding yard with several ships under construction
Pacific American Fisheries shipbuilding yard with several construction berths
Pacific American Fisheries shipbuilding - view from water of ships under construction
Four men pose inside the newly-laid hull of ship
Man peeks from behind large rudder of ship under construction in dry-dock
Northwestern Shipyard with three ships under construction
Northwestern Shipyward - view from atop ship under construction
Coos Bay postcard image of workmen constructing interior of ship hull
Ships docked at Bloedel-Donovan Lumber Mills on Bellingham Bay
Interior of business office with five workers
Roseberg, Oregon store - interior of mercantile with Dayton P. Weaver behind counter
Six women and one man pose on steps of wooden building
George Eliott with son Carl Curtis Elliott stand in doorway of Plumbing Shop
[Letter concerning picture #GB169.1]
Woman standing in gift shop
Five men stand among sorting boxes and canvas bags in post office
Exterior of Liberty Theater, Lynden, Washington
General Super Service gasoline station and Chrysler dealership, Lynden, Washington
Several men constructing or repairing doorway of Paramount Theater, Anacortes, Washington
The American Theater on Cornwall Avenue, Bellingham, Washington
Mobile popcorn vendor parked in front of Sears and Roebuck Farm Store while man feeds popcorn to pigeons
Akers Taxidermy (also known as T.G. Richards Building), Bellingham, Washington
Tent pavilion in park
Interior of Durgin's market with three clerks
Durgin's Market's meat counter with clerk behind counter
Retail window display of canned king salmon
Delivery van and driver for Stenvig Grocery
Exterior of Blaine Auto Co.
Several clerks stand in doorway of Brown & Cole Meats & Groceries, Bellingham, Washington
Interior of mercantile with several men standing between counters among goods
Two men stand in front of A. H. Dahl store
Exterior of Washington Wholesale Grocery Co. with horse-drawn wagon and goods in front of building
Lewis Motor Company Building at southeast corner of Forest and Holly streets, Bellingham, WA
Four men stand next to pumps at Horst's Service Station
Interior of Wahl's Department Store shows display counters and clerks
Display window outside Wahl's Department Store shows mannequins in fancy dress
Display window outside Wahl's Department Store shows mannequins in fancy dress
Exterior of Wahl's Department Store shows display windows with mannequins