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WORKING, revised version. 2019 production.
Kioni Paniyiri (Town Festival) - Greece
Move In 2020 2
Stories To Tell Oral History Project: A South Asian Perspective on COVID-19
Sawankhalok ware jar
Wade King Student Recreation Center
Trevor, Junior, and Steve - Kenya
WWu Choir rehearsal
Bowl decorated in underglaze green floral sprays on exterior, the interior with character in center and scroll band ar rim
Engineering Class Lab On Campus
Wildlands Studies - Nepal
Sawankhalok ware jar, globular body with four loop handles at shoulder, with lid
Moss Sampling the Duwamish with Dr. Troy Abel
Stem Fair 2019
Duomo on a Foggy Morning - Florence, Italy
Chalieng ware jar with ovoid body with brown glaze running short of foot
WWU Students Around Campus
Bowl on high foot with three teardrop form slots in stem
Sukhothai ware jar
Plate with grooved cavetto, impressed central flower
Bowl with impressed flower in center
Lidded box
Sawankhalok ware jar, footed stand with celadon glaze
Bottle vase
Western Symphony Orchestra rehearsal
Green City - Tokyo, Japan
Wildlands Studies
Super Pink Moon
Japanese Imari plate with incised floral devices in center
Move In 2020 36
Parque Güell - Barcelona, Spain
"For Handel," Mark di Suvero
Global Lounge
Say Cheese
Snow School 2020
Princess for the Day at Gyeongbukgung Palace
Mosque in Marrakech, Morocco
Insignificance - Interlaken, Switzerland
Double Rainbow Kitchen Superteam Go! - India
Sawankhalok ware jar, globular body with two loop handles at neck
Window - Cappadocia, Turkey
Home Away from Home - Florence, Italy
 Deer On Campus At Western Washington University
Study Group 2018
Young Women's Christian Association of Bellingham Records
Outreach and Continuing Education
Florence Cathedral
Center for Pacific Northwest Studies Miscellaneous Photographs
Double reed clinic
Waisted lidded vessel with two rows of four rectangular slots in stem: lid
WORKING, revised version. 2019 production.
Rice Farmer
KVOS Channel 12 Films
Ovoid vase with incised whirls under pale grey glaze
Luke in Edinburgh, Scotland
Super Pink Moon
Viking I - Urban Vehicle
Sawankhalok ware lidded box; octagonal; iron black blades
Orcas in Bellingham Bay 5-26-20
Charts and engravings of George Vancouver's Expeditions
Plate with grooved cavetto and impressed flower in center
Lujan Flota
SakuraSakura - Japan
Jarlet with enamel design of flowers and rocks
Palace of Versailles
Donovan (J.J.) Papers
Fishtown Collection
A group of people at a SEA Discovery Center event
Sawankhalok ware jar, ovoid body with vertical grooves, two loop handles at neck
The Edge of Catastrophe - Poas Volcano, Costa Rica
Untitled: Nepal
Blue bowl with floral scrolls
Saucer with blue decoration
Sawankhalok ware lidded box with underglaze iron brown design of panels of hatching and floral scrolls on lid and base
Special Collections Oral History Program
WWu Choir rehearsal
Super Pink Moon
The Adventures of Bori Cha
Academic West and Academic Instructional Center
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The Alhambra - Granada, Spain
Omagari Hanabi Festival
Fly Fishing Oral Histories
Women's Recreation Association
Women In Sport At Western
Move In 2020 30
London By Night
History and Legend - Greece
Telling Our Stories: Western's Response to COVID-19
Super Pink Moon
Campus Tour
Western Symphony Orchestra rehearsal
WORKING, revised version. 2019 production.
Bencharong footed dish, exterior with green enamels, interior with white flowers
President Randhawa
Study Group 2018
Orcas in Bellingham Bay 5-26-20
Sawankhalok ware jar
Glacier tongue in Iceland
Lidded box with blue decoration of floral panels, flower on lid
Ait Benhaddou - Morocco
Sawankhalok ware lidded box with iron brown panels of hatching
Orcas in Bellingham Bay 5-26-20
Venice Grand Canal - Italy
Sawankhalok ware bowl, grooved exterior; interior with combed band
Last Sunrise over the City
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Global Lounge
Masai Tribe - Tanzania
Cuidad de los Salmantinos - Salamanca, Spain
Double reed clinic
Jarelt with three small loop handles at shoulder
Umbrella Man - China
President Randhawa
WWU Students Around Campus
Move In 2020 33
Handmade Pizza
Waisted lidded cup with handle with row of five rectangular slots in stem
Hii ni mlima wangu (this is my mountain) - Tanzania
Sawankhalok ware jar, globular body with iron-black design of circles and diamonds within wide floral scroll band crack
Globular jar
Spectacular Obstacles
Bowl with molded lotus exterior
Study Group 2018
Sawankhalok ware plate
Viking Launch 2017
Global Lounge
Wildlands Studies - Nepal
Western Symphony Orchestra rehearsal
Discovering sea lions! - Mexico
Global Lounge
Jar with four small loop handles at shoulder
Time is Precious - France
Bowl with under glaze bluye design of peony scrolls
Jar with small spout
Double reed clinic
Sawankhalok ware lidded box with iron black design of panels of lines
Thomas (J.E.) Photographs
This is What Dreams are Made of
That Aha Moment - Berlin, Germany
"Rollin" - Italy
WWU IEP Class On Campus
Plate with barbed rim
Festival in Bairro Alto - Lisbon, Portugal
Home - The Azores, Portugal
Studying Trees from the Inside Out
A Viking in the Cloud Forest - Monteverde, Costa Rica
Snow School 2020
Stem cup with two rows of rectangular slots in stem`
Wahl (Ralph E.) Flyfishing Papers and Photographs
Blue bowl decorated with floral scrolls
Sawankhalok ware jar, globular body with two loop handles at neck
Beauty of Austria and Friendship
Sawankhalok ware jar, globular body with four loop handles at shoulders
Double reed clinic
Jar with small spout
Sawankhalok ware jar with globular body and two small loop handles at neck
Schöckl Mountain
Solo Trip
Move In 2020 31
Move In 2020 3
President Randhawa
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Don't Underestimate the Power of Nature
KAMAKURA DAYS - Kamakura, Kanagawa, Japan
Sawankhalok ware jar, ovoid body with small loop handles at neck
Sawankhalok ware elephant headed bird
Sawankhalok ware bowl with lightly incised lines in interior
Colorful Copenhagen, Denmark
WWU Students Around Campus
Cocos en la playa!
Wildlands Studies - Nepal