1857 - 1990
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1000 North Garden Street house
1000 North Garden Street house, Bellingham, Washington
1030 North Garden Street, Bellingham (Wash.) - Large, three-story house with front porch and steep front yard
1100 block of Elk Street, Bellingham, Washington
1110 11th Street, Bellingham, Washington
1110 11th Street, Bellingham, Washington
11th St. North, So. Bellingham - Storefronts, horse-drawn carts, and trolley car at corner of 11th Street and Harris Avenue
11th Street, Bellingham - man looking out of window the Adams & Company Hardware Store
1200 block of Elk Street, Bellingham, Washington
1217 R. R. Avenue, Bellingham, Washington
1250 block of Elk Street, Bellingham, Washington
1300 block of Commercial Street, Bellingham, Washington
1300 block of Commercial Street, Bellingham, Washington
1307 McKenzie St, Bellingham (Wash.) - View of rear of multi-story home and back yard
14th Street School house with bell tower, Bellingham, WA
16 former Presidents of the Bellingham Chamber of Commerce pose behind banquet table at the Bellingham Hotal
1900 Fairhaven High School graduates - eleven high school students and two teachers pose with floral bouquets in celebration of graduation
1903 Master Plumbers Convention Boat Trip to Sucia Island
1921 Peace Arch opening , Blaine, Washington
1921 Peace Arch opening , Blaine, Washington
1943 street scene in downtown Bellingham after a snowstorm
35 men in business attire and military uniforms pose in three rows behind table and American flag
35mm film printer  with four spools, on display
4th Line Bellingham Cannery
519 16th Street in Bellingham
67 foot steam cannery tender Beatrice Baer
A 72' wood-burining passenger and freight vessel named "Islander" next to dock
8 men, some in suits, some in work clothes, stand on plank sidewalk under construction
800 Blk. W. Holly St., Bellingham, Washington
800 Block of Elk Street, Bellingham, Washington
900 Block of Elk Street, Bellingham, Washington
950-907 11th Street, Bellingham, Washington
Abandoned buildings with broken storefront windows
Abbey Island, Ruby Beach, Pacific Ocean
About a dozen men, women, children on decks of small steamer "Brick" docked at pier below steep hill
About seventy men pose in several rows on risers, most wearing work clothes, in front of warehouse or mill
Actor Frank Morgan of "The Wizard of Oz" fame
Adlai Stevenson poses for photograph with 16 women at Bellingham industrial site
Administrator of St Lukes - Bergit Lee Gundeson, Nurses Supt. - Wallie Armstrong - Kay Niedhamer - Bill Lewis, Clerks Union at St. Luke's Hospital on Jersey Street
Advent Church, Bellingham, Washington
Advertisement  for "The Real Airship" (dirigible) at the White City Amusement Park run by the Silver Beach Amusement Co. in Bellingham, WA, on Lake Whatcom
Aerial (birdseye) view of Bellingham's waterfront, viewed from over the bay looking northeast up the Squalicum Creek valley
Aerial of Bellingham Cold Storage with railroads and neighborhoods in background
Aerial photo of Wrangell, Alaska
Aerial photo that appears to be looking north across Clark Point
Aerial skyway - Portland, Oregon
Aerial view (copy) of the salmon packing company at Squaw Harbor, Alaska
Aerial view from Oakland - By Moulin - Showing San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, Golden Gate Bridge and  man-made Treasure Island at upper center, showing a sketch of the Golden Gate International Exposition layout
Aerial view from the west over Bellingham Bay toward Fairhaven with PAF buildings in the foreground
Aerial view looking east from Belingham Bay at Fairhaven, south Bellingham, with log booms at a lumber mill, and Pacific American Fisheries facilities at lower right