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Man in military uniform
Workers on barge brailing salmon from fishtraps
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1959 Reading Time
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Lower Baker River dam construction 1925-06-11 Concrete Chutes for Columns Power House
Lower Baker River dam construction 1925-08-03 Steel Pendants on Chute Lines
A purse seiner fishing boat moving in the water close to shore in Bellingham Bay
View from water of purse seiner with net floating on water, near Aleutian Islands, AK
Lower Baker River dam construction 1925-07-27 Crest curve forms
Hall of Fame Plaque: Marilyn Thibodeau, Cross-Country Running, Track and Field, Class of 2004
Mary Ann Ford interview--June 19, 2009
It's Rude to Stare!
1950 Shop Class
Page 17
Orcas in Bellingham Bay 5-26-20
Shay No. 1 of the English Lumber Company.
Lower Baker River dam construction 1925-10-09 Intake Gate House
Katrina Jez interview [transcript]
2007 Reunion--Violet Malone and Lonnie Perrin at the Banquet