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1981 - 1982
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Coldwater Lake, right, formed by the eruption when debris blocked Coldwater Creek. At left is a mudflow following the course of the creek.
The crater, seen from the pyroclastic flow, with hardened lava in foreground.
Colored ponds with Coldwater Lake in background. Barren hillsides reflected in lake.
The crater, seen from the pyroclastic flow, with airborne helicopter in foreground.
Blown-down timber on eastern flank of mountain.
Confluence of Green River (left) and North Fork Toutle River, showing mudflow.
The crater, seen from the pyroclastic flow.
Ruins of Weyerhaeuser logging camp on North Fork of Toutle River.
Machinery removing logs from immense jam at east end of Swift Reservoir.
Snow melting in the bottom of the crater.
Bill Eppridge, Sports Illustrated photographer, at Castle Lake.
Channeled debris flow with Spirit Lake in the background.
Valley of North Fork Toutle River, looking toward the mountain.
Blast area north of crater.
Hillside above Castle Lake.
North Fork Toutle River debris flow.
Spirit Lake from the air.
Mount St. Helens.
Crest of blast-seared ridge, east of mountain.
Colored ponds on debris flow.