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Crowds on Dock (Cornwall) for 1912 marathon
1985 Paul Ford with G. Robert Ross
Blue Barnacles Swim Club, "Keystone Cop"
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Hall of Fame Plaque: Ralph Vernacchia, Coach, Class of 1988
1958 Homecoming
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 Degree Programs - Carnegie - Everett FB Ads - Aug 2020
1938 Volleyball Team
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Hall of Fame Plaque: Steve Chronister, Tennis, Class of 2011
Golf (Men's) Trophy: Conference Championship, 1948
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Football Photograph and Jersey: Photograph of Michael Koenen and Jersey #19, list of             honors and awards, 2002/2004
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Basketball Game at Tipoff
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WAA Members
Aliger gigas
Hall of Fame Plaque: Fred Emerson, Football (Running Back), Class of 1976
WWU Students Around Campus
Unidentified Woman Posing for Camera.
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General Trophy: GNAC All sports champion (left side), 2001/2010
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1965 Library: Periodicals
Indian Boat Race
Women's Sophomore Archery Club
Move In 2020 3
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Hall of Fame Plaque: Gerry Swan, Track and Field (Distance), Class of 1992
Blue Barnacles Swim Club, Performers from the Blue Barnacles Swim Club in Starburst Formation
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1959 Commencement
1987 Harley E. Hiller
Viking Launch 2017
Student Gathering on the Main Lawn
Track and Field (Men's) Plaque: NAIA District 1 Champions, 1985
WORKING, revised version. 2019 production.
Western Symphony Orchestra rehearsal
Item 52310 (recto)
Item 54130 (verso)
WORKING, revised version. 2019 production.
Kioni Paniyiri (Town Festival) - Greece
Football Plaque: Lane Chevrolet-GEO, WWU Car Coach, 2004
Women's Basketball Game
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