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1867 - 1972
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Six women, one man, and four children pose along picket fence in front o fttwo-story farmhouse
Rogan Jones
Five men pose atop the roof of a sternwheel-powered river barge
David C. Morse, a young man, stands atop the southeast corner of the B.B. Furniture Building, with downtown Bellingham, WA, visible below
Stand of large evergreens among forest ferns
A stretch of the Nooksack River.
Three boys pose atop the boiler and inside the smoke stack of a steam engine that has colided with a larger engine
A stretch of the Nooksack River.
Heather Meadows and Mt. Baker Lodge
Postcard photograph of Lake Whatcom Logging Company's ALCO No. 1 engine on lakeside tracks  with a long train of lumber cars as the logs begin splashing into the lake
School buildings in 1890s, Dupont between I & J street (Bellingham)
Vista of downtown Bellingham and surrounding neighborhoods with several identifiable commercial and residential buildings, including Morse Hardware, The Fair, Lighthouse Theatre, B.B. Grocery Co., G.N. (Great Northern) Furniture Co., City Hall, Courthouse
View from Sehome Hill of Bellingham neighborhoods, with the Whatcom County Agricultural Association Fair Grounds and Race Course in upper center, and forested foothills in distance
Bird's Eye View Map of Fairhaven (copy)
T.W. Gillette at Lake Padden
Last Man's Club, February 22, 1940
Government Bulb Farm
Pacific American Fisheries, Inc.
Chuckanut Bay, WA, viewed from Clark's Point
W.L. Gaston seated in small horse-drawn buggy at Clearbrook
Whatcom County Photographs
A prefabricated section of railroad bridge is lowered into place during construction of the Chuckanut Creek railway trestle also known as "Hibridge"
View of Mt. Baker
Transport station for Chuckanut Quarry [MISSING]
Two women sunbathing on blanket
Group of people gathered on beach for picnic
Boardwalk with circus tents and ferris wheel in distance
Mt. Baker from Skyline Ridge
Logging truck and workers in front of steam-powered saw mill
Sunset from Inspiration Point, Chuckanut Drive
Lake amid forested hills
Chuckanut Drive with view of water
A lawn with a path leading past maple trees to a hillside staircase
Bloedel-Donovon Lumber Mill buildings
Business or clerical office with several men working at desks with typewritters
View through trees from old Yacht Club of Chuckanut Bay and Dot Island with multiple small craft moored in bay
Studio portrait of John Nicholas Donovan
Several boats rest in drydock on beach
A small cove partially covered with ice, surrounded by forest
Rocky face of shoreline topped with trees in cove at Clark's Point, WA
Mt. Baker from Shuksan, Engberg.
A vintage steam launch travels across Lake Whatcom
Raspberry bush
Blue Canyon Mine coal bunker strides atop two railway lines along shore of Lake Whatcom
Musical group poses with instruments
Studio portrait of family of four with mother seated in center
Portrait of R.V. Peabody
Gertrude Lillie Warpath with classmates and teachers poses on school steps
Harvey Haggard on the trail running in the Mt. Baker Marathon with seven onlookers
Lynden stage
Whatcom Pass Glacier
View of early Whatcom
School children posing in front of school
Crowds gather under circus tents
Several people playing on beach
Several people on beach
bags of oysters rest on mud flats and dock
Benson Farmhouse, Lynden (Wash.) with family and horses posing in front
Movie set with film crew near cabin and pond in woods
Oats harvesting scene with draft horses, workers, threshing equipment, and haystacks
Woman seated next to Christmas tree in living room
Family stands on and next to raised walkway in front of two-story home
House seen from front yard circular boardwalk, with prominent front steps, large front porch and widow's walk on roof
Ferry passengers seen on forward deck of the "Callender" as it is under tow; another ferry vessel seen starboard side adjacent
Horses tied up on lake dock next to small steam vessel with coal shutes at right, near Blue Canyon, Lake Whatcom, Washington
Two women and two men stand on boardwalk in front of store next to billboard advertising ferry rides
Six children stand with two bicycles
Field full of small haystacks amongs trees
Steam tugboat "Cha's Councilman"
Two Mt. Baker Recreation Company motor coaches parked in front of Mt. Baker Ski Lodge
Field full of small haystacks with farmhouse in distance
View across pond of Mt. Baker Lodge with Mt. Shuksan in background
Aerial view of Mt. Baker Lodge
Mt. Baker Lodge
Two men on small boat fishing in Bellingham Bay
Man seated in boat fishing in Bellingham Bay
Five moored sailing vessels in Chuckanut bay
USS Constitution sailing in Chuckanut bay with small rowboat in foreground
Car ferry docked at pier
Harmony School with gymnasium wing and playground slide
Rear view of Mt. Baker Lodge
Mt. Baker Lodge with omnibus in foreground
Checkered-patterned barbershop and candy/cigar shop storefront
Seven people stand atop railcar hauling the largest single load of lumber ever shipped from the State of Washington
Man in horse-drawn buggy travels down dirt road next to irrigation ditch, surrounded by corrals and farmland
Woman standing on pier with Mt Baker visible in the distance
Girl posing in front of house
Runners race along trail of Mt. Baker Marathon with onlookers in background
Cars and people at Picture Lake, Mt. Baker, for recreational activies
Workers gather around steam-powered threshing machine and large pile of hay
View across water of ferry landing at Goosberry Point with Mt. Baker in the distance
Ferry heavily laden with passengers travels across Bellingham Bay, WA
Mt. Baker Lodge
Dilapidated barn and pasture
Women's luncheon in Mt. Baker Lodge dining room
Winter scene at Mt. Baker Lodge
Mt. Baker Lodge overlooking small lake
Heather Inn and Mt. Shuksan
Mt. Baker from Chain Lake
Vista from summit of Mt. Baker
Mount Shuksan with Picture Lake
Lake Whatcom
Stone cabin at base of snowy Mt. Herman
Snowy view of Table Mountain with Bagley Creek
Mountainside track of Great Northern railroad along lake shore, steam engine in distance
Mt. Baker with Chain Lakes
Panorama of Baker River Reservoir from Eden quarry
Mt. Baker Lodge Site - Heather Inn in the Making for Use 1926
Fordson Freight and Passenger Service to Mt. Baker Lodge
Birdseye view of amusement park "White City" at Silver Beach on Lake Whatcom
The Nooksack River flows past rocky bank with forest in background and Mt. Baker on horizon
Thirteen miners stand in front of the entrance to Blue Canyon Mine
Steam engine pulls logging flatbeds across overpass spanning a dirt road
A group of small sailing yachts moored in shallow waters of Chuckanut Bay
Two canoes rigged for reefnetting, each with two men, fish the waters off Gooseberry Point
Ship Carleton Ashore, December 27, 1904
A train travels along tracks of railway that skirts mountainside at shoreline
Trees and rocks along shoreline of Puget Sound waters below Chuckanut Mountain
Chuckanut Beach
Mt. Baker district - stand of tall trees in forest with snowy ground
Lake Whatcom steamer "Marguerite" completely out of the water on shoreline with floating logs in foreground
A family stands in an orchard with a farmhouse visible over the treetops, and a few tall fir trees in the background
Mt. Baker looms above forest
Full view of Nooksack Falls amid forested slopes with small bridge slightly upriver
Government experimental bulb farms growing hyacinths among the stumps.
Mt. Baker Lodge's Heather Inn building with peak of Mt. Shuksan in background
Blue Canyon Coal Mine Manager's house
Bob and Virginia Hayden
Long wooden building - apparently a bunkhouse or the back side of a rural lumber mill
A pier on Lake Whatcom
Blue Canyon School, Lake Whatcom, Washington
Small dock on lakeshore with steamer ferry "Thistle"
A man canoes past the mast, stacks, and upper wheelhouse of a sunken ship on Lake Whatcom
Garnet L. Crews - car used in marathon race to Mt. Baker
Dead Man's Point
Unidentified forest scene.
Mt. Baker and its foothills seen from Chuckanut Bay
Mt. Baker Lodge with Picture Lake in foreground
Hiker with hiking stick poses in snowfield with Mount Baker in background
Mt. Baker beyond forested foothills
Lakelet on verge of Mazama Dome
Mt. Baker seen from forested foothills
Rooftops of Mt. Baker lodge above high snow drifts
Mt. Baker from Lower Lake
Six men standing on a snowy summit of Mt. Baker
Vista from summit of Mt. Baker
Mt. Baker seen through trees
Three men on summit of Mt. Baker
A crew of workers clears rock and lays railroad at foot of hillside that has been blasted away for road or rail construction or for quarry operation
A cove at the end of Clark's Point looking out onto Chuckanut Bay
Sunset on Mt. Baker, Washington
A tiny sailboat is anchored in a cove surrounded by forested shores
Young boy and girl stand atop a large fir stump to watch construction of railway trestle over Chuckanut Creek for Puget Sound Traction Company's interurban line
Mt. Baker in the distance, viewed over the San Juan Islands, as a cover for a small calendar
Trees perch on edge of steep rocky shoreline with waters of Chuckanut Bay seen on the right
Cove near the tip of Clark's Point as viewed from Chuckanut Bay
A cove at the end of Clark's Point looking out onto Chuckanut Bay
Four men and a horse crossing the Nooksack River at Nugent's Corner
A view across a wooded valley toward the Twin Sisters range near Mount Baker.
Steamboat "Marguerite" pulls up to shore of Lake Whatcom, with forested hills in background
Heather Meadows deep in snow.
Mt. Baker - Prospector's pony bridge over Nooksack River
Several small sailboats on a bay
The steamer "Marguerite" wrecked at Langtree Point, Lake Whatcom
Several people sit at prow of steam lauch "Elsinore" on Lake Whatcom, WA
Table mountain near Mount Baker
Studio portrait of Charlotte "Lottie" Roeder Roth in profile
Vanse R. Bartlett and Mr. Dobbs , Chucknut Drive - two men repair tire on side of road
Sunshine School - school children pose with teacher outside schoolhouse
Wedding portrait of Charlotte "Lottie Roeder Roth and Charles I. Roth
Dot Island, Chuckanut Bay
Dot Island, Chuckanut Bay
Six men play basketball in Whatcom High School gymnasium
Two rows of young men, possibly students
Classroom with students at desks, woman teacher sits at front of room
Wedding photograph of Guy W. North and Clara Belle Everett North standing outside house
Canoes, tents, boat building, and repair shop at Native American fishing camp
Large group of school children pose on steps of school with American flag at top of steps
George C. Dellinger & daughter Edna in horse-drawn buggy on Guide Meridian Road through forest
Studio portrait of John Donovan
Large group of school children pose on steps of school
Great Northern Railway tracks along shore south of Poe's Point, south Bellingham, WA
Summit Cut - three men stand with steam-powered shovel next to rail tracks in forest
View from deck of Lake Whatcom ferry as it approaches an island
Mt. Baker with Chain Lakes
Mt. Shuksan reflected in Sunrise Lake
Dot Island, Chuckanut Bay
Sunset from Chuckanut Drive
Snow-covered Mount Shuksan
Lake Whatcom with Blue Canyon
Mt. Baker Lodge
Island in Chuckanut Bay
Lake Whatcom from Crescent Cove
Chuckanut Drive construction - five men in suits stand on rocky ledge
Nooksack River near Lynden, WA
North fork of Nooksack River
Mt. Shuksan
Two people in rowboat at Strawberry Bay on Lake Whatcom
Lake Whatcom
Chuckanut Drive bridge at Horseshoe Bend over Oyster Creek