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Possibly the interior of polynesian-themed exhibition with displays of goods and produce, a scale model of a three-masted ship made of straw, and straw-crafted décor
1938 Badminton Team
Aerial view of Mt. Baker Lodge
Advertisement  for "The Real Airship" (dirigible) at the White City Amusement Park run by the Silver Beach Amusement Co. in Bellingham, WA, on Lake Whatcom
1952 Fine Arts Building
Sharing Couscous - Morocco
Baseball Game
Exterior of 2.5-story house with children sitting on front corner porc
Page 60
Four young men pose in track and field uniform of Fairhaven High School
1950 Crossing Guards
The first Bellingham Hotel - derelict hotel  in early settlement
1952 Commencement
A little girl sitting on a horse with an unattached wagon behind it and a house across a muddy street in background
Egyptian pyramids and sphinx
Lower Baker River dam construction 1925-02-18 Run #19 - Boxes
1943 Health Unit
Football Photograph: Chris Nicholl, #86, Wide Reciever, list of honors and records, 1993/1996
1970 Students Playing Volleyball
1975 Library: New Book Room
Blue Barnacles Swim Club Performing
Rooftop view of early Fairhaven, Wa, from lower Harris avenue looking east with tower of Fairhaven Hotel in distance
1986 NAIA District I Track and Field Championship Meet
First Baptist Church, Bellingham, Washington
Coos Bay postcard image of workmen constructing interior of ship hull
Page 4
1950 Commencement
Cannery steamer ships docked at Bellingham' south terminal
1979 Carver Gym
1955 Edens Hall: Exterior Steps
1988 Shelly Borovich
1993 Library: Reference Room
Classroom with students at desks, woman teacher sits at front of room
Track and Field (Men's) Plaque: Academic All-American Team, Eric Brill, 2012
Lower Baker River dam construction 1925-09-23 Exciter Switchboard
Aerial view of Western Washington University with track at center, and Sehome Arboretum
The lava dome in the crater, taken from a distance with telephoto lens.
Several rowboats are rowed through a small straight with bluff on left, small docks on either side
1948 Sixth Grade Boys With John Clark, Student Teacher
2004 Bay View of Campus
Formal studio portrait of Edward W. Stimpson
Waters of Excursion Inlet, Alaska, with docks and warehouses in background
English Camp, San Juan Island  - dilapidated bulding and dock, and territorial block house
Milk delivery truck standing on roadway
1908 Main Building
Plaza de España - Seville, Spain
Six high school girls sit in a row outdoors
1979 Basketball Telecast
Twelve men and four boys pose outside a warehouse with broken windows
Frank Geri, Dick Green and unidentified woman
Wooden bridge over gorge with whitewater river
1980 WWU vs. Lewis-Clark State College
1984 Annette Duvall
1946 Roland Richards
1993 Reunion--WWU President Karen Morse Addresses Banquet Attendees
Four young children, three girls and a boy, pose in fine clthes for studio portrait
A grouping of photographs, notes, and large oil painting of Mount Shuksan hang on wall
1964 Basketball
1974 Buchanan Towers
1998 Jen Brandolini
Women's Recreation Association Members
Unidentified social event of over fifty men and women standing and seated at a long table set for dinner
1973 Viking Commons
Woman stands on lawn outside Spanish style bungalow
1949 Golden Anniversary Float
1969 Miller Hall: Courtyard
Hall of Fame Plaque: Genevie Pfueller-Donnelly, Cross-Country Running, Track and Field, Class of 1999
1987 Distinguished Educator Award Ceremony
Lower Baker River dam construction 1924-10-04 Concrete pumping activity
Flooding waters of Nooksack river rush by with buildings of Ferndale, WA, in background
1950 Men's Residence Hall: Students Playing Piano
Poem printed on paper, titled "The Regie of Blue Canyon," by Constance Bennett Fouty
Item 3096 (verso)
1982 WWU vs. Pacific Lutheran University
USS Constitution docked in Bellingham with visitors sightseeing on dock
1998 Tanya Price
1945 Christmas Play
1958 Fine Arts Building
Golf (Women's) Plaque: NAIA Pacific Northwest Regional Champions, 1997
Gamcheon Culture Village - Gamcheon Village, South Korea
Lower Baker River dam construction 1924-09-27 Site picture
Rowing (Women's) Trophy: 2003 NCAA Division 2 Championship, 2nd Place, 2003
Men in World War I uniforms
Low aerial view of the breakwater extended from downtown Bellingham site
Cannery tender "Callendar" docked next to cannery
Unidentified man
Congressman Lloyd Meeds
1927 Riding Club
Basketball (Women's) Trophy: N-S Area Tournament 1st place (front), 1977
Checkered-patterned barbershop and candy/cigar shop storefront
Off-campus housing: Bedroom
1947 Jean (Wagner) Shephard With Students
1947 Blue Barnacles
1909 May Pole
Studio portrait of C.S. Cady, older man in suit and tie
Pioneers of Whatcom County, November 2, 1925.
Page 56
1986 Lynda Goodrich
Large, three-story house or club-house with large front stairs and porch sitting alone on large grounds.
Very faded photograph shows street with railroad tracks extending east past buidings towards "14th Street School" at corner of 14th and Taylor streets
1995 Biology Building
Train progresses on trestle over snowy lake
View looking east up Harris Avenue at approximately 4th Street.
Exterior of National Bank in Bellingham - large brick building at street corner with turret-like corner and clock tower
Large group of people gathered for picnic or festivity
Young woman in Fairhaven High School sports uniform
1970 Viking Union
1960 Science Class Activities
1943 First Grade Lunch Hour
Aerial view of original United Airlines terminal, designed by F. Stanley Piper, at Bellingham Airport.
An unidentified early two story house made of rough boards with mortar in between them.
Aerial view of Puget Sound Pulp and Timber with downtown Bellingham, WA, in the background
2011 NCAA Division II National Championship
Page 35
Governor Dixie Lee Ray
Wharf-side business district of LaConner at low tide
1967 Fourth Grade Classroom
1974 Environmental Studies Building Dedication
Mt. Baker with Chain Lakes
Moisant 29 - Early model single-winged airplane with small propeller sits on grass field, surrounded by crowd of people
1970 Miller Hall: Interior
1959 Edens Hall
Lounging on the Beach
Woman in formal riding costume with jodhpurs, jacket, and boots sits atop horse
1936 Football Team
Lower Baker River dam construction 1925-10-04 Tail Race Looking North
1948 Interclub Council
Heather Meadows and Mt. Baker Lodge
Exterior of grand, four-story Sehome School building
1967 Reading Center
1976 Karen Key-Rowell
1984 Cheryl Boxx
Two men standing, one man seated, pose for portrait
Lower Baker River dam construction 1925-03-01 Pitted concrete
Bellingham Plywood Corporation - Bellingham, Washington
1983 WWU vs. Gonzaga
First run of the Bellingham ferry, Victoria. View from deck of ship of large crowd gathered on Quackenbush Warehouse dock, with city of Bellingham, WA, in background
Viqueen Lodge
Roland Gamwell seated at desk
1948 Volleyball
Football Jersey and Photograph: Photograph of Pat Locker and Jersey #24, Halfback, jersey retired, honors and records, 1980
1940 Library: South Window
Local authors - Five seated women and four men standing behind them, dressed for special occasion, holding published works
1971 Old Main
Five peple share a laugh at a garden party
1968 Commencement
Studio portrait of unidentified man in suit with moustache
Hall of Fame Plaque: Norm Hash, Football (Fullback), Class of 1968
1993 Stephanie Seibert
1972 Student in Sehome Hill Arboretum
1959 Art Work
Motorized cannery machinery
Track and Field (Men's) Baton: National Champions 4x800, baton (side 2), 1981
A pen and ink drawing of"Reynaud's Optical Theater," showing a man manipulating two circular drums on a flat surface with optical equipment projecting a skit on a screen with an audience seated on the other side
Page 92
Group of men, women, and one girl stand near small bonfire in woods
1926 Play Day Picnic
1992 Lynda Goodrich
Unidentified fisherman holding rod and large fish with rushing river in background
1948 Men's Residence Hall: Side of Building
Small waves lap on shore with many driftwood logs scattered along beach, fishtraps extending into water on left
Executives of Bloedel-Donovan Lumber Mill: J.H. Bloedel, Peter Larson, J.J. Donovan (copies from book)
1972 Memory Walk
Move In 2020 19
Bob and Virginia Hayden
1986 WWU vs. Saint Martin's College
1950 Welding
Golf (Men's) Trophy: National Championship, 4th Place, 1997
1948 Campus School Building
T.W. Gillette at Lake Padden
School children posing in front of school
Color postcard image of Blewett Pass
Graham Airport - aerial view of landing field
1936 Eighth Grade Girls
Hike along Seoul City Wall
View from across street of front of Church of the Assumption, white with tall central spire and smaller spires in either side
1932 Speedball Game
Lower Baker River dam construction 1924-08-21 Dam Site- Upstream view of river
Women Walking on the Beach
1976 Volleyball Team
Basketball (Men's): Signed basketball, undated
New Whatcom, 1892
1952 Auditorium-Music Building: Dedication
2007 Exhibit--Ted Mork and David Maness
1976 Rhonda Buckworth
1993 Library: Students Studying
Blue Barnacles Swim Club Performing
1961 Viking Union
1947 Library Rotunda
Fairhaven High - Seven teenage boys in sweaters and jackets, and one teacher pose on sidewalk
A man in a lab coat inspects slabs of frozen crab meat in a cannery
1980 Alumni Cross-Country Race
Boston-Okanogan Apple Co. Workers mingle in front of packing shed
Golf (Men's) Trophy: Evergreen Conference Champions, 1958
Victorian house on steep residential block
1974 Arntzen Hall
Hall of Fame Plaque: Joe Moses, Men's Basketball (Guard), Class of 1985
1929 Eighth Grade Presents "Toy Shop"
1965 Mathes Hall: Rendering
Aerial view of unidentified industrial waterfront