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Views of Parts of the Coast of North West America
The Mission of St. Carlos near Monterrey
Village of the Friendly Indians at the entrance of Bute's Canal
Views of Part of the South West Coast of New Holland with the Islands of Oparo and the Snares
The Town of Valparaiso on the Coast of Chili
A Remarkable Mountain near the River of Monterrey
Icy Bay and Mount St. Elias
Friendly Cove, Nootka Sound
Hergest's Islands, Discovered By the Daedalus Store Ship
The Discovery on the Rocks in Queen Charlotte's Sound
Cheslakee's Village in Johnstone's Straits
Views of Parts of the Coast of North West America
The Village of Almandral in The Bay of Valparaiso with a distant view of the  Andes
Views of the Sandwich and other Islands
Salmon Cove, Observatory Inlet
Views of Headlands and Islands on the Coast of North and South West America
Mount Rainier From the South part of Admiralty Inlet
A Deserted Indian Village in King George III Sound, New Holland
The New Eddystone, in Bhem's Canal
Four Remarkable Supported Poles near Port Townsend, Gulf of Georgia
Views of Parts of the Coast of North West America
The Crater on the Summit of Mount Worroray-Owhyhee
Port Dick, Near Cooks Inlet
The Presidio of Monterrey
Old Main Building (Western Washington University campus)
Girl Reserve banquet
Girl Reserves gathering
Log cabin on Oat Coles Road
Front entrance of the old Carnegie Library in downtown Bellingham
Old lighthouse at Ediz Hook station
Studio portrait of J.E. Thomas in uniform
Ediz Hook bell tower and lighthouse
Old Ediz Hook light station
Fourth of July beach picnic
Cape Flattery Lighthouse, fog signal, other buildings
Angular rocks on the beach of Tatoosh Island
Close shot of ocean wave breaking on shore of Tatoosh Island
Personnel of Construction (repair) crew at Flattery Lighthouse
two images, possibly stereoscopic, of Cape Flattery Lighthouse
Cape Flattery Lighthouse keepers
Flattery Lighthouse
Large waves crashing against the rocks
Fog signal in operation at Cape Flattery Lighthouse on Tatoosh Island
View of Cape Flattery Lighthouse showing cliffs of Tatoosh Island.
Tatoosh Island and Cape Flattery Lighthouse from Cape Flattery
Launch of the boat "Brownie" by J.E. Thomas, on calm waters.
Cape Flattery Lighthouse and entire Island of Tatoosh, from Cape Flattery
Mainland/Cape Flattery from Tatoosh Island.
Tugboat in heavy seas off Tatoosh Island.
Cape Flattery Lighthouse and fog signal on Tatoosh Island
Fourth of July beach picnic
Portrait of four Cape Flattery Lighthouse keepers
Ocean breakers crashing against the shore of Tatoosh island
New Ediz Hook Lighthouse during construction.
Cape Flattery Lighthouse at top of cliffs on Tatoosh Island.
View of mainland/Cape Flattery from Tatoosh Island.
Logging at Lake Riley Mill
Logging at Lake Riley Mill
Business Girls Council
Photograph of North Head lighthouse on bluff
Whatcom, 1902
Structures and Native American camp on shore of Tatoosh Island
Launch of the boat "Corona"
Rustad and Lassen families on porch with American flag hanging behind them.
Old Ediz Hook Lighthouse
Basketball (Men's) Photograph: Bellingham State Normal School Team, 1906
Close-up of New Ediz Hook Light Station with old bell fog signal.
New dwelling at Ediz Hook Light Station, right after it's construction. Sharp negative.
New Ediz Hook Light Station, showing barn
Wide view showing all buildings, including Lighthouse, docks, keeper's dwelling, barn, etc. Before installation of windmill.
View of tender ship named "Columbine."
Ediz Hook Light Station
Ediz Hook Light Station taken from bayside
Ediz Hook light station with new lighthouse, barn, dwelling
Lightship "Relief" and tender "Heather" at dock at Ediz Hook Lighthouse
Keepers dwelling, Ediz Hook
New Ediz Hook Lighthouse, newly constructed.
Lighthouse tender "Heather" at Ediz Hook dock.
Old Main Building (now Western Washington University)
Incomplete panorama of Ediz Hook Light Station
Group of women
1914-09-07 Teamster Union Local No. 231 I.B. of T.C.S.&H
Women including Frances Payne Larrabee
Bellingham State Normal School - Summer Session 1915
Mother-Daughter banquet
Downtown Bellingham and Sehome Hill
YWCA building on North Forest and Maple streets in Bellingham
Women at the YWCA cottage on Lummi Island
Bunk House at Fish Camp for Alsop Trap, Lummi Island
C.S. Kale Canning Company employees
521 14th St, Bellingham
C.S. Kale Canning Company
Lee L. Wickersham
C.S. Kale Canning Company employees
Girl Reserves formation at annual conference
Girl Reserve conference
Track and Field (Men's) Trophy: WSNS Conference Meet Relay Cup, Ellensburg Rotary Club, 1923
Tennis Trophy: Conference Meet Team Cup (back), 1923
Tennis Trophy: Conference Meet Team Cup (front), 1923
YWCA float for the Bellingham Tulip Festival
Football Paddle: Signed Paddle commemorating Bellingham - Ellensburg Game (front), 1924
Football Paddle: Signed Paddle commemorating Bellingham - Ellensburg Game (back), 1924
Bellingham Tulip Parade
Collage of photographs from YWCA's Camp Olga
Track and Field (Men's) Trophy: Piper & Taft Trophy, Tri-Normal Track Meet, 1925
Tennis (Men's) Trophy: Ed Hannah Tri-Normal Tournament Team Cup, 1925/1926
High Jump
Archery Group Photo
High Jump
1926 Track and Field Group Photo
1926 Women's Freshman Baseball Team
Baseball Game in Progress
Baseball Game
1926 Sophomore Baseball Team
1926 Field Hockey
3 men posing at head of tunnel entrance with horse-drawn wagon.
Soccer Game
Field Hockey
Game in Progress
1927 Sophomore Field Hockey
1927 Freshman Soccer
1927 Women's Baseball
1927 Archery
1927 Freshman Basketball
1927 Sophomore Volleyball
1927 Track Team
1927 Sophomore Basketball Team
1927 Track Team
1927 Freshman Basketball Team
1927 Freshman Field Hockey
1927 Baseball
1927 Life-Saving Group Photo
1927 Riding Club
1927 Volleyball Team
1927 Swimming Team
1927 Sophomore Soccer Team
1927 Freshman Volleyball
General Trophy: Extempore Cup, Washington State Normal, 1927/1931
Dance Performance
1928 Freshman Field Hockey Team
1928 Freshman Volleyball Team
1928 Tennis
1928 Archery Club
1928 Freshman Soccer Team Photo
Track and Field (Men's) Trophy: 7th Annual State Tri-Normal Meet, Cheney, Washington, 1929
1929 Bonfire Pile
Natural Dancers
Canoeing at Hick's Lake, Washington
Viqueen Lodge
Saddled Horses
Game in Progress
Mixed Hikers
Women's basketball, sophomores versus freshman
Eden's Hall
Game in Progress
Badminton Match
Dutch Dancers
Parade Float
Game in Progress
Viqueen Lodge
Old Main Covered in Snow
Student Gathering on the Main Lawn
Bellingham City Hall
Swimming class at the YWCA
Young couples on the staircase
1931 Freshman Soccer
1931 Archery
1931 Sophomore Speedball
Women's Sophomore Archery Club
1931 Swimming Team
Women Walking on the Beach
1931 Handball
1931 Freshman Speedball
Household Employees class
Football Trophy: Northwest Viking Inspirational Trophy, 1933/1938
Golf (Men's) Trophy: Third Annual Washington Intercollegiate conference championship, undated
Golf (Men's) Trophy: Second Annual Washington Intercollegiate Conference Championship, undated
1936 Speedball Team
1936 Badminton Team
1936 Baseball Team
1936 Archery
1936 Basketball Team
1936 Women's Tennis
Golf (Men's) Trophy: Tri-College Championship, 1937
Wooden cabin
skiiers with unidentified mountain range
Two men and woman with model T
Climbers on ice face
Mountain range
Woman and child by water
Aerial view across Table Mountain to Mt. Shuksan
Skiiers at Mt. Rainier
Aerial of mountain
Mt. Baker Lodge covered in snow
Shuksan cabin
Cabin in snow
Man in military uniform